/ Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Happy Friday once again to our team of wish-we-coulda-been-maybe-someday Imagineers!!  We LOVED your thoughts about last week’s mysterious female statue holding two birds.  Some were able to connect her story to Mary Poppins or Snow White.  Others offered completely unique storylines for our maiden.  From Animal Kingdom to Magic Kingdom, she found many a place to rest her worried self.

This week, we have a picture that has a far different tone.  Please welcome….. this alligator…











Okay, so…..  tell us his STORY!  Here are some questions to consider:

1. Where in the Walt Disney World Resort does this guy call home?

2. What does he keep on his tray?  And why?

3. What’s with that look on his face?


Have fun, my fellow wanna-be Imagineers–and have a magical week!!  8: )




9 thoughts on “Wanna Be Imagineers: Here’s a “Snappy” Challenge”

  1. Fran C. says:

    Hi Everyone. At first, this Gator looks like he would hang out at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort with the other Gators. But, since he wears an explorer outfit and not decked out in musician/parade gear, he calls the Jungle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom his home~under the sign that reads “Crew Mess Lunch Menu”.

    He would stand with an offering of that lunch menu on his tray (like the “Consomme” or the “Fillet”).

    The look on his face might be about that “lunch”, but it may also reference some of the experiences you may see on your Jungle Cruise.

  2. Makena (aka MakAttack) says:

    I think he would be located in front of the Jungle Cruise. He would keep gingersnaps on his tray to foreshadow into the ride if you see it before hand and cause a flashback if you see the alligator after you ride the ride. He is very hungry, wanting to eat the gingersnaps!

    See ya REAL soon!

  3. Marisa says:

    Well, the first thing I think of when I see the alligator is Splash Mountain. He’s got the fisherman’s hat and jacket. So, since really Splash Mountain relates to the back country and out west, I almost feel like he could either be a prop Tom Sawyer’s Island or on the Liberty Square River Boat. Also though, in a roundabout way, there is no other real place besides Port Orleans where Splash Mountain is prevalent. Therefore, with some collective scheming and more room, I would add a section to the Laughing Place with this alligator. I loved the Laughing Place as a child, but it could use some updating and remodeling. So, besides the play set, there could be an arcade or game. The alligator’s tray could have a fish on it that is still attached to a fishing pole (because the animals in splash Mountain are great fisherman). Then, with the fish on the tray, there would be some sort of device for kids to try to either shoot the fish or grab the fish with a fishing pole. The look on his face is very deceiving because he is hungry. Like the alligator at the end of the ride, this alligator would have his eyes set on catching Brer Bear and Brer Fox. But to conquer his hunger, he may just have to go eat some gumbo at Port Orleans. 🙂

  4. Joe says:

    This is Alan Gator, but everyone calls him Alli Gator.
    He lives in the Sassagoula river, where he waves to guests on their way to and from Downtown Disney.
    Alan is a part time cocktail waiter at Captan Jacks.
    Alan is a hopeless romantic.
    When he sees his dream girl he gets a puppy dog look on his face.
    Most people don’t pay much attention to Alan because they think he’s an animatronic.
    Alan, is not an animatronic.

    This was a lot of fun, I hope everyone enjoys it.


  5. Josh Taylor says:

    Christy, I have been having a blast with this new segment the past few weeks. Thanks for coming up with it.

    My general thought would be that this little Alligator calls Port Orleans Riverside home. He hangs out right where guests can fish and on his plate are some fishing lures because he needs you, the guest, to catch him a fish. He looks a bit deranged and a bit hungry, maybe because he isn’t good at catching fish himself. He has been trying and trying but has had no luck.

  6. Katie says:

    1. I think he would be in the peter pan ride!
    2.He keeps Captain Hook’s arm there!
    3. Hunger!

  7. Happy says:

    I think he should be with his cousin Ice Gator at Blizzard Beach.

    His tray should contain waterproof sunscreen & lemonade for use/consumption by the guests…(and we should fit him with a pair of sunglasses before he burns out his eyes!)…

  8. Stan AKA stansolo40 says:

    This little guy is not a native of Florida in fact he is a Nile crocodile and is not seen by most guests of Disney World and can only be seen if you know exactly where to look.

    He can be found on the Wild Africa Trek in Animal Kingdon directly under the rope bridge. He is a huge fan of Peter Pan and in particular the crocodile that ate Captain Hooks hand after Peter Pan cut it off. It’s not that he wants to eat anybody he is just hoping for a free watch! He figures if Pan cut off someone’s hand and watch once it could happen again. That’s why he waits under the rope bridge day after day with the serving tray he found from nearby Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery.

  9. Mike Webster says:

    This here is Archie Gator.
    until recently he worked full time at the Adventurers club. He loved safari.. He found it a “tasty” subject.
    Alas due to the closure of the club he had to seek employment elsewhere. And so he turned to his cousin Ice Gator for help.
    So now he stands serving drinks at Blizzard Beach.
    You can always tell by the look in his eyes that he is dreaming of the good ol’ days back, chasing meals and telling stories.
    Why not ask him – next time you meet – about the story of the blue giraffe and the laughing elephant..