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Welcome back, friends, as we once again tackle a food-related question (won’t Lou be proud of us?)  This time, we are considering a great question: how can one use those snack credits to bring The Magic home?  Our esteemed and amazing panel members have weighed in… let us know whose advice you agree with–or if you have another idea!

Here is our new question:  “Hi, Lou!  Boy do I have the question for you & Beci!  I prefer to get the quick service dining plan when I go to Disney world, but it’s not always easy for me to use all the snack credits on, well, snacks! Instead of wasting them sometimes I’d get a bottle of water but I’m really looking to get the most bang for my buck. I was wondering what you guys thought was the best ‘snack’ you could get that you could also take home and enjoy later (lollipop?). Also please no liquids, the TSA frowns upon that… Maybe even something that could be given as a gift after my return (Minnie’s bakeshop?)  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.  Keep up the great work! See ya!
Sara from Michigan”

Jim, The Chairman:  “This is a short and easy one…[you need to visit] two places: The Main Street Bakery and Main Street Confectionery. You should be able to find enough there that you can use up all of your remaining snack credits and fill all of the empty space in your suitcases to take home.”

MB, The Money Minder: “For take-home snacks and/or gifts, I would suggest anything from one of the beautiful bakeries or candy shops around the world.  My favorites of these are on Main Street in the MK and on Hollywood Blvd. in DHS.  Perhaps a beautiful candy apple or a decorated chocolate dipped pretzel stick.  Nothing compares to those Mickey-shaped rice crispy treats!  With a smile and a polite request to the cast member, you can get these wrapped to travel and they all make great gifts or treats for later!”

JJ, The Teen: “With the Dining Plan, the snacks available typically are not the easiest to take home with you. Some snacks that you may travel well include brownies or cookies found throughout the Parks.

Though not on the Dining Plan, if I wanted to bring home a Disney treat and/or give as a gift, I’d head straight to the Confectionary on Main Street, where different kinds of candies and sweets can be found; from candy apples to assorted chocolates to many different kinds of cookies.”

Darby, the Disneyland Expert: “That’s relatively easy:  any treat you find at Pooh’s Corner. It’s a relatively quiet section of Disneyland and not visited yet they have some of the BEST dessert treats in the whole park. Of course you can find them at any sweets or bakery in the Disneyland Resort, but I personally like Pooh’s Corner because it’s hardly ever crowded, you have more time to mingle (or stand confused and drooling trying to decide what you want like I do) and interact with the cast members and they still have a most delectable variety of sweets and confections to choose from. Best of all, they also have a viewing area so you can watch cast members actually make the treats you are about to buy! How awesome is that??? =)”

Leslie, the Super Mom:  “Sara, what a fun question!  I always seem to have snack credits left, too, and one of my favorite things to take home are Mickey-shaped rice krispy treats.  They’re always available, often have some seasonal flair to them, and they travel well.  They’re super light-weight, and if you restrain yourself and avoid the ones that have been dipped in chocolate, you don’t have to worry about melting.”

Brian, the Timekeeper: “The dining plan does include a LOT of food!   I completely understand where you’d want to bring some home.  I have a few suggestions:  Cinnamon Roll from Main Street Confectionery, Beignets from Port Orleans French Quarter, Caramel Apples (all over), and School Bread from Norway pavilion at EPCOT.  I am now hungry after typing these… so if you are looking for a place to send the gift of great Disney snacks…… j/k.  Enjoy your next trip to the World!”

Emma, the International Traveler:  “I can’t get enough of snacks whilst I’m in Walt Disney World! I strictly follow the theory that calories don’t exist whilst on vacation 😉 My favourite ‘take home’ snack from the World has to be Minnie’s Bake Shop cookies. We have cookies in the UK but NOTHING the size of these! I can’t even manage to finish one in one sitting, there’s so much chocolate and doughy goodness! Whether they are a treat for yourself or brought home for a friend these cookies will be adored by anyone with a sweet tooth, and because they’re individually wrapped, they travel well…just make sure they don’t take you over your luggage weight limit!

So, what do YOU think?  Do YOU have a snack you sneak away into the suitcase home as a way of savoring The Magic a bit longer?  Tell us about it in the comments section below!



2 thoughts on “WDW Radio Exchange… Disney Snacks to Bring Home”

  1. Ian says:

    An awesome place to use up snacks is Staring Rolls in DHS! They have the BEST sweet treats in that park. Also if you find your self in MK head on over to the Mainstreet Bakery,or my personal favorite the Aloha Pineapple Stand in Adventureland. A Dole Whip is the best thing on a hot Florida day. Hope this helps! Happy Eating!

  2. erin says:

    I always like to buy a bunch of Mickey Mouse Krispie Treats!!