/ Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

The WDW Radio Blog has grown to be a source of information, commentary, and fun on all aspects of Disney.  We have a great team of devoted and talented writers who share their passion for Disney on a regular basis; from spouses of the Disney addicted, to advice for teens in Disney, to planning for a runDisney event, we have information on many aspects of the Disney community.

To celebrate the 2000th post on the blog, we would like to announce an “enhancement”:  The WDW Radio Blog Calendar.  Starting next week, we will begin a series of regular features that will involve YOU even more directly in the process of being an integral part of this dynamic community.  In addition to our strong line-up of blog from our feature writers, we will now include the new pieces listed below:


  • What’s Your Favorite?  This will be a question posed to YOU about your favorite things related to all things Disney!  You never know what we might ask!


  • Kids Day!  Blogs written by and devoted to Disney fans under the age of 18


  • Thumbs Up or Down: We will propose a change or modification to a Disney attraction or park, and you will “vote” on whether you approve of the idea.
  • Disney Product Reviews: Have you found a new Disney game, food item, or clothing that you want to share with the community?  You can join us by sending in reviews to be featured here.


  • The Disney Dilemma: A situation-based blog, this piece will propose a Disney problem a guest might face, and YOU will be asked to solve the problem.
  • Disney Vintage Pictures


  • Which would you rather? A fun choice between two Disney classic activities.
  • Disney “To Do”–At Home Disney projects for the weekend, send in pictures of your finished products, which will be featured on the blog each week!

We hope you will enjoy these new regular features, in addition to the wonderful pieces we have from our amazing team of feature writers, whose tireless and enthusiastic support have made this blog such an engaging place to keep up with the latest in all things Disney!  THANK YOU to our amazing team–we look forward to the next 2000 blogs and to involving our supportive community of readers and listeners in making the blog an interactive place to exchange ideas and information.

As the man who made this all possible would say, we keep moving forward!!!  Thanks, Lou!!!  😀



1 thought on “WDW Radio Blog Calendar–and our 2000th Post!”

  1. Leslie says:

    Very exciting! I can’t wait!