/ Monday, January 23rd, 2012

For many of us in the northern half of the US, this weekend has been one filled with bitter cold and varying amounts of snow.  Knowing that our favorite magical destination enjoyed sun and nearly 80 degree temperatures didn’t help matters, either!  🙂

Disney isn’t ALWAYS a warm destination, though.  Those who ran the 2011 marathon in the SNOW know that to be true.  In light of this week’s weather, we thought then we would turn our thoughts to how to get warm on those occasions when it is, in fact, cold and dreary in WDW.

So, here we go: What is your favorite… place to warm up when you are chilled to the bone in the Disney Parks?

Lou: “When it is cold in the parks, I like to duck into the bakery for a coffee and a nosh.  Alternatively, I like to jump on the monorail and head to a resort lounge!”

What do YOU do to stay warm when it is cold in Disney?  Post your ideas in the comments section below.



9 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite….. Way to Get Warm in Walt Disney World?”

  1. Ray Kastner says:

    Being from Wisconsin…the coldest day in WDW is much warmer than average winter day in Wisconsin, so sweatshirt or a good jacket is enough. As far as finding a warm place in the Magic Kingdom…Mickey’s Philharmagic is a good choice because it’s indoors and fairly long show, for Epcot either Soarin’ because of the long queue wait or the American Adventure, being sure to check out the Voices of Liberty Pre-Show. For Animal Kingdom slip into any of the shops or head for It’s Tough to be a Bug for an indoor show. For DHS, do some shopping or go for the Great Movie Ride.

  2. Tony says:

    I’d take a boat ride to the wilderness lodge and curl up by the nice warm fire

  3. Dave Dominie says:

    Hot chocolate and cheesecake at Main Street Bakery.

  4. Katie M says:

    Front row of Illuminations or Fantasmic 🙂

  5. Michelle Tate Young says:

    Dole Whip is the answer to any question that can be answered with a food group.

  6. Kathy J says:

    A nice warm meal at La Hacienda. That warms the heart and soul ; )

  7. candra says:

    I love warming up with a book at AKL near the firepit in the lobby.

  8. Christine Tilley says:

    Hot cocoa from Main Street Bakery and my husbands arm around me as we walk down Main Street.

  9. We discovered this a couple of years ago on an unseaonably cold (read: freezing) day in early January: a hot drink at the Ale & Compass Lounge at the Yacht Club. It is a very cozy space and the bartenders are wonderful. It even has a fireplace!

    A close second: anywhere inside Wilderness Lodge.