/ Saturday, October 13th, 2007

The Disney-MGM Studios “family of stars” joins together to create a celebrity cavalcade featuring custom cars designed to immerse guests of all ages in a star-studded parade. Celebrities from television and the silver screen take over the streets of Disney-MGM Studios.

Parade Length:
25 min. (approximately)


The parade steps off near the Star Tours attraction, travels down Hollywood Boulevard and exits near the entrance of the theme park.

Miscellaneous Facts:
This parade features guest participation. Selected guests will act as Grand Marshals. Fifteen cars and three motorcycles make up the cavalcade. Sixty-three character performers and 18 drivers participate.

The parade’s musical score was orchestrated by Gordon Goodwin and recorded in Los Angeles.

“Disney Stars and Motor Cars” parade costumes were designed by Douglas Enderle and created at Walt Disney World Creative Costuming.


  • “Power Rangers” Unit — Five generations of television’s Power Rangers — consisting of Time Force, Ninja Storm, Wild Force, Dino Thunder and Space Patrol Delta Power Rangers — ride in the parade in a sleek, black roadster with lightning bolts streaming from the hood and a giant fan arching over the trunk.
  • “Monsters, Inc.” Unit — Check out Sulley and his scare assistant Mike from the blockbuster hit movie. These colorful characters are larger than life.
  • “Toy Story” Unit — This playful car features Buzz Lightyear and Woody atop Andy’s bed. Other favorite characters include Bo Peep, Jessie, Mr. Potato HeadÆ and the Green Army Men.
  • “Mary Poppins” Unit — It’s a carousel of fun as Mary Poppins and Bert, along with the Dancing Penguins, stroll down the street alongside a colorful car with old-fashioned carousel horses dancing atop the vehicle.
  • The Muppets Unit — Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Sweetums travel in style inside a “floating” car. A giant balloon balances over this unit as the Muppets travel to Hollywood.
  • “Star Wars” Unit — Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia “fly” through the parade aboard their space travel machine. Nearby guests can discover Darth Vader and R2D2.
  • “Mulan” Unit — You won’t miss Mulan and friends inside this colorful vehicle. A giant Chinese umbrella dangles over this unit. Mushu escorts the courageous victor down Hollywood  Boulevard.
  • “Aladdin” Unit — A striking unit featuring Aladdin and Jasmine sitting right “on top” of the Genie. Guests also interact with the Harem Girls as they boogie down the parade route.
  • Evil Villains Unit — The characters you love to hate are all riding together on this ‘wicked’ float. From Hades to Cruella De Vil to Jafar, the Wicked Queen and Captain Hook, these
    scoundrels keep each other company atop a stretch limo — painted black, of course.
  • “Lilo and Stitch” Unit — The stars of the hit animated motion picture surf into the parade in their woody adorned with surf boards and palm trees.
  • Mermaid Unit — Celebrate the sea with Ariel and Sebastian. From seashells to seahorses, favorite under-the-sea attendants “swim” through the streets of the Disney-MGM studios.
  • “Playhouse Disney” Unit — “Playhouse Disney” friends including Bear, Stanley, Treelo, and P and J Otter gather for fun inside a big blue house.
  • Snow White & Dopey Unit — A tribute to Walt Disney’s first Oscar.
  • Grand Marshal Unit — Gives our guest riders the opportunity to “feel like a star.”
  • Finale Unit — This unit celebrates the glamour of tinseltown with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald and Pluto. Old favorites wrap up the parade with style as the characters sit inside a 1929 Cadillac decked out with filmstrips in classic Disney style. Other characters interacting with guests include Alice, White Rabbit, Pinocchio and Geppetto.