/ Monday, January 31st, 2011

One of the many technological innovations and surprises aboard the Disney Dream is something that may have been geared towards younger guests, but is being enjoyed by kids of all ages.

The Midship Detective Agency game, located on Deck 5 near the atrium, combines interactive technology through Disney’s “living” Enchanted Art throughout the ship, with a scavenger hunt and solving a mystery (well, actually two!)

Mickey and his pals explain the mystery to you at a rolltop-desk kiosk, where you also pick up your card and casebook. From there, guests travel at their own pace and in any order around the ship, gathering clues, finding lost items, and weeding out suspects – all of which are Disney characters.

Hold up your card to the artwork, and magic truly happens. The card is both a key as well as a tool, and part of the fun is using it to search through hidden areas of the paintings. Even if there’s no clue to be found, waiting the artwork come to life with audio and video is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The Midship Detective Agency lets you and your family explore the Disney Dream, leading you to areas which you may not have visited otherwise. It’s a fun way to spend some time together (or even alone) and playing at your own pace either on one day or over the entire voyage lets you enjoy it as you like.

For more information, listen to the full review of the Disney Dream on WDW Radio Episode #207 – Jan. 30, 2011

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– Lou Mongello



2 thoughts on “Disney Dream – Midship Detective Agency Game – Video and Review”

  1. Christopher says:

    Wow…that is a really exciting and unique addition to DCL. I can’t wait to do this.

    Is it available 24 hours a day? If so I can see this as being one of those middle of the night explorations of the ship when most everyone else is tucked away in dream land and I can play in super Dream-land.

  2. That truly is an innovative game! I can’t wait to give it a go!