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Greetings to our wonderful Box People!!  As promised, we have put together a little trivia challenge for you about the events that took place “in the box” during the 40 Hour Show! It was an action-packed two days, and so much happened!  Did you catch it all?  This challenge will find out!

Thanks to Beci and her amazing team at Mouse Fan Travel, we have an amazing prize for TWO winners of this contest: each will win a 6 day stay to Walt Disney World!!*

So, here are the details:  there are 40 questions below.  Review the questions and email your answers by 10 PM EDT Saturday October 8 to contest@wdwradio.com Your answers MUST BE numbered and IN ORDER.  Please DO NOT write in complete sentences—just record the answer next to the appropriate number.

Be sure to include your full name and a phone number where you can be reached on Wednesday evening, in the event you are the winner.

All completed entries will be scored.  Those entries with the most answers correct will be placed into a random drawing to win a 6-day Walt Disney World Moderate Resort & Park Hopper Ticket package in value or regular season.*   A second winner will be drawn from all entries with at least 20 questions answered correctly.

The winners will be announced during the October 12 newscast.

Have fun and good luck!

40 Hour Show Trivia Questions

  1. What did Lou and the members of the WDW Radio Team distribute to guests as they waited for the gates of the Magic Kingdom to open on Saturday?
  2. To which Disney Legend did Lou speak in Cosmic Ray’s before the Castle ceremony?
  3. Phil Holmes, Vice President of the Magic Kingdom, spoke at the anniversary Castle ceremony.  At what attraction did he say he was working on opening day?
  4. Who drew a picture of Mickey Mouse on the anniversary Vinylmation that was auctioned off for the Dream Team auction?
  5. Where did the WDW Radio team have lunch on Saturday?
  6. What song did Lou sing to The Box during lunch on Saturday?
  7. Where was the WDW Radio 2:00 pm meet on Saturday?
  8. A WDW Radio listener presented Lou with what kind of dessert treat during the Saturday afternoon meet?
  9. What mode of Disney transportation did Lou and The Box take to travel between the Sunday morning meet and their next destination?
  10. At the Dole Whip meet in Adventureland, what did Lou order for himself?
  11. What type of collectible is Disney artist Noah best known for?
  12. At what restaurant did the WDW Radio Team eat dinner Saturday night?
  13. Where did Lou interview Hidden Mickey expert Steve Barrett during the 40-hour show?
  14. To Beci’s dismay, Lou re-visisted his DJ days on the car ride from Magic Kingdom to EPCOT.  What was the show tune Lou “sang” so well?
  15. What member of the Village People did Lou say he was?
  16. Tony made a series of t-shirts with Lou’s image on them.  In one, Lou’s head was on top of that of a vintage Disney character.  What character was it?
  17. What kind of gum was coveted by the team while at EPCOT?
  18. Where in EPCOT did Lou and members of the WDW Radio team meet while the Wine and Dine Half-Marathon was going on?
  19. What color are the WDW Radio Running Team race shirts?
  20. The owners of what company visited the WDW Radio team early Sunday morning?
  21. What did Deanna present to Lou before the team left the house Sunday morning?
  22. Where was the first WDW Radio meet on Sunday morning?
  23. A friend of WDW Radio presented the team with special cookies Sunday morning.  In what shape were the cookies?
  24. Who did Lou and WDW Radio friend Deb Wills say they would “roast” if she won the co-host auction?
  25. What did Lou show the members of the WDW Radio team doing in the bar next to Ariel’s?
  26. How did Lou transport the Box through the World Showcase on Sunday?
  27. In what World Showcase pavilion did Lou, Beci & other team members eat lunch on Sunday?
  28. Where did Lou meet Henry Work and the team from Touring Plans?
  29. Lou described a little-known Disney character who was featured in an auction item during the 40 Hour auction.  Who was that character?
  30. What is the “Dreamfinder’s” real name?
  31. What did The Dreamfinder show Lou and The Box behind the Imagination Pavilion?
  32. What expression did Lou use to refer to embarrassing or funny incidents that happened during the show?  (HINT: Complete the statement, “This is podcast ________.”)
  33. The theme song of this Oscar-winning movie was played during one of Lou’s infamous car rides.
  34. According to Deanna, what was the subject of the first book Lou had published?
  35. Beci presented Lou with a note at the end of the auction.  What did it say?
  36. How much money was raised by the Dream Team for the Make A Wish Foundation during the 40 hour auction?
  37. Name one attraction The Box people took a ride on during the 40-Hour show
  38. Where did Lou and the WDW Radio “Overnight Team” use as “home base” during (and after) the 40-hour show?
  39. What did the WDW Radio “Overnight Team” refer to as “AvatarLand?”
  40. What were the final two words Tony uttered during the 40 Hour Show broadcast?

Contest Timeline:

Thurs 10/6: Trivia questions published by 9am

Sat 10/8: All answers to the trivia contest due by 10 pm EDT to contest@WDWRadio.com

Wed 10/12: 2 winners will be announced during the newscast

*Valid for redemption most nights during the 2012 Value and Regular Seasons, based on availability. Recipient must be over 18 years of age and a resident of the US. The recipient will be asked to provide three acceptable travel start dates (travel must be completed by September 20, 2012) and moderate resort choices in order of preference no later than November 30, 2011.  Reservation will be confirmed by Disney within 14 business days. Documents will be resort pick up. This vacation package is nontransferable and nonrefundable. Once redeemed and the reservation confirmed, NO CHANGES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Other restrictions apply.



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