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Hello and welcome to The WDW Radio Show – Your Walt Disney World Information Station. I am your host, Lou Mongello, and this is show #166 for the week of April 18, 2010.

I’ll answer more of your listener email this week, including questions on Pal Mickey, Magic Your Way ticket options, finding specific characters in the parks, attractions for young children, free Disney trading cards, a look back at an extinct character meal, nightlife, restaurants and much more.

I love exploring and sharing the wonderful stories created by Disney Imagineers in every attraction, shop, restaurant, resort, and almost everything you see and experience on property. But I especially enjoy having the opportunity to take a closer look at a location whose story may seem obvious on its face, but is full of wonderful details and history. And this week, such is the case with Fantasyland’s Pinocchio Village Haus. Jim Korkis joins me once again to tell some of the “Stories Behind the Stories” in this DSI: Disney Scene Investigation.

I’ll play more of your voicemails and have some announcements at the end of the show, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode of the WDW Radio Show.

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10 thoughts on “Show # 166 – April 18, 2010”

  1. marian says:

    My sons first ride at Disney was The Pirates of the Caribbean when he was 8 months old and he loved it!! He always ask to go back on the ghost pirate ride every time we go to Disney!!

  2. Pam says:

    Great podcast, as usual!! Must admit I was quite devastated to learn Figaro Fries are no longer on the menu at Pinnochio’s…missed that memo whenever it happened…

  3. Emma Godbold says:

    You will not believe how loud I screamed when I heard my name being read out by Lou Mongello!!! Thanks for answering my mail Lou…and yes, I’ve always said that if I could have met Walt the only thing I would say is ‘THANK YOU’.
    Great podcast as ever, thanks for keeping us as close to the magic as we can be in the UK. Aloha!!! xx

  4. James says:

    Hey Lou!

    Great show! What was the name of the song that played after your segment with Beci?

  5. Mike Fink says:

    Loved the DSI on the Village Haus. Jim Korkis points out how easy it is for the history of the parks to get lost. I wish somehow Disney, or perhaps Disney fans, had a “WDW Historical Society”. When I go on Google Earth and see old attraction vehicles in the ‘boneyard’ (look northeast of Toontown) it kills me that they’re sitting outside, unprotected from the elements, decaying in the sun. These items should be in a museum. Similarly, the history and evolution of the parks should be preserved. Seems like Korkis would be the perfect curator for such a Disney museum . . .

    Just me thinking out loud. Love the show.

  6. Steve Cicco says:

    Hi Lou!

    Fantastic podcast as always, but this one was of particular interest to me. I spent the summer of the pink cake (1997) working at the PVH for the College Program. There is a door upstairs by the balcony that goes into an attic-type room that actually stretches all the way to it’s a small world. You can look down on the boats! Got to see a lot of very cool things that summer as a CM.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Beth says:

    On the topic of meeting Walt Disney I want to add that Lou Mongello has changed my life via your weekly podcasts. I listen every week- and always walk away with that Disney magic in my head and heart.

  8. WDWLocal says:

    Here’s some corrections regarding where to find Rafiki at WDW:

    -Rafiki does not appear in Adventureland anymore.

    -He can also be found at the Oasis (the front of Animal Kingdom), in addition to the Planet Watch.

    Also, Timon is pretty common for meet-and-greets at Animal Kingdom as well, particularly in the aforementioned Oasis.

    Timon and Rafiki may also appear at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

  9. Chuck Zitta says:

    I dig Rafiki too Beci! So wise and pretty good fighter too. I agree with Lou. Small World would be perfect as a ‘first ride’ for your child. Lots of color, lots of movement and an awesome song! Pinocchio is my favorite animated Disney movie. Not sure exactly why, but it has always fascinated me. Love Geppetto’s house/work shop, Stramboli’s Wagon, Pleasure Island, etc. It’s so full of detail and character. Yes, I noticed that Jim! Was wondering why Pinocchio’s Village Haus had a German overlay, when the movie takes place in Italy.Good to know. What an amazing show. Now I need to head down to WDW and go through PVH inch by inch to see for myself everything that Jim covered in this episode. What a wonderful show. Thanks again for taking the time to bring this information to us, Lou & Jim.