/ Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Each month, we will post a new photo from Walt Disney World and give YOU the chance to create your own funny or creative caption for a chance to win a prize!

This month’s photo was taken during a recent Walt Disney World Half Marathon.

Submit your caption using you first name and list initial (one per person, please) in the comments section below.

Caption entries will be accepted until January 15th at midnight EST. We will then pick the top 20 entries and then put them to a vote, and the winner will receive a prize from the WDW Radio “prize closet.”

Good luck and have fun!



49 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Photo Caption Contest – January 2011”

  1. Shannon says:

    Ladies! We can see your ankles!

  2. Paul says:

    That’s right folks, the voting booths are right this way! We appreciate your vote!!

  3. Ray says:

    Please proceed in an orderly fashion….walk…don’t run!

  4. Crystal Y. says:

    Get a wiggle on, applesauce!!!

  5. Maureen W says:

    “Welcome Home”

  6. Anna M says:

    No, really! They just forgot to turn the clocks back!! I swear!

  7. Chris Sullivan says:

    Stop running way. My signing is not that bad!!!

  8. Susan L says:

    Watching the people pass by.

  9. Justin says:

    Come on now! Move along! The WDW Radio Meet of the Month is just around the corner! Keep moving!

  10. Lori T. says:

    “Hello, and welcome to the scenic…….Hi! So nice to see…….Good evening! It’s so good to see a new……Wait! Wait! I’m trying to talk to….Well, such rude people! I try to welcome them but they keep running past!”

  11. Erin says:

    Who watches the watchers?

  12. Sarah H. says:

    “Betty, they’re in a race…now’s not the time for hugs!”

  13. Jason McMahan says:

    In a sweaty display of civic duty, the denizens of Main Street, USA exhibited their excitement for the recent mayoral election by literally running to the polls.

  14. Datosha B. says:

    Nooo, Ariel is the OTHER way!

  15. Disneyfun55 says:

    Hey! Can any of you tell us when the 3 o’clock parade starts?

  16. Kevin Elsley says:

    im late im late for a very important date..

    Kevin E

  17. Laurie Constant says:

    “I’m late! I’m late ! For a very important date!”

  18. Donna says:

    Oh look, Mayor, it’s my long lost cousin!

  19. Wendell says:

    Hey your shoe is untied!!

  20. Vanessa says:

    “Cast off the shackles of yesterday
    Shoulder to shoulder into the fray
    Out daughter daughter will adore us…….
    and they’ll sing in grateful chorus…..
    Well done
    Sister suffragettes!”

  21. nightwing39 says:

    “Wow! I thought the parade didnt start until 3:00. Better turn around and take this watch back”

  22. Sijo Joseph Kannamaly says:

    Hey look…the girl who is giggling is my sibiling..

  23. Jim says:

    “Do any of you know where I can find Lou Mongello taping his next Audio Guide?”

  24. J.D. Stearns says:

    C’mon now, Stich’s Great Escape isn’t THAT bad, is it?

  25. Mary says:

    Mayor: Wow! These citizens are REALLY excited to be first in line for Stitch’s Great Escape!!

  26. Kelly H says:

    “Ma’am please calm down! I am just as surprised as you to hear people actually run for fun!”

  27. Carol S. says:

    First one to the Castle gets free mickey ears!

  28. Happy Keller says:

    “You’re almost there!…”

    (Main St. is less than halfway during both the Half & Full Marathons)

  29. Kevin B. says:

    “The Main Street Elipitical Parade” returns to Florida.

  30. George T says:

    Hurry Hurry This Way Free Mickey Bars !!!!!!!!

  31. Lori G. says:


  32. Maria L. says:

    As the racers were greeted by the local townsfolk, no one seemd to realize that the blonde in the foreground was watching… and plotting!

  33. Sharon&Randy says:

    Woman: AHHH! Who are you people and where do you come from?! You barely have clothes on, you are wet, and you have wires growing out of your ears! Are you from a different planet!!
    Mayor: I told you not to come outside! Hurry back inside the shop until they go away! It looks like it will be quick
    since they won’t stop running!

  34. KelleyC says:

    Come on, Dover, move yer bloomin’ arse!

  35. Matt Welp says:

    “We’re running so fast we’re going back in time!”

  36. danny says:


  37. Linda M says:

    Oh dear these vagrants have forgotten to dress properly, look they have only but their undergarments on!

  38. Paul H. says:

    Run faster! You’ve got 111 years to go!

  39. Dead robot says:

    After the race, Susy looks forward to an exciting run with Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark

  40. Jessica says:

    First one to the end wins a date with Mickey!

  41. Lori R says:

    With that hat, you’re setting women back 100 years.

  42. gloria blankenship says:

    See I knew Toy Story Mania ride would one day make the people who could not get on it go mad and turn into a street mob. Hold onto your bloomers and run for cover !

  43. Todd Breaux says:

    Walk, don’t run! Fastpasses for Space Mountain haven’t run out yet!

  44. sivart says:

    Hurry, Hurry!!!! Quickly now Momma Melroses is having half price pasta!!!!!!!!

  45. charles wade says:

    WHICH WAY TO THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Lucas Knapp says:

    uhh, mayor? I think we made a wrong turn somewhere.

  47. JThadeusToad says:


  48. Nick says:

    run run run as fast as u can, im the a lady who wants a man

  49. Nathan T. says:

    Mayor: Hey…what’s the hurry??

    Runner: Free…(gasp)…Dole Whip…(gasp) in Adventureland.