/ Thursday, March 31st, 2011

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”

~Walt Disney~

There is, in fact, a treasure trove of books relating to all things Disney, and we saw this as a great opportunity to broaden the Disney fan experience and study these works in a fun and informative way!  Introducing… the WDW Radio Disney Book Club, a new and engaging way to share our love for Disney and learn more about the magic.

So, here’s our plan:Disney Book Club

EVERYONE and ANYONE is welcome to join.

There are NO membership fees or requirements–just join in the experience of reading a Disney book and share your thoughts!!


The process is really very simple:

  1. At first, we will begin by choosing the book for the book club.  In future selections, we will select books by group consensus.

  2. We will create a suggested schedule for reading the book, which we will publish on the reading club blog.  Additionally, each week, we will post discussion question(s) in the blog about the chapter for the week.   Feel free to comment on the blog and add your thoughts!

  3. When the book is finished, we will host a show to discuss the book and answer questions posed by participants. If and when possible, we will have authors join us for the show and answer questions.

There will be plenty of opportunities for prizes and guest participation, so be sure to stay tuned!

As always, we welcome your feedback and thoughts to make this a valuable and fun experience that enriches our collective appreciation and affection for Disney!

So, the natural question is…. what are we going to read?

Well, without further ado… we are proud to announce that our first WDW Radio Disney Book Club selection is…….

Kingdom Keepers IV: Power Play – the latest in the wildly popular series by Ridley Pearson.

Book Cover

Click here to purchase the book directly from Amazon.com

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on your iPhone, Android or Kindle at Audible.com

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Don’t fear if you have not read the first three books. The works can be read independently of one another.  They are enjoyable, easy reads and an excellent choice for a FAMILY reading activity! Perfect for young adults and kids at heart, the Kingdom Keepers series features five teenagers who serve as “Holographic Hosts” at Walt Disney World.  The teens find themselves in the position of having to preserve the magic of Disney from the Overtakers, Disney villains bent on ending magic.   Ridley Pearson has impeccably researched his books, so the stories are filled with a wealth of fun Disney insights for the Disney fan.  For more information on Ridley Pearson and the Kingdom Keepers series, please visit www.ridleypearson.com

In order to give people time to acquire the book–which can be found on store shelves April 5–we will publish the reading calendar and discussion dates during the week of April 11.  Also during that week, we will publish a blog update with discussion questions.

We are looking forward to a great, dynamic conversation!!  Let the treasure hunting begin!

Please note that the links to Amazon.com and Audible.com are affiliates, and WDW Radio receives a commission for sales through those links



30 thoughts on “Announcing the WDW Radio Disney Book Club!!”

  1. Ron Havens says:

    I’m excited about this book club. I’ve been reading books about Disney for almost 10 years. I’ve always wanted to have someone with whom I could discuss what I read. I planned on reading KK4 on my Kindle as soon as it becomes available. Now I can finally have contact with others who have read it as well. Great idea Lou.

  2. ddposttime says:

    great idea love to read about disney

  3. Berdo says:

    I like this. I wanted to join a book club but hate Oprah’s selections. Good idea!

  4. WDWDonna says:

    Can’t wait for this book! I ordered it yesterday (March 30) so all I have to do is wait for it to come in the mail. Amazon said I should have it by April 15. Hope so, I want it in time to join in the book club.

  5. MarixD says:

    Sounds like fun, can’t wait to begin reading it.

  6. kymie says:

    Have just ordered the book (using your link 😉 of course) But I couldnt afford the super speedy delivery, got the ‘faster than snail mail’ though. Just hoping it arrives in time to start!! Thats the only problem – if books arent automatically available in the uk shipping takes ages. Any chance once the club gets going you can post a few books up in advance?

  7. Marisa says:

    Wow, I feel so out of the loop! I didn’t even know the fourth book was out! I am SUPER EXCited and of course, it is a great idea lou. Can’t wait!

  8. Christy says:

    Hi, Kymie!
    Have no fear if the book arrives a bit after the start date… we realize people have busy lives and will create a reasonable schedule so you can easily catch up if the book arrives a little late.
    Our goal is definitely to discuss future book selections as a group and arrive at a consensus. We will definitely do so to allow for ample time for you to receive your book! No worries. We plan to arrange the books to correspond with certain themes as well, which we will discuss in the future.
    So glad you will be joining us for this fun, new adventure!! 8:)

  9. Christy says:

    Hi, Ron!
    So glad you are excited! There are so many of us out there who enjoy Disney books, and I, too, look forward to the oppportunity to have a fun and engaging conversation with friends who appreciate the magic of Disney as well!
    Look forward to talking with you more as the book club progresses!! 8:)

  10. Chad (Vypeman) says:

    Bought the first three books today at Barnes and Noble and pre-ordered the 4th book from Amazon. Looking forward to this club.

  11. DisneyDragon says:

    Great idea Lou. I ordered it for my iPhone foe Monday

  12. Caroline says:

    Great Idea Lou – I am so excited for the book club! I love the Kingdom Keepers series and can’t wait to read this one! 🙂

  13. Rene Baron says:

    Great idea. I just ordered the book. S/B here on 7 April.

  14. Heather says:

    So excited!!! Just wish the book came out in Canada today as well, I have to wait till next week!

  15. Barbara Czajka says:

    Hi! Listen to your pod cast all the time – love it. This is exciting. Love reading about Disney, now this will give me a great reason to keep reading and a wonderful opportunity to talk about it with others!! Thank you!!

  16. Barbara Czajka says:

    Hi! listen to the podcasts and love them – this is a great idea and can’t wait to start. Read about Disney and now it will be fun to talk about it with others! Thank you!

  17. Nolan says:

    I’m done reading Keepers 4, ready to talk about it with everyone. So much fun!!!

  18. Mike Fink says:

    Future book club choices could go in a million directions. I can’t guess what books or subjects will win a consensus vote. This is a diverse group and the choices available are diverse as well. I’m in no matter what. I love reading anything about Disney.

  19. Judy1316 says:

    This is going to be sooo much fun. I am trying to put both the fourth and the first books onto my Sony Reader but I dont see a way to purchase it from Amazon. Any ideas before I go to the Sony site to get them?

  20. Joanne says:

    I love this idea and ordered my book via the Amazon link a few days ago. Should arrive tomorrow!

  21. Chris says:

    Great idea Lou….. Let’s show that Oprah how’s boss!!!!!!

  22. Chris says:

    Or…. Or… We can show her WHO’S boss….. Lol

  23. Cindy K says:

    This is an AWESOME idea! As far as the book selection… do I need to read books 1, 2 & 3 prior to reading this one (#4)? Or is this series set-up where I can start with any book in the series? Much Thanks!

  24. I downloaded my copy from Barnes and Nobel for my nook, so I am ready to go. I am in the middle of another book right now, so might not start until next week when you announce the schedule.

    I would have followed your Amazon link if I had a Kindle, but I picked Nook. If you put a B&N sponsored link up for the future book club titles, I will certainly shop from that. Always happy to help the WDW Radio show. 🙂

  25. Christy says:

    Hi, Cindy K–
    You do not have to read the other books to understand this one, but they are very quick, easy reads. If you had the time, the first book might be worth a quick scan, just to get the concept of the characters down. And, if nothing else, start with the 4th book and when/if you have questions, post them here and we will all share our thoughts! This is going to be a fun and dynamic conversation! So glad you are joining us!! 8:)

  26. David says:

    Just got the book today! This should be fun!

  27. Kristy says:

    Hey Guys
    I got my book last week, I have not started to read it yet because I want to wait until Lou gets all the information up, but I am very excited and its VERY hard not to start reading it, ha ha ha, I love book clubs and there is nothing in the world better than a Disney Book Club, AWESOME idea Lou, can’t wait!!!!!!

  28. Marisol says:

    Lou! Great idea! A Disney Book Club for adults!!!! Excellent…thank you, thank you! Can’t wait to get started!

  29. Beth says:

    This is great! Unfortunately, not going to be able to start the book until after Easter (granparents giving it to my son). I’ll catch up and post on the blog then!

    Looking forward to this!

  30. Tina says:

    I read the first book and it was wonderful. I’m now reading IV – Power Play and I love it. I didn’t read these books until now because I thought they were more for kids and young adults. However, I love the progress of the books and I would recommend them to anyone. When I’m finished Power Play, I’ll go back and read II and III. The book club was a great idea.