/ Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Each month, we will post a new photo from Walt Disney World and give YOU the chance to create your own funny or creative caption for a chance to win a prize!

This month’s photo is from Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parade. (I think that toy soldier is out of formation.)

Submit your caption (one per person, please) in the comments section below.

Caption entries will be accepted until December 15th at midnight EST. We will then pick the top 20 entries and then put them to a vote, and the winner will receive a prize from the WDW Radio “prize closet.” Good luck and have fun!

Please note: If you have won a previous caption contest and have not received your prize please email Lori Burke at lori@wdwradio.com



60 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Photo Caption Contest – December 2010”

  1. chrissy&tayen says:

    excuse me, but can i duck out of the parade.. I have really really gotta go. you know, (in a whisper) #2

  2. John G says:

    Knock it off! I’m in a PARADE; NOT at the airport!!

  3. Mitch says:

    You know something? I think we should go to lunch!

  4. Mary Jo Collins says:

    Uh, mame, get your hands off the Nutcracker. The NutCracker Dance Party is later tonight. This is the parade. Check your Times Guide.

  5. Chris Sullivan says:

    After a long tour of duty, the soldiers celebrity with some old school break dance moves. The Sgt (on left) see a random girl and steals a kiss for a classic World War II “we won” pose!!

  6. Belinda Dierks says:

    Every woman just loves a man in uniform!

  7. No, ma’am. I was doing the “jump to the left” part. The step to the right is coming up next. Have a magical holiday, though!

  8. Jason says:

    Please, no wardrobe malfunctions this year.

  9. Brandon Glover says:

    They just had to build my suit out of tin. I’ll just take a break and let this lady hold me up for a while!

  10. djdrew says:

    “Babe, not in front of the guys!!!!”

  11. djdrew says:

    That’s Jim, he never learned to boogie, he just knows how to slow dance!

  12. Becky says:

    Shall we dance?

  13. Phil W says:

    “Come on, let’s reenact the photo taken in Times Square to celebrate the end of World War II”

  14. gary hasty says:

    Perhaps I should have opted for the body scan

  15. SoPoSox says:

    Psst. You’re kinda in my way. Have a magical day though!

  16. Jimmy says:

    Excuse me, do you know when Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party starts?

  17. Jill says:

    I thought you could use a hug.

  18. Wendell says:

    When does the three o’clock parade begin?

  19. Mike says:

    Soldier on left: Excuse me ma’am, you’ll need to step over, he’s about to kick it old school.

    Solder on the Right: Can’t touch this. Oh Oh, Oh Oh, here comes the Hammer, Oh Oh, Oh Oh Stop, Hammer Time!!!

  20. J.D. says:

    Not here! I’ll meet you behind the castle after the parade.

  21. Karen Spivey says:

    Conduct unbecoming to a toy soldier

  22. Matt K says:

    Wow! These eyeballs at the end of my arms really don’t freak you out!

  23. Belleofnotredam says:

    Thriller? I’m sorry ma’am, that would have been Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween party LAST month. Perhaps I could interest you in Dance of the Sugar Plum fairies instead?

  24. Happy says:

    Young lady, YOU really are a nutcracker!

  25. kretzcr says:

    Milk, bread, cheese, alright honey I got it.

  26. Stacy says:

    It looks like that soldier found our stash of spiked eggnog!

  27. Eric says:

    This is just what I needed to finish my christmas display.

  28. John Buxbaum says:

    Hey!!! Who do you think you are?? The TSA?

  29. Jennifer Tremley says:

    Look, I told you no autographs!

  30. Julie B says:

    Honey, please… I told you we would discuss this later tonight…..

  31. Brande says:

    Make a break for it! She’s got sandpaper!

  32. Janet Beebe says:

    Daddy, can I take this one home? Please, please, please!

  33. Beth says:

    I know you’re upset about our break-up, but can we talk about this later…I’m kind of busy!

  34. Zazu says:

    “No, you moron! Your other left!”

  35. Kendall says:

    “Psst…can you help me. If I don’t get this dance right, they’re going to demote me to ‘It’s a Small World’.”

  36. David says:

    And they told me that I couldn’t get a girl with this expression stuck on my face!

  37. Disneyfun55 says:

    Soldier on RIght: WHAT?!?!? We have no HANDS?!?!? How in Chernabog’s Bald Mountain are we supposed to play our instruments with no hands!!!! …..Oh…I see, Mr. Disney…it’s fun to do the impossible…..

    Soldier on Left: Oh, the humanity!

  38. MarixD says:

    That’s how we do it in the TSA!

  39. Brian L says:


  40. Courtney Rogers says:

    Please step back woman…Watch out, people! Mickey has a groupie!…

  41. Todd says:

    Mom, you said I could pick out anything on Main Street!!! This is what I want.

  42. JThadeusToad says:

    I’ll wait for you.

  43. Disneyfan21 says:

    This is what the Revolutionary War would look like if it took place at Disney World

  44. Chuck says:

    Can’t find a souvenir that meets your liking? Take home your very own nutcracker straight from the parade!!

  45. MaineDisneyDad says:

    Yet another admiring fan break through the security fence and touches their childhood hero!!

  46. Justin Anthony says:

    Excuse me where is Cinderella Castle?

  47. John King says:

    Only Samantha understands that not all toy soldiers like disco.

  48. KelleyC says:

    “I’ve had it! I will NOT walk another step in the same line as that showoff! He thinks he’s such a great dancer… Honey, let’s go home.”

  49. alizabeth delorey says:

    ” Just make sure your shirt is tucked in and your belt is straight…now MARCH!!!”

  50. Mary says:

    Caption contest! “I said,YOUR OTHER LEFT SOLDIER”

  51. Ollie says:

    A true soldier protecting the other soldiers from a fanatical fan

  52. Barb McIntyre says:

    One quick kiss, bud. We’ve got your back.

  53. Nancy says:

    “You’re out of line, soldier.”

  54. Patty Villarosa says:

    ” I think I’m a little to tall for you, miss.”

  55. Joseph Peter McNamara says:

    Even Toy Solders have to respect the mistletoe. 🙂

  56. Gary says:

    Excuse me, Miss – Peek over my shoulder – I think Im being followed by clones. HELP!

  57. Shannon Calmese says:

    Female talking to soldier——–Get your butt in gear and show the kids what santa taught you to do…….Santa would be very displeased if he saw you goofing around! Now give me a hug so the children won’t be upset

  58. Major Dude says:

    Billy, don’t be a hero. Come back and make me your wife.

  59. ” I think I’m a little to tall for you, miss.”

  60. Coleen Sosa says:

    Even Toy Solders have to respect the mistletoe. 🙂