/ Friday, July 23rd, 2010

As we get ready to set sail aboard the all-new Disney Dream, the flagship of the Disney Cruise Line, in February, 2011, I know that many of you have questions about cruising. Whether you’re curious about the new ship, looking for details about some of the surprises we may have in store for you, or even if you are a first-time cruiser with questions about everything from getting to and from the port, dining, to what to bring, onboard activities or just about anything at all – post your questions in the comments section below. We’ll pool all the questions and answer them on an upcoming episode of the WDW Radio Show!

Here’s some things to think about: What’s included in the price of the cruise? What’s not? Do I need a passport/ What about trip insurance? What do I need to pack? What type of clothing is required? Are there formal nights? Themed parties? How do we get to/from the port? Can I park at the port? Is there internet access on board? What about phones? Are there refrigerators in the staterooms? Can I go solo? How much cash should I bring? What’s new aboard the Disney Dream? What types of activities are there for the kids? What are the kids clubs like? What’s the daily itinerary going to be? What exactly IS the AquaDuck? How do I book shore excursions? Ask us anything!

To learn more about the WDW Radio Cruise aboard the Disney Dream, listen to WDW Radio Show #143 or visit http://WDWRadioCruise.com.

To request a quote to join in on the fun including group meets and activities please contact MouseFanTravel or Download the Reservation Form (PDF)

So post your questions in the Comments section below, and stay tuned to the show, Twitter or Facebook to find out when to listen in and get your questions answered!



64 thoughts on “Post Your Disney Cruise Line questions here as we get ready for the WDW Radio Cruise aboard the Disney Dream!”

  1. Tammy says:

    I did listen to show #143 but I don’t think I heard you guys talk about whether or not their will be formal parties… Are there going to be any??

  2. Bigyanks (on the forums) says:

    me and my family are trying to book a trip to go on the cruise possible 2012, but wanted to do a land and sea combo. Do we have to book two separate trips? will magical express take us from the port to our hotel and back to the airport?

  3. Kellie says:

    220 days!

  4. Kellie says:

    If we are doing a sea then land will all our reservations be on one key to the world card?

    Will disney cruise line transportation take you from the port to your resort afterwards or back to the airport to catch magical express?

    How early can we get on the ship?

    How long do we have in Nassau?

    Do we ever have to get off the ship?

    What kind of fun stuff are you and Beci planning?

    Are we doing a door decorating contest like we did on the 2007 cruise?

  5. Kellie says:

    Are you going to interview the captain?

    Any fun scavenger hunts on the cruise?

  6. Gunny Wallen says:

    Hey Lou,
    I’ll be on VACATION! Do I HAVE to bring a coat and tie? How much extra will Palo cost and what is considered proper attire for that restaurant?

  7. Saundra says:

    When will we know about special events happening on board or off board.

    And is anyone running the princess marathon and then going on the ship?

  8. Paul says:

    What excursions is everyone planning for Nassau? My siblings and I went to Atlantis water park last year, and didn’t think too much of it. I’m strongly considering just staying on the ship on our Nassau day. (Especially if Lou and/or MEI have anything fun planned)

    Which dinner seating will most of our group be attending?

    If we fly into Orlando International at 10am, will Disney Cruise Line transportation take us right to the ship then, or will we have to wait at the airport a few hours?

    Has anyone heard which shows will be presented? Golden Mickeys, Disney Dreams, Cinderella, Toy Story, Villains?

  9. David says:

    Hey Lou,
    I have never been on a cruise before. How does dining work? What if you want a drink or snack throughout the day? Are there any extra costs on ship or on Disney’s island? Thanks for your time and a great show.

  10. Kellie says:

    Are they doing a pirate night?

  11. Kellie says:

    David – –

    Alcohol costs extra

  12. Paul says:

    @David – for dining, you’ll be assigned to a rotation, and told which restaurant to go to each night for dinner. You’ll have the same waitstaff and sit with the same group of people each night. For breakfast, lunch, and snacks, there are a variety of options both at the table-service restaurants and on the top deck. All these food items are included in the cost of your cruise. Soda/Coffee/Tea are free at the beverage refill station on the top deck, but cost extra if you want (for example) a coke ordered from the walk-around waitstaff in the main theater. Alcohol always costs extra.

  13. Anne says:

    I have never taken a cruise before but am very interested in taking a Disney cruise since I love all things Disney. My only concern is I suffer from motion sickness. I can do roller coasters and fast rides (thank goodness), but rides that go in circles, things in super slow motion, and riding in the back seat of the car make me feel not so great. So, do you know anyone who suffers from motion sickness that has taken one of these cruises? How did they do? Did they need tools to cope? Thanks for the help. I would hate to spend thousands of dollars on a cruise and end up miserable the whole trip.


    P.S. Telling me “you can’t even tell the ship is moving” doesn’t work for me because I am especially sensitive to things like that (for example, revolving restaurants and I don’t get along so well!).

  14. Jim says:

    We’ll be on the Dream in May for our first ever cruise. My wife is nervous about the motion of the ship. Can you feel any movement? Does the ship have any kind of vibration?

  15. Paul Kobos says:

    Are there any plans to have Jim do any special Disney talks? After listening to the last few months of podcasts, he needs to come!!

  16. Jersey Joe Jr. says:

    How does boarding work? do we drop off luggage before boarding? This is my first cruise and I dont know how early I should arrive at the Port. I also booked the extra days in Disney before the cruise, will there be transportation for the WDWradio gang to the port?

  17. Angela says:

    I have a question:

    Is it worth it to get off the ship in Nassau? I’ve read reviews saying that it’s not that great/not that safe and I also don’t have a ton of extra money to be spending (not to mention my boyfriend and I have already been swimming with dolphins before). What sorts of things would there be to do on the ship if we decided to stay? It does seem like a shame to be so close to Atlantis and not go…

    Also, if you had to choose just one… Remy, or Palo? πŸ™‚



  18. TinaFromOttawa says:

    hello Lou and I’m taking an educated guess by saying hello to Beci too!
    ….also a big shout out to all of us blessed ones excitedly anticipating this funtastic event! My question has sort of been asked already many times but here it goes….
    Lounging around in the day on the ship is great but what is the dress code for adults ‘and children’ at dinner/restaurants on board? I’m assuming semi formal-casual for most if not all nights but I was wondering what that means for the munchkins (3&6 years old). We’ve never been on a Disney Cruise but are familiar with the very formal Captains dinner on Royal Carribean. Will there be something like this as well? And also, is there more than one formal night on our ‘Dream cruise’? Hmmmm, The only other HUGELY important question that we can think of is how long does will it take to go from top to bottom and back up from bottom to top on the AWESOME aqua-DUCK! Oh, and do you know how many can go down together at once….Have to admit my Disney Geek Husband ‘Bob’ and I can’t wait to test that baby out ourselves πŸ™‚
    Take care and just in case time escapes us on the cruise ‘Thank you both ahead of time for making this an unforgettable trip!”

  19. Darlene says:

    Thought of another 2 question. Medication for myself & hubby do we need letters from the dr for prescriptions we have, like my epi pen? I know over the counter stuff isn’t an issue but just curious on special head ache meds too!

    How long do we have in port at Cast Away Cay?

  20. David says:

    What time does boarding start and what time do we set sail?

  21. Kellie says:

    216 days til we sail.

    Do we need to fill out the medical form if we do not take any medicines?

  22. little grammy says:

    How early can we get off of the ship upon return?
    How late can we stay on the ship?

    Magical Express from ship to airport—- how early will they take you to the airport….. as in VERY early for your flight??? or normal 2-3 hours? Don’t want to spend hours at the airport!!

    When are tours of the Dream planned for the “press”?

  23. Kellie says:

    Do we have to show our castaway club membership card anywheres?

  24. James says:

    How will being part of the WDW Radio group differ from the “normal” passenger in terms of activities and dining?

    What care options are there for infants 6 – 12 months old?

  25. Jill says:

    Okay, okay…I know it is still early…but really, it’s not!! I just gotta ask…are there any “just for us” events going on? Being on the brand spankin’ new Dream is special enough, mind you, but just curious πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to it!

  26. Steven W says:

    There seem to be a number of similar questions. For us first timers, how does transportation and timing work if we are staying on property before and/or after the cruise.

    Coming from the west coast we are flying in for Lou’s Cruise the day before (Sat) and plan to stay on site. Then after the cruise, finish out the week at the parks. We plan on taking Magical express and requested the shuttle to/from the cruise. What time will be need to be ready for the shuttle and what time would we be park on property after the cruise?

  27. Nolan says:

    Is their any confirmation that Villains Tonight will be the stage show for the Dream? What movie is most likely going to be shown in the theater? If it’s Tron: Legacy then that will be the best place to find me. πŸ™‚

  28. Rob says:

    I too have a question about the DCL transfers. The Birnbaum DCL 2010 does not list any value resorts as pick up location for the buses. Would we have to transfer to one of the deluxe or moderate resorts for the transfer? I do remember seeing the buses at the value resorts on our last visit to WDW.

  29. lori says:

    Are you going to dress in drag and do the hula??? (for charity, of course)

  30. Kellie says:

    If my passport expires in the fall of 2011 do i have to renew it now? It will still be good for “Lou’s Cruise”

  31. Grant says:


    My wife and I have often thought of taking a Disney Cruise (as soon as we can afford it), but watching the cruise videos, it looks like the Teens get all the fun with their own Teen beach. The adult beach looks quiet, which could be fun, but we would both really enjoy playing volleyball and some of the other stuff that is available on the Teen Beach. Is there somewhere for 20+ year olds to have more active fun than sitting on the beach?

  32. lori says:

    This isn’t a question but for those wondering about tranfers get a quote from Quicksilver. I know that for us it is actually going to be cheaper to have them transfer us from MCO-WDW-Port, Port-WDW-MCO. Just a suggestion.

  33. Jason says:

    how will the keys work if we book pre and post cruise stays? Will we have to check in 3 times or will 1 key work for all 3 stays?


  34. scott says:

    I am interested about what time I should set up a towncar to take us to WDW following the cruise. I really want to get there as soon as possible.

  35. Tracie Cook says:

    Lou, when is the deadline to book? I want to go on the trip, but as a teacher, I need to make sure I can get the time off. Thanks!

  36. Rachel K says:

    Hi Lou & Beci!

    I have heard lots of information about the club/activities for my soon to be 6 year old girl, however, with just having had a baby girl 2 weeks ago – I am wondering about the nursery/care options for her. She will be about 7 months when we set sail.


  37. Karen Ellis says:

    Hi Lou,
    We are doing the Magic relocation cruise and want to visit WDW first. We have done a land and sea cruise in the past and magical express transportation was provided from the airport to the park, then from the park to the cruise ship, and finally from the cruise ship to the airport. Even though we are doing a land/sea, it will be our own version. Will be have magical express available to us to get to our ship from WDW?
    Wish we could do the Dream cruise too but the budget only stretches sooooo far πŸ™‚
    Love your show, thanks for doing it!

  38. Kerri says:

    Is it possible to run the Princess Half-Marathon on the morning and still make it on the ship before it departs?


  39. Kerri says:

    Is there enough time to run the Princess Half-Marathon in the morning and get back to the Port before the ship departs?

    Thank you,

  40. Carol says:

    When do we find out about the special events? I don’t want to complain, but we have ‘hype’ and no detail. πŸ™‚

    (Kerri, Yes, there’s enough time. Princess will start a 6 AM so depeninding on how fast you run you will be done around 9. Head to the room, clean up and head to the port. YOu have to be on board by 4)

  41. Nolan says:

    Where’s the best place to locate DCL merch if there is any?

  42. BandontheRun says:


    I am currently booked for the WDW Dream cruise in February but am under pressure to cancel since our youngest song is currently only 45″ at age 4.5 and as such, may not meet the 48″ height requirement for the Aquaduct in late February. The worry is that the entire cruise will be ruined as the youngest won’t be able to partake in a very visual premier attraction.
    We have never been on a Disney cruise before- could you offer any insight that might make us reconsider taking the trip with a 7 and 5 year old where only one might be tall enough for the Aquaduck?


  43. Kellie says:

    Will there be Bingo on this ship?

  44. Kellie says:

    When will WDW radio group rate ticket prices become available?

  45. Dusten says:

    What day can we make ADR’s for Sunday, February 27?

    What day can we start making excursion & onboard (spa, Palo) reservations?

    How will it work for Magical Express?
    Will it be free from Orlando airport to Disney resort, then pay $75 for both the transfer from the Disney resort to Port Canaveral and transfer back from Port Caveral to Disney resort, then free ride from Disney resort to Orlando airport? Does the $75 include both to/from or each way?

    I have done this as a land/sea package, but never piecemeal like we are this time.

    Can or should I link all my reservations?
    I am starting at Disney All Star family suite, going on WDW Radio Cruise (we have 3 rooms), then returning to Bay Lake Tower 2-bedroom villa (MK view!) on rented DVC points.

  46. Mary Jo Collins says:

    Is it possible to bring alchol on the ship? I had heard that if it is placed in a soft sided cooler they do allow this. Is this true?

  47. Mary Jo Collins says:

    Could MEI and WDW Radio host a cabana on Castaway Cay where everyone could meet up?

  48. Mary Jo Collins says:

    When will we find out the specifics of our group activities on the ship? Will there be specific areas that everyone will be invited to meet up for the ships’ specific events, such as the Sail Away Party or The Fireworks on the last night?

  49. Bob Hendrix says:

    After we booked our cruise for next year using DVC points, I realized that it is the same cruise that you all are going to be on. I realize that all WDWRadio events are exclusive to those who have booked through you, but could one possibly pay extra to be a part of those events if one wanted to? Thanks.

  50. Kellie says:

    Will there be a door decorating contest? A flag contest like the last time?

  51. Dusten says:

    Came up with a couple more…

    I have seen two different schedules for the Magic & Wonder. 1) Nassau, 2) day at sea, 3) Castaway Cay. 1) Nassau, 2) Castaway Cay, 3) day at sea. What days are we going to be at Port Nassau, Castaway Cay and the day at sea?

    I noticed our flight is arriving around 2pm Saturday and from previous experience know sometimes bags do not arrive in your Disney room until 3 or more hours later. On a previous Disney cruise we had to get our bags ready the night before to be sent to the ship. I’m concerned that our bags arriving late may cause us to miss the bag check-in for the cruise. What time do we need to check-in our bags for transfer to Port Canaveral?

  52. Kellie says:

    Now that 2011 packages are available when can we get park tickets added to our room ressie?

  53. We want to book Palo for the WDWRadio cruise, will we know more about the WDWRadio events before the Palo window opens up?

  54. Julie says:

    Is anyone else from our group bringing teenagers? Do you think there will be any teens on board at all, since it’s during the school year?

  55. Alex Freimark says:

    My parents offered to take my wife, 19 year old daughter and me on a cruise. When I suggested a Disney Cruise their response was that it is for little kids or parents with little kids.

    My Disney geek instincts tells me they are wrong but since I have never been on one on knows anyone who has I have no proof. So I am turning to my Disney guru. Are their activities on a Disney Cruise for an older teenagers, middle age Disney fanatics, and wonderful, but elderly parents/grandparents.

    By the way my wife and I celebrated our Honeymoon and Mickey 60th birthday 22 years ago.



  56. Vickie Chiappetti says:

    In the cruise podcast show, can you give us a primer. Should you book your filghts to arrive the day before? How do the transfers work if you stay on property at WDW the day prior then depart at port? When the boat docks, what time should you book a flight so that you can safely make your flight home from MCO?

  57. Christine says:

    My family will be taking our first DCL cruise next summer (on the Dream!).

    We have cruised four times before on two different cruise lines (Celebrity & Carnival) and would love to know what we can expect about our DCL cruise that will be different from other cruise lines?

    Thank you,

  58. Dusten says:

    To address the question about DCL being mostly for kids and people with children…
    Our last cruise on the Wonder seemed like it was mostly couples in their 30’s & 40’s without children, but we were in the late dinner seating so there were less kids at meals. It would be nice to see the demographics from Disney. On deck there were special activities in another secure area for the kids so even people with kids onboard were kid-free most of the time. In other words, you don’t see any more kids than on any other cruise line. You may even see less youngsters because they cater so well to kids with special programs and areas. The only big difference compared to other cruise lines seems to be the lack of gambling facilities.

  59. Monica says:

    What is the adult to child ratio?

  60. Dani says:

    Hi Lou,

    I’m confused about the tipping on board. The part of tipping your table servant, room-host etc. is clear (with the little envelops you get) but what if you go to the Spa for treatment, the Piano Bar or the Coffee Cove? I think the amount of 15% gratuity is already added but they expect to get some more… What’s “normal”?

    Kind regards,
    Dani Berrevoets
    the Netherlands

  61. Iva Becker says:

    Do they have a photopass card on the ship or is that just at WDW? Just wondered because they have a prepaid thing going again….. which I think is all the time now?

  62. Scott Price says:

    Howdy, Lou, from Dallas, Texas!

    I’ve been listening to your show for a few months, and really enjoy it!

    My family is planning our first Disney Cruise on the Disney Dream next June. We have three children, ages 3, 5, and 6. The best part of a Walt Disney World Vacation is that we are able to spend the entire trip together as a family. As we learn more about the Cruise, it seems that there are a lot of activities for the kids, but I don’t see a lot of family activities that we can all do together.

    What family activities would you recommend?

    I always look forward to the next show! Keep up the great work!

  63. Dusten says:

    According to the DCL website…


    All Guests claiming U.S. citizenship, including children, must present one of the following documents as proof of U.S. citizenship for each member of their party:

    – A valid, unexpired U.S. Passport
    – A valid, unexpired U.S. Passport Card
    – A valid, unexpired state-issued Enhanced Driver’s License (where available)
    – Trusted Traveler Program Card (NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST)
    – U.S. Citizens 18 years and older will be able to depart and enter the country with an original or certified copy of their birth certificate and government-issued photo ID.
    – Children under the age of 16 may present an original or certified copy of their birth certificate, a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, or a Naturalization Certificate.

    Is Illinois one of the states with an Enhanced Driver’s License?

  64. Stephanie says:

    What are the best things to do while on a ship me and my best friend are going for our graduation/birthday gifts we are 18 and 19. We are going to be on the 5-day trip 2 days in Cast Way Key.