/ Friday, March 30th, 2012

Welcome back, my fellow wanna-be, wish-I-coulda-been, daydreaming-through-the-day-about-Disney Imagineers!  We are delighted by the wonderful and creative solutions you had for our friendly alligator!  Our sweet guy found homes at Port Orleans, Jungle Cruise, and Hollywood Studios.  What a resourceful little fellow!

This week, we will remain in the world of amphibians and consider the role of this colorful frog.  C’mon, my friends with Imagineering minds–how would you Imagineer him into the Walt Disney World Resort? Consider these questions…..


1. Where in the Disney resort would you find him?

2. How can we explain his coloring?

3. Is he a prince?  If so, to which princess?  If not, what is his destiny?


Can’t wait to read your creative thoughts!!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends….



4 thoughts on “Wanna Be-Imagineers: Is this Frog a Prince?”

  1. Makena (MakAttack98) says:

    1. Animal Kingdom Lodge

    2. He is different than all other frogs-he wanted to be unique and stand out.

    3. He is not a prince, but a role model for kids to look up to. Don’t fit in,stand out! His destiny is that he will live on forever because he believes in his self and stands out.

  2. Jeremy McBryar (Inspired Mouse) says:

    .#1 You could find this colorful character at the Caribbean Beach Resort near the bridge crossing the lake from Aruba, Jamaica area to Old Port Royal.
    #2 His Coloring is bright like the flowers of the Carribean and brighten everyones day.
    #3 He is not a Prince but a Pirate put under the spell of a Voodoo priestess from the islands who can have the spell broken only by a pirate princess

  3. Joe Wagener says:

    This guys name is Hoppy. He was the original mascot for the hopper pass. His colorfullness is to represent all the things you can see and do in a day with a hopper pass. Unfortunately, Hoppy is part of the Disney that never was and now resides in the prop warehouse of The Backstage Tour at Hollywood Studios.

  4. Fran C. says:

    This happy frog can be found at the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot. His coloring is a perfect compliment to the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros ride, where he hops into different sequences. While he’s not a prince, he calls Aurora Miranda his princess. His destiny sometimes includes helping Jose and Panchito find Donald.