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by Jonah H.

‘Sup bloggers! Jonah H. here. Congrats to Lucas for correctly answering my last question. Chernabog was defeated when the sun came up.

Continuing the recaps for the Kingdom Keepers books, here’s my recap of book three, Disney in Shadows. The book starts out with Finn and Maybeck running through the Magic Kingdom while being chased by pirates and Stitch! They have been looking for Wayne because he has mysteriously gone missing. The Kingdom Keepers have been looking through the parks, but Jez has a “dream of the future,” a clue that leads them to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Soon the kids meet Wanda, who they learn is Wayne’s daughter. While finding an interesting clue, the kids are led to the rides Soarin’ and Maelstrom at Epcot.

Following their new clues, they are led Mission Space, where they watch a prerecorded message from Wayne. He then gives them one of the greatest clues of all: the sword in Norway. Maybeck and Philby are soon sent to Norway to retrieve the sword. They soon find out that the Overtakers base is Fantasmic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The show was about to start in five minutes and the Kingdom Keepers wanted to compromise it, because Maleficent planned to make the show go wrong. Maleficent fell through a trap door and escaped, while Chernabog, disguised as a dragon, was defeated and captured. Unfortunately, they did not discovered Wayne’s location.

Power Play is the title of Kingdom Keepers 4. The book starts off at DisneyQuest in Downtown Disney. Finn, Amanda and Charlene were trying to avoid Greg Luowski, a ninth grade bully who goes to the same school as Finn. Finn and Greg don’t get along very well. After fleeing from Greg, they went to the coaster simulator to experience the coasters they designed. Charlene likes coasters that are very fast and dangerous, but she accidentally switched that coaster design with the one for Finn and Amanda (who don’t enjoy coasters that much). When they got on, Finn and Amanda nearly died from the coaster that Charlene designed, blaming Amanda for the incident. Afterwards, they spotted the Evil Queen and Cruella De Vil. They quickly warned the other Keepers about the Overtakers at DisneyQuest, and they fled the scene.

At school, just when things were getting back to normal, Philby received a Skype chat video with Wayne, but the one thing that didn’t make sense was how Wayne could breach the school firewall. Wayne warned Philby that Wanda, his daughter, had been arrested. The reason for this surprising turn of events was that Wayne could not show himself in public, so Wanda had to run his “errands.” The reason for this arrest was because she was trying to locate and possibly infiltrate the Overtakers’ secret base. Just before she could learn the truth, she was arrested by the police for hacking into Disney’s computer mainframe.

Yet another surprising situation is that Charlene had strangely “crossed over” into Epcot as a DHI. Philby soon detected her DHI in Epcot and sent Finn and Maybeck to rescue and “return” her. Fortunately it was a success. Strangely, the same thing happened to Willa. After searching and searching for a way to return, Willa was ambushed by more Overtakers – Judge Frollo and a squad of Green Army Men! After jumping into Echo Lake she was then rescued by Ariel. After fleeing Disney’s Hollywood Studios and entering Epcot she went to where the fob was that would return her back, but it was missing! After leaking sensitive information from Jess’ “dreams” she was rescued by the other Keepers – Finn and Maybeck. Later Finn had received a odd 3-D hologram transmission and learned that he must kiss Amanda. After doing this she had strangely fallen asleep and couldn’t wake up. After finding a set of clues they were led to the waterwheel on Tom Sawyer Island and accompanied by Minnie and Pluto. It was here that they were able to break the sleeping curse that Amanda was under. After they revived Amanda, they learned about the Overtakers current goal – to take control of the Disney power plant. The reason for this is that control of the power plant = control of the parks.

The Evil Queen and Cruella de Vil are working on a plan to cause a power outage at Disney, that will unlock the prison cells that are holding Chernabog and Maleficent. The Kingdom Keepers are quick to react, but they are too late. Chernabog and Maleficent both escape!

After the breakout, the Kingdom Keepers learn that the person in Jess’ dreams is Captain Roseman of the Disney Magic, one of Disney’s cruise ships. At the end, Ariel keeps the fob safe and returns the Kingdom Keepers. Now the Kingdom Keepers realize that the Overtakers intend to capture the Disney Magic, and find Mickey Mouse, who is missing! The Adventures will continue in book five – Shell Game, which will come out April 3rd. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!


Here’s my trivia question – what was Walt Disney’s first movie?

Jonah lives in Virginia, and considers himself the biggest Disney “maniac” in his family.  He has been going to Walt Disney World since he was 8 months old, and he still loves it to this day.  He is 11 years old and in 5th grade.



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  1. Jessica Lockhart says:

    Walts first full length feature film was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. KK is the best series ever!

  2. Jimmy W. says:

    Tommy Tucker’s Tooth