/ Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

by Makena W.

Disney trips are the best, filled with surprises and memories.  Walt Disney World has many attractions, but maybe there are some ideas you have not tried yet. Here are tips to spice up your vacation to Walt Disney World and maybe even help create memories for somebody else.  As you’re reading these, you might think, “There’s no way I’m doing that.  Too embarrassing.”  Remember, you’re on vacation and you will never see these people again!

1. Riding Big Thunder Mountain….with your eyes closed

Big Thunder Mountain (BTM) is a classic Disney ride for all ages. It may seem tame and boring to you ultimate thrill riders. But when you can’t see where you are going, those steep 5 foot drops seem like 25 feet!

2.  Trying to find a paintbrush on Tom Sawyer Island
Finding a Tom Sawyer Island paintbrush is an achievement unlike any other. If you find one, you get rewarded with fastpasses to either Splash or Big Thunder Mountain. This requires a mix of hawk-like eyes, timing, and luck- but getting on the first raft to Tom’s Island takes all of these! I found a paintbrush in August, and it was VERY well hidden!  Hint:  Don’t act like some of the adults on the raft who were plotting where they were going to look and in which direction to take with their companions.  Secret searches work best when kept secret! You can work all that stuff out in advance!

3. Overlapping Rod Serling’s Voice
If you have ever ridden Tower of Terror (ToT), you know that at the end of the creepy preshow, Rod Serling says, “And this elevator travels directly to . . . The Twilight Zone.” I remember my first time on ToT. I was listening to and watching the preshow intently with all the other guests when this part approached. When Rod Serling said” … The Twilight Zone” A girl screamed “THE GIFT SHOP!” This made my day and probably everybody else’s who heard this hilarious outburst.  I can’t condone it but it really was funny!

4. Screaming like a Girl in the Haunted Mansion (Perfect for teenage boys)

When I rode the Haunted Mansion in 2006, the one thing I remember most is the preshow in the stretching room. I used to think it was scary, until 2006. When Master Gracey states, “Well, there is always my way…” and the lights go out, a teenage boy (probably 17) screamed one of those teenage girl screams.  It had me laughing throughout the whole entire ride!

5. Screaming “George” 3 times on Pirates of the Caribbean or saying Goodnight to George
Here is a little history lesson for you all: An imagineer named George was building the Pirates of the Caribbean (PotC) ride when he had a tragic accident and fell to his death. All of a sudden, mysterious things started happening. Once the ride opened, an older woman approached a Cast Member on PotC, and asked  for a boat to herself. Cast Members found this suspicious, so they checked the on-ride cameras, and found her weeping and talking to somebody.  It turns out she was speaking to her son, George. Every day workers say “Good Morning” to George.  It is said that if they don’t do this, the ride would break down. Ask a castmember if you can say ”Goodnight” to George if you ride PotC late at night! Also, as the story goes, “something will happen” if you scream “George!” three times during the fire scene.

6. Watching DeVine
If you don’t know who DeVine is, she (or it) is a walking, voiceless person on stilts that blends in with the foliage in Animal Kingdom. Essentially, she is a living tree.  You can usually find her in Africa during the middle of the day. After you find her, don’t point her out, but instead sit on a bench that is close enough to DeVine that you can see her (but not too close). Watch as she scares other guest by opening her eyes!

7. Walking Down the Middle of Main Street USA
This song is from my childhood sing-along VHS (yeah, remember those?) Entertainers would sing this song as the main characters opened up the park.  This might require some coaxing for your parents to play along, but skip down the middle of Main Street (watch out for the trolley and photographers), hook arms with your family and start singing like you’ve never been happier. You will never see these people again after all (besides your family, of course!) When you get to the hub, turn around and look behind you. Many smiles will meet your eyes, and don’t be surprised if another family starts doing it too!

Thank you all for reading my blog post, and have fun on your next visit to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Also, I had the idea that each blog post I will alternate between a quote of the week and a “Where in Walt Disney World” picture from my family photo collection. This week I am going to do both as my holiday present to all of you.   So, where was this picture taken? Answer in the comment section below!

See ya real soon!
Quote of the Week: “Please do not cross the center crates! It is a fire hazard! If you cross those, you will trip and fall, I will point and laugh, and I will get FIRED!” -Jungle Cruise

Makena is a 13 year old middle school student who spends much of her free time researching Disney.  She enjoys sharing Disney facts and even plans Walt Disney World vacations (including searches for secrets and Hidden Mickeys) for friends and family.



6 thoughts on “WDW Radio Kids & Teens Day: Add more smiles to your Disney day!”

  1. Courtney says:


    I love your blog. The next time I go to Disney I will use your interesting tips! By the way is the picture above taken from a boat dock in Disney?

  2. Katie McNamara says:

    Or reaching forward and knocking on the doom buggy in front of you. You should really only do it if you know the person sitting in that doom buggy though!

  3. Makena says:

    Courtney-It’s on a dock…but where is the dock located?


  4. Katie McNamara says:

    or addendum to #3 – recite the whole stretching room spiel. Wow Im on a Haunted Mansion kick today and its not exactly my favorite ride.

    PS the knocking on the dooom buggy works best as youre “falling out of the attic”

  5. Mike says:

    The Jungle Cruise! X)

  6. Sarah M. says:

    Hi Makena! I love this post! I’ll definitely have to try the George thing when I go back to the “World” in January… And could the picture possibly be from the dock for the boat to Tom Sawyers Island?