/ Friday, March 16th, 2012

Last week, we debuted a fun, new blog theme here at WDW Radio, one which encourages us to talk to our inner Imagineer and imagine what it would be like to design the magic in the Happiest Place on Earth!

To review the concept: Each week, I will post a post a picture of something that catches my eye while running errands.  I will then ask YOU to share your thoughts about where in the Walt Disney World Resort you could see that item incorporated and how it could advance the story!   You can “place” the item anywhere: in a resort, a restaurant, an attraction, a costume, or a form of transportation…..  There are no “right” answers, of course–just fun conversation among friends while we await our next Disney vacation.

Last week, we had fun imagining the home to a bright peacock. The peacock had quite a bit of versatility: from wandering Port Orleans to hanging at the Boardwalk, it seemed it could easily find a place in Walt Disney World!

This week, we have a new task: to imagine how to incorporate this lovely statue so that it promotes Disney storytelling.

                What do you think her tale is? 

                Why is she holding those birds? 

                Where in the World would she call “home”? 

Please post your creative ideas in the comments section–and have fun!!




10 thoughts on “Wanna-be Imagineers: Try Your Hand at THIS!”

  1. Makena says:

    I think her tale is that she got lost in the forest and found these 2 birds. The birds tought her how to get out of the forest. Those 2 birds are her pets and also are the ones that she is holding. She would be scattered around Animal Kingdom, kind of like DeVine.

    See ya REAL soon!

  2. she is the girl who wakes the tiki birds for the show, she should be standing in the exit area and or right outside the entrance turnstills. they are some tiki birds she is holding…

  3. Christi Bunn says:

    Well, her coloring definitely suggests she should be hanging out around Animal Kingdom. I believe she is beckoning everyone to come and, “feed the birds, tuppence a bag.” She is also drawing attention to how we can be a better friend to animals by welcoming us to join with her in caring for them. 🙂

  4. Laura Cooper says:

    This is a statue of Rima, a Thahinian tree fairy. Legend has is Rima became curious of the human world and would fly to a nearby village to observe them. There, she fell in love with a villager by the name of William Carter. The more she fell in love, the more human she became; she began to loose her jungle colors and her wings disintegrated into dust. When she was about to forego her life forever, her father, the king of the fairies, discovered her plight and banned her to live with the birds for the remainder of her life. This statue, found outside the aviary on the jungle trek of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, represents the love-sick Rima helping two birds find the love that she was forced to leave behind.

  5. Maria says:

    Her name is Maluhia, it means “peaceful” in Hawaiian.
    She is known for bringing peace and happiness in every home.

    The legend says that many different birds were brought to the islands in Hawaii from the Gods in the sky to paint this beautiful land, but at the very beginning some spices weren’t getting along and the God decided to make it rain for days and days, so that the birds had to stay together and work together to build their homes.

    Maluhia appeared on the main island as a beautiful huge tree and all the birds went to her to look for shelter.

    Every night she would lullaby them with her leaves and slowly by surely the birds started to work together and enjoy each other’s company. They understood that every single one of them was special and unique and every single one of them was very important to build their new home…

    One morning the birds woke up to a blue sky and they felt the beautiful sun warming their feathers. The Gods in the sky knew they had learnt their lesson and they were now shining upon them.

    Maluhia was very proud of her birds!

    The legend says that every time a family enters a new home 2 birds arrive and sit on their roof for one day to bless it and to bring peace.

    You can now see Maluhia and the 2 birds at the entrance one every building at the Polynesian Resort to symbolize the peace and to bless each room.


  6. Happy says:

    She should be at the Polynesian Resort. One of the birds should be replaced with a Dole Whip, and she should have a lei either around her neck or as atop her head (or both, I suppose).

  7. LeeAnn says:

    She is holding the birds to protect them, nurture them, then set them free. Definitely conservation story — maybe Rafiki’s?

  8. Stephen Fibelkorn says:

    Her name Cherry and I am vision her standing in the cool zone at Epcot singing the 70’s song of the Coca-Cola Company… I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony!

  9. Fran C. says:

    Hi Everyone. I think her tale is that she is a modern, reinterpretation of the ‘Feed the Birds’ Lady from ‘Mary Poppins’. Do you see a caring, but concerned shape to her face? She holds the two birds as a symbol of the “tuppence”. I see her somewhere inside of 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian, but near the Mary Poppins topiary.

    If she didn’t have that concerned shape to her face, I would have seen her more as a modern day Snow White.

  10. Tiffany says:

    Her name is Autumn. She is a princess of the forest. She is the main character a new movie that will be released soon by Disney Studios. The story is of a young princess who must fight to save her forest. With the help of her friends (the animals) they will Triumph over the Evil king who is is trying to destroy the forest and all that is in. This item pictured above is just the beginning of the concept art for the ride that will be opening along with the release of the movie. Her face will be added when the art concept is finished. Then This will be placed in the ride, that goes with the scene when Autumn send her Bird friend to warn the others the Evil King Has entered the forest.

    (So am I hired?)