/ Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Each month, we will post a new photo from Walt Disney World and give YOU the chance to create your own funny or creative caption for a chance to win a prize!

Submit your caption using you first name and list initial (one per person, please) in the comments section below. Please limit captions to 200 characters or they can’t be considered for voting.

Caption entries will be accepted until November 15th at midnight EST. We will then pick up to 20 entries and then put them to a vote. The winner will receive a prize from the WDW Radio “prize closet.”



19 thoughts on “November’s Walt Disney World Photo Caption Contest 2011”

  1. James K says:

    We’ve been trying to get those keys from that mutt for nearly 50years, I think we need a new plan.

  2. Michelle Tate says:

    And that’s for making me say sausages!

  3. Jen L. says:


  4. Sam Fritz says:

    We’ve been stuck inthis prison since 1973 JUST GIVE US THE DARN KEY. We can pay you in bones and dole whips.

  5. Dave B says:

    What those guys don’t know is that I would have handed the keys over awhile ago had they offered me a McRib.

  6. Herbie K says:

    I bet he’d come over for some rum!… Why is the rum always gone!??!?!

  7. Zac Brown says:

    I’ll trade you a Fastpass for those keys

  8. “You keep doing that and the dog is never gonna give the keys”

  9. David M. says:

    Come here you filthy, slimy, mangy cat. Help us box people get out!

  10. Phil says:

    I would come if I weren’t glued to the floor…

  11. Brian L. says:

    You’re just angry you weren’t cast in Air Bud, or Air Bud 2!
    … or 3, 4, 5, 6…

  12. Paul C says:

    Where’s Cesar Millan when you need him?

  13. (Dog Thoughts) “As soon as all these boats pass, I’ll give them this key…too bad it opens my treats chest and not their cell!”

  14. Christina D says:

    I’ll trade you this phone with Angry Birds for those keys. Do we have an accord?

  15. Christian M. says:

    Ok let’s make a fail trade! you give us the key’s and we’ll take you to Disney world!

  16. Chris says:

    If they would only say please……

  17. Jen Tremley says:

    We have been stuck in here since 1973, oh please, oh please, will you just set us free?

  18. David H says:

    “Stupid humans, little do they know these keys are to my dog house!”

  19. Austin S says:

    I’m getting dog-tired of holding this bone out here for the last thirty years!