/ Sunday, September 16th, 2007
  • Cindy Williams, (yes, from "Laverne and Shirley") cut the ribbon for the grand opening of Toontown on June 18, 1988 . If you headed into Mickey’s House back when it was his Birthdayland, you could have at looked at the TV in his den, and maybe even seen a clip of Cindy Williams from an old Disney Sunday Night Movie.
  • Take a leisurely walk between Mickey’s Toontown Fair and Tomorrowland on a hidden walkway between the two lands. To get to the walkway from Mickey’s Toontown Fair, look for the entrance near the railroad station. In Tomorrowland, look for it between the Tomorrowland Arcade and the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway. Pssst! If you like trains, it is one of the best locations in the park to photograph them, as the track is close to the walkway and unobstructed from view!
  • The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm in Mickey’s Toontown Fair is a mini-roller coaster that takes riders into Goofy’s plane as it flies "out of control" through twists and turns and eventually through the barn! Be sure to check out Goofy’s Garden in the queue, especially some of the interesting-shaped vegetables!
  • As your tour Mickey’s Country House, you’ll notice the den filled with sports memorabilia, and a ping pong game that looks like a rout. On the table, you’ll notice two paddles- once shaped like a Mickey head, and the other shaped like Donald’s. On the lower left shelf, right next to the trophy, you’ll see a third, green paddle, in the shape of Goofy’s head.
  • On the large chalk scoreboard next to the ping pong table, you’ll find the "Ping Pong Tournament Standings" board. Be sure to check the score!
  • Goofy’s Wise Acre Farm used to be a petting zoo called Grandma’s Duck Farm. The star attraction was "Minnie Moo," who was a cow that was born with a spot shaped like a big "hidden Mickey" on her side. When Barnstormer was added to Toon Town, the petting zoo, including Minnie Moo, was moved to a petting farm in Fort Wilderness. Minnie Moo passed on to greener pastures in 2002.
  • Located near the entrance to Mickey’s Toontown Fair is Pete’s Garage, where you can make a "pit-stop" before you visit Mickey and Minnie! Take a look at his gas pump… you’ll find the keys to the restroom floating in there as well!
  • Mickey’s colorful home has a yellow fence, red roof, and blue and green trim.
  • Mickey’s license plate reads "2N-TWN-FR" – Get it? 2N-TWN-FR? (Toon Town Fair)
  • If you look inside Mickey’s garage, you can find another license plate hanging on the wall that reads: "MIK MIN."
  • The statue in front of "Cornelius Coot’s County Bounty" and the "Hall of Fame" is that of the town’s founder, Cornelius Coot. The scroll at his feet reads:

"This is old Cornelius Coot
Who Turned His Corn Crop Into Loot
And Founded Mickey’s Toontown Fair
To Him We Dedicate This Square"

  • Painted to the right of the big barn doors on Pete’s Garage is the slogan, "Trust Me With Your Car."
  • Located near "Cornelius Coot Commons," guests can meet and greet some of their favorite Disney characters in the Hall of Fame. There are three character rooms here: one for classic characters, (for example Goofy and Donald), one for Winnie the Pooh, and the last is usually for characters from Disney’s latest animated film. The Hall of Fame is adjacent to "Cornelius Coot’s County Bounty," a merchandise shop.
  • Look for a Hidden Mickey in the Ping Pong paddle in the rec room of Mickey’s Country House!
  • Minnie is one busy lady. I mean, mouse. In addition to being the editor of Minnie’s Cartoon Country Living Magazine, she also quilts, paints, and gardens. Her home office is full of recipes and photos for the magazine, and her computer screen shows that she is typing the "Letter From the Editor." In her kitchen, you can see that she has been quite busy canning and baking for the Backyard Fair. And we all know she’s a good cook – just look at the blue ribbons and other awards she has won for her many entries. If you think there’s not much to do in her house, here’s a few little "secrets" for you – Be sure to check her messages on the answering machine, turn on the microwave to pop some popcorn, turn on the dials on the stove – this will make the coffee pot perk and the utensils hanging above the stove to dance to the music, and if you want to cool off, open Minnie’s refrigerator door to feel a chilling blast of air!
  • Take a look inside the messy kitchen of Mickey’s Country House, where you’ll find the plans for his new dishwasher.
  • At Mickey’s Country House, the radio in the living room is tuned into scores from Mickey’s favorite football team, Duckburg University. You can also see a "#1" foam hand and pennants for Duckburg U. in the den (and a few pennants for "Goofy Tech").
  • Near the front door of Mickey’s Country House, you can see letters on the table from some of his pen pals like Peter Pan (who sent Mickey a large package), Buzz Lightyear (his return address is "Infinity and Beyond"), Ariel (send her mail "Under the Sea"), and Wendy (from Peter Pan, who seems to be writing from "Hook’s Room).
  • Professor Ludwig von Drake of the "Old Duck and the Sea Enterprises" drew the map of the Quack Sea, Mount Quackmore, the inlets, islands, and way to Toontown Fair, located inside Donald’s Boat.
  • Known as "The Rowdiest Rooster on the Radio," Red Barns can be "heard" on W-A-C-K-Y Radio near Goofy’s Barnstormer. He was featured in issue 34.7 of "Minnie’s Cartoon Country Living" magazine, which is framed and hangs on the wall of Minnie’s Country House. He plays all country, all the toon!
  • Look at the vegetables in Goofy’s farm – the squash are flattened out and the bell peppers are shaped like real bells! Get it? "squash"? "Bell" peppers?