/ Friday, September 21st, 2007
  • The Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, now known as the "Pangani Forest Exploration Trail," offers excellent, unparalleled opportunities to view animal life in their natural habitats in this lush, tropical, 5 acre walk-through land. The "Gorilla Falls" name lasted only a few months after Animal Kingdom’s 1998 opening. "Pangani" is Swahili for "place of enchantment."
  • "Dr. K. Kulunda" is the "director" of the "joint effort by the citizens of Harambe and international conservation groups" in the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.
  • The hippos are on the trails are the same ones you will see on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride in the savannah. The hippo barn resides in between Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and the savannah river.