/ Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Recently, I ventured to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to ferret out some of those other animals: Hidden Mickeys. Over the years, I’ve become more discriminating about what I believe is a decent classic (or three-circle) image. I like the “head” and “ears” to be proportionate and not all the same size, and I prefer the ears to be above the head but not touching each other. So let’s look at some examples of recent posts that folks have sent me.

At Flame Tree Barbecue, a couple of rhinos are painted on the far right wall behind the food order counters. Three circles on the rear flank of the rhino closest to the back wall form a decent classic Mickey, not perfect, but decent. The “head” is slightly larger than the “ears,” which are positioned properly. Check out the photo. The circles are in the darker blue area. (Thanks to Walt Prindle for alerting me to this one). I like this one, and I’ll put it on my website and in the next edition of the WDW Hidden Mickeys book.


“Another image is in the small courtyard at the rear of Tamu Tamu Refreshments. A light-colored area of the wall, to the right of the Hidden Baloo, vaguely resembles a classic Mickey. The head is a bit too distorted for me, and the ears touch each other, so I don’t think I’ll accept this image as a Hidden Mickey. This sighting is a good example to me of a wishful thinking or “two-beer” Mickey. It might begin to look more like Mickey after a few brews!”


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