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Editor’s Note: Please welcome to the WDW Radio blog Jeremy Morrison!  Jeremy is a Disneyphile from Toronto, Canada.   In the last 15 years he has been a chef,  food writer, and a Disney Cast Member.   He is the co-creator of a television show, and his daughter, Teagan .  He runs the start-up blog spinstheworld.com with his wife, Ashley.  Welcome, Jeremy!!


The 1980s were strange years for Disney.  Walt’s once mighty empire was failing.  The trademark animated and beautiful live action films were a thing of the past.  The theme park empire seemed old-fashioned and stale.

When Michael Eisner donned his golden Mouse ears as commander-in-cheif of Disney in 1984 his main goal was to re-establish Disney as a global powerhouse.  Eisner choose not to commission a new film.  Nor did he opt to build new attractions at the Parks.  Instead, Eisner focused the minds of his Imagineers on a greater epidemic facing the company – lunch.

  • A sandwich for all seasons…

For years, guests at Disney Parks suffered through the dated reign of cold-cuts slapped between a roll, or worse yet – bread.  The problems were endless.  Not a day would pass when a wily fleck of mustard would sneak out the illogically constructed food and land squarely on the diner’s wrist. This issue prompted the sandwich holder to put down their lunch and use a napkin.  Such a travesty.

It was 1988, the last few years of a decade of change, horrifying fashion and Flock-of-Seagulls.  No longer would  John Montagu’s contribution to the culinary landscape suffice.  It was time for a re-invention.

Cue our hero…

This, my friends, is the Handwich. A one-handed soft-bread cone filled with all your favorite fillings.  Ham and Cheese – Check.  Veggies – Check.  Over the years the Handwich evolved to hold tuna or chicken salad, even Texas-style BBQ.  From what has been written on this long-lost food, it had it’s flaws.  All the filling would be eaten in the first few nibbles, leaving the consumer nothing but bread during the latter part of their snack.  I imagine the downfall of this unique eat began the first time an over-zeolous child bit into a BBQ Handwich bottom first, prompting a lava-flow of sauce onto his face.  Makes you long for the day of mustard, no?

By the mid-1990s the mighty Handwich – the new-wave of food – was a memory.



Happy Eating, friends.



If you, or anyone you know has ever tried or has pictures of the Handwich, we want to hear from you.  Regale us with your tales at you.spin.the.world@gmail.com 




3 thoughts on “The Lost Walt Disney World Food Diary – The Handwich”

  1. Jackie says:

    I remember going to Epcot and getting a handwich at The Land. Loved it!

  2. Linda Raymond says:

    Welcome Jeremy—-I do remember the handwhich……think they should bring it back!!!!

  3. Bill says:

    Sounds like what they’ll be serving at the Kozy Kone Motel in Car’s Land