/ Friday, April 6th, 2012

This month, we are celebrating the release of Ridley Pearson’s Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game and anticipating his LIVE CHAT with Lou Mongello on Monday April 23 ([7:30] PM at www.wdwradiolive.com)

In honor of this celebration, we thought it would be fun to “Imagineer” the Kingdom Keepers into the parks!  And so, while there is no graphic to imagine this week, there IS a challenge:


If you could create a character meal featuring ANY characters from ANY Kingdom Keepers book, what would you do?

In which CURRENT restaurant would this meal take place?

Which Kingdom Keepers or Overtakers (shudder!) would be there?

How would the menu reflect the Kingdom Keepers storyline?




While you are practicing being an Imagineer, be sure to join our WDW Radio Disney Book Club discussions of Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game.  You can find the reading calendar here.  Discussion questions will be posted every several days over the course of the next few weeks.




5 thoughts on “Wanna Be Imagineers: A Kingdom Keeper Twist!”

  1. Makena (aka MakAttack) says:

    It would take place inside Cinderella Castle. It would be like Esher’s Keep! All the Keepers and Wayne would be there. Maybe even redecotate the place to make it look like the Keep! And to get out, there is an elevator and you need to hit the FOB for the door to open!

  2. Chris says:

    I would do it at the top of the Firehouse where Wayne lives. It would be like a little cafe-type of resturaunt and after the dinner, you could go on a little mission with Wayne and the Kingdom Keepers throughout the backstage area and park.

  3. Erin says:

    i love Chris’s response

  4. Tyler says:

    A few months back the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom game came out right underneath the firehouse. so along with getting your 5 playing cards when you enter the firehouse they could also give out a Finn’s Food pack that could come with one of the smuckers uncrustables, a water bottle, a small pack of carrots and a cookie for guests on their quest and if you complete the entire level over the course of the day you can get another Wanda water

  5. Cole R says:

    Well, it would take place at either Tony’s Town Square or Crystal Palace, the Characters that would be there of course would be the keepers, perhaps maybe maleficent! The meal would start off with a choice of either Finn’s potato chips and Blehh.. Ketchup, or Charlene’s salad. ( the normal chefs salad with raspberry vinaigrette) followed up with a normal dinner menu,