/ Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

by Jessica S.

Disney Cruise Line 101 for Kids & Teens

1)    Youth Clubs – I think that first thing that kids and teens should know are about the youth clubs, these clubs are awesome! I am 13 years old which means I am in ‘Edge, they also have the Oceaneer’s Club and Lab and the Vibe. The reason that I love going to these clubs are because of the amount of activities there are to do, I have been in Oceaneer’s Club, Oceaneer’s Lab and Edge, and each time I love it even more. The planned activities are so much fun and I guarantee that you will find something you like. For example; the Oceaneer’s Club offers programs such as; ‘Hats off to Peter Pan,’ this particular activity has Peter Pan come in and you play games with him. Oceaneer’s Lab has ‘Kim Possible: Cruise Control’ this is a scavenger hunt around the ship, trying to save the boat and get us to Castaway Cay, Edge offers a Pool Party and Pajama Jam where you play games in the pool and then watch movies and play games in your pajamas. Last but not least, Vibe offers a program called ‘Ship Factor’ this is where you have to eat a bunch of different mixed up foods to win a challenge. I would suggest checking when these clubs open and close because it changes every day, it would also be a good idea to check where some activities are, sometimes they are on the sports deck, Studio Sea, etc. I literally spend my whole day in Edge when I’m on my cruise because there are so many activities and things to do. My favourite activity to do in Edge is Gender Wars, this is a competition between the boys and girls, the girls get asked boy questions and the boys get asked girl questions, I love this activity and others like this because the counsellors make it so much fun! These clubs on the Dream are so much fun! The first day of the Dream I spent 3 hours in the Oceaneer’s Club and Lab because they had so much to do and so much to see! I loved the Monsters Inc. room and Andy’s Room! I strongly suggest checking these clubs out.

2)    Pirate Night – I love this night and I’m pretty sure that every kid likes it to, Pirate Night is a night where there is a deck party, buffet, game shows, character meet and greets, + more! All of the youth clubs offer programs all night that have to do with pirates; they have game shows, trivia, movies, parties, etc. The deck party happens on deck 9 ad lasts for around 2 hours, it includes characters, dancing, singing, and the best part; fireworks! They also have a buffet with everything; Cake, fruit, turkey legs, cookies, chocolate, etc. The dinner on pirate night is also very themed to Pirate Night, the waiters dress up like pirates and each guest gets a pirate bandana. This is a very fun themed night for everyone!

3)    Mickey Mania – This is a game show for any age but it is so much fun! Eight people get chosen to play and they have to wear these funny hats and get a team name and colour. This is a game show about all things Disney; movies, theme parks, and characters. They usually show you a video of something and the first team to buzz in gets to answer first. Sometimes they show you a movie clip and you have to write down what happens next. I would recommend getting to the game show 10 minutes early because Studio Sea can fill up very quickly. The youth clubs also do these game shows where only that club is allowed to play. This game show is so much fun and I recommend it to anyone!

4)    Food – This one might sound a little funny but trust me, I go up and get food from Pluto’s Dog House and Pinocchio’s Pizzeria all the time! These are located on deck 9 and are usually open all day.  Pluto’s Dog House offers chicken fingers, hotdogs, hamburgers, tacos, chicken burgers and fries. The fries and chicken fingers are my favourite and I also love the hamburgers. Pinocchio’s Pizzeria obviously offers pizza but they usually have 5 or 6 selections. They always have Cheese, Pepperoni and Hawaiian, but they have daily specials every day, sometimes it is a 3 meat pizza, a nacho pizza etc. I absolutely love the pizza from here and on average have 3 slices a day, the slices are pretty small but you can get as many as you want. The pizza is always being made, so it is always fresh. Deck 9 also has a place called Goofy’s Galley, they have sandwiches, fruit, veggies, etc. Next to Goofy’s Galley is the ice-cream machine, they always have chocolate, vanilla and swirl ice-cream but they have a special flavour every day, like mango or banana. I would suggest checking what time they open and close because you don’t want to go all the way up to deck 9, just to find out that they have already closed. The Dream is a little different, instead of Pluto’s Dog House, Pinocchio’s Pizzeria, and Goofy’s Galley; they have Flo’s Café and Eye Scream. Flo’s Café has three places within it; Luigi’s Pizza, Doc’s Grill and Fillmore’s Favorites. Luigi’s Pizza obviously has pizza, Doc’s Grill has burgers, hotdogs, fries, etc. and Fillmore’s Favourites has fruits, sandwiches and salads. Eye Scream is the place where you can get ice cream, the theme for this one is Monsters Inc. and the theme for Flo’s Café is themed to ‘Cars’.

5)    Movie Theatre – The movie theatre aboard the Disney Magic is awesome! They usually have a movie showing every 2 hours and the movies are for all different ages, the movies are usually newer and sometimes the movies are still in theatres when they are showing. There is a cart outside the movie theatre that sells popcorn, candy, water, etc. and you can bring any kind of food into the theatre. My favourite time to go to a movie is at midnight because there is usually no one else in the theatre. The movie theatre on the Disney Dream is fantastic! I did not get a chance to watch a movie on the Dream, but I did get to see it. It’s huge and the seats are so comfortable and they have so much leg space! On the first day of the cruise you will receive a piece of paper that shows you all the movies and times that they are playing the whole week. I love going to the movie theatre!

I hope that you enjoyed reading my first official post; I look forward to sharing the rest of them with you!


Jessica is 13 years old and lives in Toronto, Canada. She has been going on Disney Cruises since the age of 5. So far she has been on 13 Disney Cruises which include; two transatlantic cruises (from Barcelona to Florida), two Christmas cruises and a Mexican Rivera cruise. She was also aboard the Maiden Voyage of the Disney Dream last January.  In April she will be going on the 15 day Disney Cruise to Hawaii.