/ Sunday, November 25th, 2007

One of the most unique shops to ever be found in Walt Disney World, the Gourmet Pantry was just that – a place where Guests could buy groceries from the simple loaf of beard to more unique items.

What made this store unique from other locations on property where Guests could get some cereals, snacks, etc. was that this was a full-blown market that also sold cheeses, meats, beer, coffees and teas and more basic items that Guests could use to prepare their own meals. Remember that the Villas and Treehouses were nearby, where Guests had their own kitchens. And to make life even easier for Guests, the store would deliver the items you ordered by phone to your room. Not there? Don’t worry – they would have even put them in your refrigerator for you!

There was also a walk-up coffee and pastry window which was open daily.