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Disney Book Club

Greetings, fellow WDW Radio Disney Book Club participants!  We hope you had a great week and enjoyed the first chapter of Ridley Pearson’s Kingdom Keeper’s IV: Power Play.  By all accounts from the first chapter posts, people are happily engaged by these teens who are trying to protect our magical home-away-from-home.

Thank you to everyone who posted their replies to the first chapter.  Please feel free to continue to do so and respond to previous posts.  Please also feel free to add your own questions for discussion.  A special thanks to Deb who added a question about Amanda and Jess in her post!  We want this club to be interactive, so please continue to add your thoughts and insights!

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It appears from our first set of questions that Maleficent is far more intimidating to the majority of our readers than Cruella is.  As Heather explained, “Cruella is just a mean fashion designer. If I was a dalmation maybe I would fear her more.”  Stephanie colorfully contrasted the two characters in this way, “In a contest of which baddy is the baddest, I’d have to say The Evil Queen. Yes, Cruella is kinda scary at times, but she is a rather dim-witted toothpick. She could easily be outsmarted and taken down; whereas the Evil Queen has magic and a few more brain cells at her disposal.”  Not everyone was as worried by the Evil Queen, however.  Some, like Donna, did select Cruella:  “I think I would find Cruella more frightening. She is so darn skinny and ugly and kills animals, and has the word devil in her last name.”

It also appears that if Ridley Pearson were to select from our talented pool of readers to cast a new Kingdom Keeper, he would have quite a difficult time!  What an amazing group!  From 9-year-old Carter who can think quickly to Matthew who will keep calm under pressure, we offer a great variety of skills!  Of course, many of you bring a wealth of Disney knowledge to the table and could bring insights on the parks and knowledge of Disney history to assist in those precarious situations in which the Kingdom Keepers always find themselves.  And of course, as Jamie suggests, our friend Lou could be thanked for making us all such wonderful Disney resources!!

That brings us to a recap of question 3 and broken attractions.  Test Track.  Why do you torture us so?  It seems that more than a few of us have spent sweltering moments waiting on line for that amazing ride, only to have technology dash our hopes!  Ah well, it’s a good reminder to us all that we should carry a good piece of reading material in our backpacks (WDW Radio Disney Book Club, of course) when waiting for our attractions, since sadly, even the Disney magic sometimes is not immune to the realities of daily life.

Thanks again or such thoughtful and fun commentary.  We loved reading your thoughts and are anxious to see what you all have to say about this week’s questions!

The reading for the week of April 18-24 is Chapter 2, pages 40-100. The mystery of the story really heats up in chapter 2, and we trust you will be engrossed in each page!  Below you will find our discussion questions for this chapter.  Again, you may respond to some—or all—of the questions and post your thoughts in the blog.  Please feel free to add your own questions as well!

1. On page 43, Finn describes his mother as a “huge fan of everything Disney.”  How do you describe your level of affection for Disney?  What do you say when people say, “you are going to Disney AGAIN?!?”

2. Kingdom Keepers is told from the perspective of the young adult Kingdom Keepers, though  the parents are part of the story as well.  This question is divided into two parts–please select the one that best applies to you:

a. For our younger readers (those who are still “officially” kids): Imagine YOU were a Kingdom Keeper.  How would you explain this job to your parents?

b. For our older readers (those who are “kids at heart”): Imagine you were the parent of a child who just announced she/he was a Kingdom Keeper.  What would your reaction be?

3. Much of the second chapter is set at EPCOT at night.  In particular, Ridley Pearson places the characters in the Norway pavilion at night.  If you had the chance to go into ANY attraction at EPCOT after park hours, which would you choose and why?

If you have any questions or suggestions about the book club, please contact Christy at Christy@WDWRadio.com Have a great week!  Happy reading!



29 thoughts on “WDW Radio Disney Book Club – Kingdom Keepers IV Chapter 2 Discussion Questions and Chapter 1 Recap”

  1. Jenn says:

    1) I’m definitely a HUGE Disney fan! Just this past weekend, I went to see the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra perform “Disney in Concert”. I was SO excited to be there and SO moved by the power/passion behind the Disney music that tears began pouring down my cheeks as the symphony played the overture! I just love the magic involved with everything Disney….special for children and us adults who will forever be young at heart!!

    2) I will be answering the adult-directed question (although, I don’t have any kids yet!). I would be extremely excited and honored that my child was chosen as a KK; however, I would be fearful for his/her safety. Again, this is the first KK book that I’ve read in the series, so I’m still learning a lot about how DHI works. It sounds like there are a number of risks involved (beyond the dangers posed by the OT!!!).

    3) EPCOT is my absolute FAVORITE park, so it’s difficult for me to choose only one place (I’d want to explore all of them after hours!!). I think maybe I would start with the UK pavillion. I really enjoy the scenery and probably due to all of the royal wedding hype, that pavillion stuck out in my mind just now!

  2. Lindsay Murray says:

    1. I think Ridley Pearson put it perfectly by using the phrase “fan of everything Disney.” The parks are definitely my favorite aspect of the Disney world but I am totally in love with pretty much anything Disney related. From things like Disney podcasts, to movies, to collectables I feel like it gives my day to day life that sometimes much needed dose of Disney magic. I am actually very thankful to have discovered my love for all things Disney because it keeps me learning all the time and in good spirits even when things get rough. Anyway, being a Floridian very few people seem surprised when I tell them I’m going to Disney for the millionth time but the friends of mine who simply enjoy the Disney parks when they are there do seem a little taken back by the level of my obsession with them sometimes. They don’t mind though seeing as they usually benefit from my knowledge about the parks when they go with me. I would like to note, too, that the Disney obsession can definitely rub off on people!

    Has anyone else converted someone they know to a more than casual Disney fan?

    2. Seeing as I am a twenty-something getting ready to graduate from college in a couple weeks I am having a hard time choosing wether to answer the “kid” or “kid at heart” question. Haha. I’ll try a little of both. If I were selected to be a KK I know that my parents would be proud but very worried for my safety. I would keep them as informed as possible so they would trust that I was capable of handling such an important job. If I were the parent in the situation I would want the kid to stay in close contact with me and give me as much information as possible. I know I would be very worried either way though!

    3. I think I would like to explore the France pavilion at night. I feel like you could get some really great pictures!

    I’m still totally loving the book club and Kingdom Keepers IV!

  3. Nolan says:

    1.) I’ve never had anyone actually say that to me, but I’m sure a few have thought it. Disney is a place where I can relax, not be on a schedule and just enjoy the little things that make life worth living. Happy kids, music that inspires imagination and a location that takes you away from everything, what’s better than that?
    2.) I can’t answer the first half, since I’m an adult, but I can’t really answer for the second as I’m not a parent and I can’t set myself in that mindset. It would take a parent to give the best answers to the question.
    3.) I would have to say Canada, there’s something about the architecture and theming there that makes it very interesting in a night setting. The best part would be to go down where Le Cellier is and take the path by the water over to the Oh Canada! viewing theater. That would be an interesting walk at night.

  4. WDWDonna says:

    1. When asked why I am “going to Walt Disney World AGAIN!?” I just answer that it is my home away from home and I am a self proclaimed Disney Geek. I am even helping my bosses plan their short trip in June (they are going to a confrence at the Beach Club)

    2. I am answering the “kid at heart” section. If my 14 year old daughter told me she was a Kingdom Keeper my first reaction would be “can I be a DHI too?!”

    3. I would choose The Land. Gotta be somewhere that I can make myself a midnight snack!!

  5. Vicky says:

    Here’s a question – who will be more powerful in the end – the Evil Queen or Maleficent?

    1. I am a big Disney fan. All things disney – music, books, parks, Sometimes my love of Disney drives others crazy, so you have to dial it back. I love the possitive feeling you get from Disney – just watching children at the park is terrific. To see the look in their eyes as the discover the magic.

    2. As a parent I would want my child to be safe. I think because I am a Disney fan, I would be a bit more understanding than a few of the parents in the book. They seemed to have lost that “child-like” understanding of Disney. I would want to go with them in the park to solve the mysteries.

    3. Favorite place in EPCOT at night would be outside the America pavillion. The view is terrific of the whole world showcase and you can see all the building lit up. I would want to go into World of Energy at night in the dark. I think it would be a great place to hide.

  6. Paul Helmuth says:

    1. I would classify myself as a “Huge Fan of Everything Disney” (HFED). I spend several hours a week listening to Disney Podcasts (including WDW Radio), listening to numerous Disney Theme Park internet music stations, collecting Disney Movies, and joining almost any club/organization that Disney has. When people ask why, my answer should be “Why Not.” Instead it usually entails something about quality customer service, attention to detail, and an extremely diverse vacationing experience. And I am just a kid at heart.

    2. I work in emergency services, so there is a part of me that would love to be a part of the Kingdom Keepers. If my child told me they were a part of it, I would be cautiously excited. I would also want to help them as much as I could so I could also protect them.

    3. Though visting any of EPCOT would be exciting…I have a fasination with the Japanese Pavilion and the Japanese culture. I think it would be extremely exciting (both in a good and bad way) to walk in between the two soldiers on horses and watch them come to life.

  7. Carter says:

    1. My love for Disney is supercalafragalisticexpealidocious! I first went to Disney World just before I turned 5 and we are planning to go on our fourth trip next year. I like going to the parks best but I also like the movies and books and toys. I also like pin trading which I started on my last trip.

    2a. I would say, “I am a DHI – half hologram, half human. We’re trying to defend the parks from the villians. And see this scar on my knee…I got it once on the Small World ride when a doll scratched me while we were looking for clues to see how to defeat the overtakers.”

    3. I’d want to be in the Mexico pavillion. My family loves the atmosphere there and The Three Cabelleros boat ride is my all-time favorite! I’d ride it over and over and over and over again.

    I have a question: What if Philby was recruited by the Overtakers? Would they use his knowledge of computers for their advantage?

  8. Jen Tremley says:

    1. On page 43, Finn describes his mother as a “huge fan of everything Disney.” How do you describe your level of affection for Disney? What do you say when people say, “you are going to Disney AGAIN?!?” I would describe my level of affection for DIsney as the highest RED ALERT. I eat, breath, sleep, & live Disney. I just love it. I always have loved it since our family’s first trip to Walt Disney World in 1986 and from then on, I need to visit my “happy magical place” at least once a year. I tell people when they ask me How can you keep going back there, that this is the only place in this world where I am truly at my most happiest. Nothing else matters when I am there. Its all about having fun and enjoying every little bit that Disney has to offer you.

    2. Kingdom Keepers is told from the perspective of the young adult Kingdom Keepers, though the parents are part of the story as well. This question is divided into two parts–please select the one that best applies to you:

    a. For our younger readers (those who are still “officially” kids): Imagine YOU were a Kingdom Keeper. How would you explain this job to your parents?

    b. For our older readers (those who are “kids at heart”): Imagine you were the parent of a child who just announced she/he was a Kingdom Keeper. What would your reaction be? I would be excited & thrilled to know that my kid was a Kingdom Keeper and could experience the Walt Disney Parks like no one else could.

    3. Much of the second chapter is set at EPCOT at night. In particular, Ridley Pearson places the characters in the Norway pavilion at night. If you had the chance to go into ANY attraction at EPCOT after park hours, which would you choose and why? I would choose Spaceship Earth. I would love to be in there and be able to experience the different sets and really look at all the details, as well as say I was inside there walking around when the park was closed and the ride wasn’t running. For my 2nd choice I would the Journey into Your Imagination pavillion as I would want to wander upstairs to the 2nd level and see what is left of the old Image Works.

  9. Mark Vitek says:

    1. Does Uber-Ultra-Geek-Nerd-Fanboy-Nut say enough? ;-D

    2.b. (or not 2.b.) I’d want to be able to join in; in order to be there to keep my child safe.

    3. I’d want to be in Canada. That way I could raid Le Cellier overnight. 😀


  10. Tina says:

    1. I’m a huge Disney fan. I love everything Disney. When people say “you’re going to Disney again” I say yep. I can’t get enough and I never get tired.

    2b. I don’t have children, but if I did, I would probably be proud that my child was a Kingdom Keeper and on a mission to save the parks.

    3. I would have to say Mexico . . . I love the area. It’s dark with lots of places to hide if you’re a Keeper (i.e. the boat ride through Mexico).

    I love the Kingdom Keeper series. I’m hanging onto every word. I read the first book and my husband couldn’t believe how quickly I finished the book.

  11. lisa_stith says:

    1. I think about 90% of my house/decorations are Disney. I painted huge murals in both of my kids’ rooms of different places in Disney. We have Hidden Mickeys and everything! I teach 1st grade, and everything in my classroom is Disney. We have Mickey balloons hanging above their teams, their name tags, bulletin boards, everything is Disney…even our behavior system. 🙂 My first trip to WDW was when I was 5 months old and we don’t live far away so I grew up loving Disney. For me it’s a magical place full of memories that my husband and I now pass on to our kids. We also honeymooned there. 🙂 I can totally relate to Finn’s mom not only in her love of Disney, but in her concern for her son and his safety.

  12. erin says:

    1. Pretty much everyone knows me as a super Disney geek so when they hear that I’m going to the world again, they just say “of course!” But, for those few that question my destination choice, I mainly just say “yep! I love it there!!!”

    2. I do not have children of my own but when I read this question I immediately knew that would ask them if I could join!!!

    3. This is a hard one!! I really like the comment about The Land so you can have a midnight snack! But I think I would choose Morocco. There are lots of great places to hide if need be and you still have a great view of the park in case you have to watch out for any CTDs.

    ***QUESTION: What ride in epcot would you be most afraid of if it came to life?***

  13. Lindsay Murray says:

    ***QUESTION: What ride in epcot would you be most afraid of if it came to life?***

    DEFINITELY Maelstrom! Trolls coming alive at night? No thank you!

  14. Peter Z. says:

    I am loving this book!! I can’t stop reading it! 🙂

    1) My affection for Disney is unlimited! Disney is seen in my life almost every day, whether its podcasts (especially yours Lou), books (kingdom Keepers), and having disney parks memorabilia. People think I am bit crazy, but not everyone is 100% sane. It doesn’t matter if someone says that I go to Disneyland too much because all that matters is that its a interest and that it does not take over my life (which it doesn’t at all). I love the Haunted Mansion and I can’t get enough of it. I will always be a big a Disney fan.

    2) Since I am almost 20 and not a younger teen, I am going with the second option. If I had a child that became a Kingdom Keeper, I would support them and love them same as if they weren’t a Kingdom Keeper because they will always be my child and it is something they love. I will back them up when they need help, I will ensure their safety, and I will stay with them all the way.

    3) Since I have not visited Epcot too much, I have to go with the pavillion I liked the first time I went to Epcot: Germany. I would like to go backstage around the village setting of Germany because I like the details and I would like to play with the train set in one of the shops all day. I would like to be in the Biergarten singing songs and just having a good time. Epcot is a gathering type of theme park and I would like to be with other friends during the after hours at Epcot.

    And to answer Lindsay’s question: I would be afraid of Malestrom because of the trolls, vikings, and creatures attacking you. I would be really scared!

    Anyways, I enjoy doing these discussions and I am looking forward to more. Keep up the great work WDW Radio crew and Lou!

  15. Kim says:

    1. On page 43, Finn describes his mother as a “huge fan of everything Disney.” How do you describe your level of affection for Disney? What do you say when people say, “you are going to Disney AGAIN?!?”:

    Well I just started going to disney again, but I LOVE DISNEY!!!!!

    2. Kingdom Keepers is told from the perspective of the young adult Kingdom Keepers, though the parents are part of the story as well. This question is divided into two parts–please select the one that best applies to you:

    a. For our younger readers (those who are still “officially” kids): Imagine YOU were a Kingdom Keeper. How would you explain this job to your parents?

    Ohhhhhh umm this is a hard one…… I could have twisted the truth a little bit but my mother most likely wouldn’t beleve it unless if she saw it, but most likely, I would tell her flat out about the side effects of becoming a DHI, And just try to convince her I am not lying…..

    b. For our older readers (those who are “kids at heart”): Imagine you were the parent of a child who just announced she/he was a Kingdom Keeper. What would your reaction be?

    3. Much of the second chapter is set at EPCOT at night. In particular, Ridley Pearson places the characters in the Norway pavilion at night. If you had the chance to go into ANY attraction at EPCOT after park hours, which would you choose and why?

    probrably I would like to go into like the land and go wander the gardens of living with the land……

  16. Kim says:

    ohhh sorry Erin ummm, probrably the nemo ride…… the over takers could break the tanks and you could almost drown like in the first one( Idk if im not soposed to post again or mention any of the other books {I am completely obssessed with this seiries} but I am just going to do it anyways, correct me if I am wrong please) or mission: space, because I am not sure if they could do what they did to the cyberspace mountain because its a simulator……….

  17. Scott says:

    1. I actually was one of those asking this question at one point. I grew up going to Cedar Point and am a big fan of roller coasters. My wife and in laws are really the Disney fanatics. FANS OF ALL THAT DISNEY.
    2 b. Not sure how I would react. I am pretty protective of my 6 kids. Mostly I would want to help them accomplish whatever they set their minds to do. They are all big Disney Fanatics.
    3. My favorite attractions at EPCOT are “The Living Seas,” and Spaceship Earth. so if I was to get to see one after hours I would pick them.

  18. Wendy says:

    Wow this book is really picking up – I was lukewarm about it after the first chapter but now it’s hard to put down.

    1. Ha, that’s funny because I think Finn’s mom is the character I most identify with! I think I’m definitely the biggest fan of Disney I know in my “real life” but since the advent of the internet, I realized I’m not that extreme compared to some. It’s definitely my favorite hobby but I try to keep it under control too. A lot of people just don’t get why I’d want to go to Disney again but I generally don’t engage them in a debate.


    b. That would freak me out. I mean, on the one hand it would be a great honor, but on the other, who really wants your kids to be constantly put in danger?

    3. I think the Living Sea would be interesting at night.

  19. Wendy says:

    @ Lindsay – You go for converting Disney fans! I’ve been working on my husband for 8 years but I’d say he hasn’t quite crossed the line yet!

    @Carter – Yeah if Philby goes to the “dark side” I think the KK would be in deep trouble.

    @ Erin – Probably Ellen’s Energy Adventure – I mean the dinosaurs??

  20. Shamus says:

    1. well, i am a Huge fan of everything disney, except for Stich’s great excape lol. Since it feels like I live at the North Pole I’ve only been to Disey 15, but I usaully watch every single disney move when I’m not there.
    a.Uh, well I guess I would have to tell the truth, or I could be grounded for life.
    3.Other thatn going into Le Cellier and eat all of thier steak, but since that’s not an a attraction, I would go into innoventions or Test Track.

  21. sherri says:

    1. I am definately a fan of all things Disney. Groing up, I loved Disney movies. The Little Mermaid came out when I was in high school and I was obsessed. I didn’t get to go to Disney world until i was 24, but immediately fell in love with it. I have definately brainwashed…I mean shared my love of Disney with my kids. We only get to go to Disney world every few years for financial reasons, but I would go much more if I could. My best friend is one who does not get the Disney thing. Last summer she went to Orlando, to the other parks. She did not go to Disney because she said her 15 year old son was to old for Disney. She came back compaining about how bad of a time she had because those parks were so miserable and unorganized. Imagine that. I don’t debate with her, she just dosn’t get it.

    2. I would, as a parent, be thrilled on one hand for my children to be asked to be kingdom keepers. What an honor and an opportunity. On the other hand, I would hate to see their love for Disney become a chore. I would be worried that the job would make them resent or tire of Disney. I would also worry that some fo the magic would be gone for them.

    3. there are so many places that would be cool to go to in Epcot at night.I asked my husband this and he said Germany. I think that might have something to do with the food and beer. I think italy and the UK would be beautiful and so neat to explore at night. Also, innoventions. I never really take to time to explore the attractions in there during the day. It would be fun to play all night without crowds and would keep me entertained all night.

  22. Anthony says:

    1. Of course, I LOVEEEE Disney!! When I tell people I’m going to Disney again, they roll their eyes and laugh. But hey, no glares will ever stop me from visiting Disney. 🙂

    2. I just say, “Hey mom, guess what! When I go to sleep, I wake up in the Magic Kingdom and fight the Disney villians!” Like Finn’s mother, she would probably not believe me or laugh. To make her believe me, I would cross over into my DHI state and show her everything that is going on. But I would try to keep it a secret as long as possible. Once parents get involved, things get complicated (a.k.a Philby’s mom and Willa’s mom).

    3. Hmmm. Probably Spaceship Earth. Being able to walk through that amazing attraction at night would be so awesome!

  23. Amanda says:

    1. I LOVE DISNEY! My parents took me for the first time when i was 2. When we returned my mom put our pictures in a picture book and i would pull it out and look at it 10 times a day. They should have known then a monster was being created. I read anything and everything I can to learn about Disney. I have even had people call me while they were in Disney asking for suggestions when it started raining. I was surprised when I met my husband and he was just as big a Disney fan as I was. I never thought I would find that kind of man. Our house is covered in Disney pictures (we even have a picture of just our hotel, Wilderness Lodge, because its our favorite place), Disney figurines (large and small), and Disney pins. Both sets of our parents say they can’t believe we are going again (Dec 11th YEAH!) and we just say it’s our Laughin Place!

    2B. My reaction to my child would be “NO WAY! You get to go into the parks when no one else is there!” I would be worried as well of course but that would be my first reaction.

    3. Would the ride be running as usual or would all the lights be on?
    If the ride was running as usual I would want to ride Soarin all by myself. If the lights would be on so you could see all the inner workings I would want to go in Spaceship Earth and see what the stars and earth part is like.

    *EXTRA QUESTION* Norway and Ellen would be scary but it was also pretty scary when they got trapped on Test Track. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in the heat or freezing cold.

  24. Caroline says:

    Hi Everyone! Hope you have all had a good week!

    1. I would definitely say I am also a “huge fan of everything Disney” – I love the parks particularly, but also love Disney movies, the Disney Channel, and anything else Disney!
    2.b To be honest, I think I would be skeptical to start with, as I would be unsure about how the technology actually works, especially with going into the parks whilst asleep, but once I understood I think I would think it was really exciting. I would love to be able to be in the parks on my own at night!
    3. I would love to be in Test Track, mainly because of the loop outside – it would be so much fun to be on that at night and to be able to ride over and over again! Although those crash test dummies would be scary if they came to life!

    ***QUESTION: What ride in epcot would you be most afraid of if it came to life?*** Ellen’s Energy Adventure – the Dinosaurs would be really frightening if they came to life!!!!

  25. Heather says:

    1) I am also a huge fan of disney! I dreamed of working there as a little kid, and it did come true in 2009 when I worked at Le Cellier representing my country. While working there I met my finace, and he also did propose there the week before the wdw radio cruise. DIsneyworld contains alot of my favourite memories. If I could go there every night and watch the fireworks I would.

    2) B. A tad on the disbelief side. However I would be so happy if they were chosen to be a Hologram host. I would worry alot about them while in the parks at night. I would want to have the technology make me one as well so I could keep an eye out on them.

    3) I am a very lucky person. I have been able to walk through Epcot at night after everyone has gone home. My favourite part is walking up the pathway from Le Cellier to the rest of World Showcase. The sound of the waterfall, the music, it is amazing. I have lots of memories skipping up the pathway after finishing my shift.

    EXTRA QUESTION : I would be most scared of would be norway. Trolls, scary viking, and polar bears, oh my!

  26. Brian says:

    1) When people tell me how they travel to this country or that country all over the world and that I should too, I tell them, when I want to see other countries, I go to EPCOT. Everything I need to see is there!! I love any and all things Disney – Movies, Books, Games, Broadway Shows, Cruises, Parks, and COLLECTIBLES!

    2) If my kid was one of the Kingdom Keepers, I would ground her immediately – until she let me in the group!!

    3) Epcot at night? I would want to be at Norway at night. It’s one of my favorite pavillions and one of my favorite rides. Walking through it would be soo spooky!! I would also consider going through Journey Into Imagination and restoring it back to its original version with Dreamfinder.

  27. Adriana says:

    1) I am definitely a HUGE fan of everything Disney, the parks of course, but movies, books, history – anything! I do get that eye roll sometimes and don’t you ever get tired of going to WDW? Never! I say! I also tell those people there is always something new, besides that fact even thought I’ve been so many times and go so often – I still have not been able to do everything WDW has to offer.
    As to if I’ve ever converted anyone into more than a casual Disney fan? I think so, I definitely would say my husband – as someone who never went to WDW before our Honeymoon and now having been multiple times I’d say he understands – and never complains- he actually looks forward to going (almost) as much as I do. (Though I think when we were dating he thought I was completely weird when I made him take me to see Mulan on one of our first few dates) My brothers too, have been converted – they are constantly asking me when they can come with us again to WDW.
    Not to mention installing the love of the parks and all things Disney in my girls (9 & 5).

    2. As a mother I think I would be like Flynn’s mother. You are nervous for your child, their safety is always your top priority. But I would understand keeping the Magic alive etc. I would hope that I could help out the way that she does and support the keepers efforts. Though seeing my child in the “syndrome” would definitely be difficult!

    3. EPCOT has so many great places and attractions it’s hard to choose, so much time can be spent there during the day it would be amazing to explore anything at night. But if I had to choose 1 attraction – I think I would love to wander around the inside of Spaceship Earth and explore it! I might need more than 1 night 😉

  28. Sara says:

    1. I hear that phrase everytime i go to disney, even if it’s a year from the last trip! My goal is to make it to all Disney parks, I’ve made it to the world, Disney Toyko and Disney Paris. Now that china has TWO parks…. it’ll be a challenge!!

    2. b. nervous… theres no way i’d be excited about putting my child in harms way. especially when they could die when they are a hologram…

    3. Wow what a great question!! Probably the Tower of Terror.The lobby alone has so much detail i could easily spend a couple hours exploring it. And if it were a operational hotel… it would take a week for me to leave 🙂

  29. Sara says:

    whoops i missed the AT EPCOT part LOL!!

    probably the mexico pavilion? There is a lot going on in that dark comfy space 🙂