/ Monday, September 17th, 2007
  • Be sure to take some time and walk through the beautiful Butterfly and Knot Herb garden located in the spectacular United Kingdom pavilion behind the Tea Caddy shop. The plants located in the garden were specifically chosen as they attract butterflies. It also contains a chrysalis box, where butterfly cocoons are sheltered until they are ready to take flight. Also be sure to check out the hedge maze located nearby!
  • Pringle of Scotland, which at one time was the name of a store in the United Kingdom pavilion, is now known as the Sportsman Shoppe. The original store sold merchandise created by some of Scotland ‘s most famous designers. Since becoming the Sportsmen’s Shoppe, it now focuses more on sporting goods from England ‘s most famous events, such as Wimbledon tennis gear, golf clothing and equipment, as well as rugby and football shirts.
  • Other shops in the pavilion include the Crown & Crest, which sells perfumes; the Magic Of Wales, which features a variety of English gifts; fine China is sold at the Queen’s Table; The Tea Caddy specializes in tea and accessories, as well as English candies; and The Toy Soldier specializes in British toys and games.
  • The United Kingdom ‘s Rose and Crown Pub & Dining Room is located on the lagoon side of the World Showcase promenade, across from the Toy Soldier and The Tea Caddy shops.
  • The pavilion represents four time periods, from Tudor to Victorian.
  • A replica of Hampton Court Palace is featured, along with Anne Hataway’s thatched cottage, Hyde Park, Yorkshire & Regency buildings.
  • The Rose and Crown bears the Latin motto ‘Otium Cum Dignitate’ (‘Leisure with dignity’)
  • The thatched roofs in the United Kingdom pavilion are actually made out of plastic broom bristles because real thatch would be a fire hazard.
  • "The Rose and Crown Dining Room and Pub" in the United kingdom pavilion in World Showcase has a specially designed ale warmer can heat your Guinness to 13°C (55°F), the temperature favored by many fans of the dark ale.