/ Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Each month, we will post a new photo from Walt Disney World and give YOU the chance to create your own funny or creative caption for a chance to win a prize!

Submit your caption using you first name and list initial (one per person, please) in the comments section below. Please limit captions to 200 characters or they can’t be considered for voting.

Caption entries will be accepted until February 15th at midnight EST. We will then pick up to 20 entries and then put them to a vote. The winner will receive a prize from the WDW Radio “prize closet.”



25 thoughts on “February 2012 Walt Disney World Photo Caption Contest”

  1. Gary Verville says:

    Ten More Minutes, Mom!

  2. Justin Eckstein says:

    Justin P: I wish I could Blink!

  3. Zac Brown says:

    Stop monkeying around!! You’re holding up the line!!

  4. Travis Carlson says:

    Mom. MOM!!!! The line is short at Tower of Terror

  5. Happy says:

    You must act like this type of primate to go on this ride!

  6. Jim M. says:

    What do you mean by line jumping is not a sport?!

  7. Scott W says:

    Look, Lou brought snacks for everyone! That should make this line go faster!

  8. PEAK A BOO ….I SEE YOU!!! 8(:-D

  9. David H says:

    Why does this card keeping looking over my shoulder?

  10. michelle Tate Young says:

    Hey Hey Hey I’m a monkey!

  11. joey H says:

    Could someone hand me a towel?…

  12. Tony says:


  13. Nathan Mauldin says:

    Oh man the fast passes are always gone for this ride!

  14. Kendall Foreman says:

    Oh, oobee doo
    I wanna be like Lou, oo, oo
    I wanna post like Lou,
    Chat like Lou, too, oo, oo.
    You’ll see it’s true
    An ape like me
    Can learn to be human too.

  15. Kristi J says:

    Its Lou, it’s Lou!!!! Let’s play peek aboo!!!!

  16. Linda R says:

    I cant think of a better place to just hang around!!

  17. Christian S says:

    Hey! Have you seen my barrel?

  18. Edvado says:

    “Well HelOOOOO! Welcome to Toy Story Mania!”

  19. jacklyn receno says:

    my disney smile :3

  20. Liz says:

    How many in your party? A barrell! Ok, 6 in row one and 6 in row two!!

  21. Jeanette B. says:

    Follow Me, I Know A Shortcut!!!

  22. David konowalow says:

    Is that a new barrel Andy’s got in his hands? im gonna go bannanas!

  23. J.D. says:

    I’m the monkey on your back!

  24. I can’t figure out why I freeze when humans are around and why that kid keeps trying to put me in a barrel.

  25. Suzanne M says:

    Monkey around all you like… We are at Disney World!