/ Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

by: Chandler Witzigreuter

Editor’s Note: Chandler is writing a series on the process of applying to, interviewing for, and participating in the Disney College Program.  For her earlier posts, please check: Why Does One Apply?  and The Application Process.

          After waiting and waiting, I finally got accepted! As soon as I was accepted, I was making lists of things that I thought I would need. I wanted to start packing that moment and start buying everything, I was accepted in November, so it was a bit early to start packing! Before I got too settled with my list, I talk to some alumni to see what they brought with them when they did the program and I also googled “Disney College Program Packing List.” Everything had the basics like clothes: both casual and business style (for classes), shoes, bedding: sheets, pillows, and etcetera. But every once in a while I would see something different that I wouldn’t think of, like hangers! So I put those on my list. I also made sure that I had at least two or three pairs of dress slacks and three or four blouses to wear for my classes.

Finally, it was January and I decided I could start setting things aside to pack and buying some things. I bought three pairs of dress slacks and like five or six blouses for my classes and trainings. I started to set aside my small appliances like my waffle maker and a coffee maker to take down, as well as my small electric grill.

The hardest part of packing for such an extended period of time like I am for the Disney College Program, is how do you pack enough for six or more months without over packing? I feel like I have done a good job with packing, but I also know that I overpacked. For me, picking out which shirts, shoes, and movies I want more for Florida was really hard.  I actually ended up packing a little too much, but it will be fine!

I suggest making a list of what you want to bring and what you think you can leave at home.  Then every so often go over your list and check off and add things, then when your check-in date gets closer start packing! Here is a sample of what my list looked like:


  • •hangers (you will need lots of these)
  • •fan (sometimes the rooms get a little warm)
  • •bedding
    • •comforter
    • •sheets
    • •pillows/pillow cases
    • •foam mattress pad (definitely need this!!)
    • •food containers
    • •white board
    • •shower curtain (supplied, but a good idea to bring)
    • •floor mat
    • •towels
    • •storage containers
    • •router
    • •alarm clock
    • •lunchbox
    • •laundry basket
    • •lamp
    • •coffee maker
    • •small trash cans
    • •lock
    • •cups
    • •toaster
    • •clothes
      • •warm weather
        • •shorts
        • •tanks
        • •short sleeves
  • •cool weather (even though you are going to Florida it does get cold)
    • •jeans
    • •pants
    • •long sleeves
    • •sweaters
  • •dress
    • •skirts
    • •dress pants
    • •sweaters
    • •blouses
    • •dress
    • •suit
    • •capris
  • •bathing suit
  • •underwear
  • •pajamas
  • •sunglasses/ other accessories
  • •shoes
    • •tennis shoes
    • •flip flops
    • •flats
    • •dock siders
    • •other

I hope you enjoyed and this was helpful! My next entry will be all about the check-in process, and moving in!!

Chandler Witzigreuter is a 19 year old from Fort Wayne, IN, who has been obsessed with all things Disney ever since she was very young. She is now participating in the Disney College Program Spring Advantage Session, which started  started earlier this month.  You can follow her journeys through the Disney College Program here, or on my Tumblr: chandlerswdwcpadventures.tumblr.com