/ Thursday, October 4th, 2007

mickeys-country-house.jpgMickey’s four-room mouse house, with its slightly “goofy” architecture, is right in theheart of the Toontown Fairgrounds.

Inside, a radio in the living room is “tooned” to scores from Mickey’s favorite football team, Duckburg University, while Mickey’s clothes are neatly arranged in his bedroom beside Mickey’s baby pictures and a photograph of Minnie.

Down the hall, Mickey’s kitchen shows the ill effects of Donald and Goofy’s attempt to win the Toontown Home Remodeling Contest — with buckets of paint spilled and stacked in the sink, paint splattered on the floor and walls. The garden, just outside the kitchen, features flowers shaped in Mickey’s familiar silhouette and Mickey’s Mousekosh overalls drying on the clothesline next to oversized tomato plants, pumpkins (complete with ears) and cactus plants.