/ Monday, November 14th, 2011

‘Tis the season of gratitude, and I can assure you wholeheartedly that all our blog readers are sooo appreciated.  Your support and input inspire us to keep bringing you the Disney magic each day.

In our next edition of “Going Disney,” we are looking to the children, ‘tweens and teens of the WDW Radio family to bring the spirit of Disney and gratitude to their Thanksgiving celebrations.   We are leaving the rules wide open: we want to see how the 18 and under set can incorporate the Disney spirit into their family’s Thanksgiving celebrations and document it for us.

Perhaps you can create a Disney-inspired thankfulness wreath.  Or maybe there are Disney-themed napkin rings and place cards that you can create for the family?  How about a centerpiece for the table that demonstrates the Disney spirit?  These are not the only options–be as creative as you can and document your efforts!  Send us a description of what you did, along with no more than three pictures.

PARENTS! Please note that all entries must be sent from your email account, and you must indicate your approval for your child to enter.  No last names will be published.  If you choose to send pictures with your child’s image in them, please be aware that these pictures will be published on the Internet.  Entries should be sent to Christy@WDWRadio.com

Entries will be accepted through Sunday November 27 at 10:00pm EST.   Voting will then take place the following week.

For those who are wondering… oh yes: a Christmas theme is planned for December’s contest…  and while you have to check back for the specifics, rest assured that ornaments will be involved!