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The Land pavilion in Epcot DSI: Disney Scene Investigation

Hello my friends and welcome to The WDW Radio Show – Your Walt Disney World Information Station. I am your host Lou Mongello, and this is show #113 for the week of April 5, 2009. Thank you for tuning in again this week.

This week’s show will be the last one I am broadcasting from the WDW Radio headquarters in Scotch Plains, NJ, and I’m taking the show on the road to sunny skies and warmer climates in Florida, but this week, I have something that I think you’ll enjoy.

This weeks we’re going to don our explorer’s hat and magnifying glass and do another DSI: Disney Scene Investigation of one of EPCOT Center’s original and most important pavilions – The Land. We’ll explore its beginnings, history and changes through the years, as well as its signature attractions.

I’ll play some of your voicemails at the end of the show, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode of the WDW Radio Show.

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3 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #113 – Land pavilion in Epcot DSI: Disney Scene Investigation”

  1. Cristabel says:

    Sometimes I catch myself humming ‘Listen to the Land’ which is funny because I have never experienced the attraction when it played the song. Listening to this episode again as Living with the Land is closed during my visit in September.

  2. Chuck Zitta says:

    Catchy tune, that ‘Listen to the Land’. In fact, now it’s probably going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Not that that’s a bad thing. Sunshine Seasons food court has to be one of my favorite counter service places to eat on property. Great variety and the carrot cake is awesome! Another great show. Thank you again, Lou!!!

  3. Kari Downing Reese says:

    My favorite pavilion in Future World; The Land! I was so happy to listen to this show; I love the atmosphere of the pavilion, having lunch at Sunshine Seasons, and riding Living With The Land. Oh, it was fun to hear Darlene Nagi, from West Seneca New York, voice on the voicemails at the end!