/ Sunday, June 8th, 2008


First rumor this week is about something that will take place outside the parks but will be a welcome addition to theme park fans like myself who just can’t get enough merchandise and souvenirs and more importantly, regret not picking up that one last thing that we missed on our way out. Seems as though that the DisneyShopping.com web site is currently working with Walt Disney World to start selling theme park merchandise directly from the Disney.com web site. So at some point in the future, you should be able to browse the Disney web site and get merchandise right from the parks!

Over at the Magic Kingdom, the Liberty Square bridge has had some tarps and braces placed below the bridge in recent months, fueling a variety of rumors. My sources have told me that in fact the bridge is set to be removed and replaced at or near the end of the busy summer season. No big deal, as there are a variety of entrances to Liberty Square, right? But what about the parades that follow that route through Liberty Square to and from the backstage areas of Frontierland near Splash Mountain. Well, plans are being finalized now to alter both the Disney Dreams Come True and SpectroMagic parades. How? Well, the parades will be shortened, and leave and return to and from the backstage area in Town Square on Main Street USA next to the car barn. The parades will leave from the Car Barn area, slowly make their way up Main Street, wind their way around the hub, and return to the same backstage area. Because the parade will be shortened in time and in length, they will each run not just run once per day each, but twice, giving people more opportunity to see the shortened shows. Main Street USA Cast Members are already testing these plans after the parks close and working out logistics, meaning that this plan may be altered as necessary, but definitely look for the bridge to be closed in the next few months and changes to the parades’ routes coming as a result of that.

Star Tours 2.0 Confirmed? Well, not officially yet but check out the end of this article by Michelle Meyers about Industrial Light and Magic’s Hayden Landis, who was the computer graphics supervisor on the latest Indiana Jones film. According to the article: “Next up for Landis is another nostalgia-oriented project–a redo of the Star Tours ride at Disneyland.”

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