/ Friday, April 20th, 2012

Happy Friday once again, my partners in Disney “dream-gineering.”  I’m just back from a wonderful trip to The World, which gave me another opportunity to appreciate the amazing detail the Imagineers incorporate into their story-telling!

For this week’s Wanna-Be Imagineering activity, we are going to move away from the animal-based pieces previously posted and consider an item that could have multiple uses.

So, how would a Disney Imagineer use this item?  Please consider the following and post your reply in the comments section:

1. Which Disney character would be most likely to own this hourglass?

2. What is the hourglass counting down to?  What happens when the sand runs out?

3. Where in the Disney parks would you find this on display?

REALLY looking forward to your creative ideas!  Enjoy, my friends!




11 thoughts on “Wanna Be Imagineers! Time is Ticking!!”

  1. Kory says:

    1. Captain Hook

    2. counting down to when Peter Pan brings back children to Neverland. When the sand runs out, Captain Hook and his crew go searching for Peter Pan in Neverland

    3. If it were to be part of Peter Pan, it would be in the line queue area kinda hidden more towards the loading zone with the sand almost out because you are about to go to Neverland with Peter Pan.
    But if it were not with Peter Pan, I could see it in Epcot in Innoventions or Mouse Gear

  2. Fran C. says:

    Hi Everyone! 1) For some reason I see this as Jafar’s hourglass. It is in a literal diamond shape (as in Aladdin the “Diamond in the Rough”). 2) Jafar uses this to see the future and to capture people, not just Jasmine. It counts down various business Jafar attends to. When the sand runs out, he exacts the various business. 3) This hourglass can reside in Magic Kingdom at the Magic Carpets or in Epcot at the Morocco Pavilion in the Aladdin themed photo op area or adjacent to the Aladdin and Jasmine Character Greeting.

  3. John Zimmerman says:

    Ahh, of course, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this particular artifact. This of course is the lost time piece of the Queen of Diamonds. Of course, for the past, well, however long it has been it has been in possession of the Queen of Hearts following a rather nasty “game of war.” Currently the Queen uses it to count down the time until she is scheduled to hold court, at which time of course she appears and talks to her loyal subject (those not so loyal, such as Alice, show up as well). Of course this is located in Rose Garden Pathway leading from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland, where the Queen holds court in the afternoon. You should join her sometime, just be careful what you say, or it might be, “Off with your head!”

  4. 1. It belongs to Jafar
    2. The hourglass counts down to when the next available ride for Aladdin’s Carpet Ride is
    3. It can be at the Magic Carpet Ride area at Magic Kingdom

  5. Christopher T. Rhodes says:

    1) The Seven Dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! The shapes are diamonds, which of course, are what they dig dig dig dig dig dig dig the whole day through for in that million diamond mine.

    2)I can see them using it to time their breaks and lunch breaks with. turn it over at the start of the shift, and when it runs out, it’s time for lunch or a break (Assuming that Dwarfs give themselves breaks. They could have used it before they fixed themselves that cool clock.

    3) It could very easily be put in as a small detail in the new Mine Train Rollercoaster that’s being put in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland Expansion. Perhaps, to show exactly what it was used for, discarded and/or broken, lying on the ground behind or near the new clock. This would show exactly what it was used for as well as give some personality to the Dwarfs, which we already know to be quite messy!

  6. Alan Broome says:

    1)The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs created the hourglass with an evil incantation.
    2)The hourglass is counting down to the deadline she has given the Huntsman to capture Snow White. When the last grain of sand touches the pile at the bottom of the hourglass, the Queen will unleash her wrath!
    3)The hourglass should be displayed at Villains in Vogue at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

  7. Nick H. says:

    1. Which Disney character would be most likely to own this hourglass?
    Geppetto- During the time Pinocchio is away from him, his heartbreak is so suffocating that he cannot bring his hands to his wood making tools. As an alternative he begins working with glass, using the idea of updating and upgrading Cleo’s fish bowl as inspiration. Once that project is done, he looks around his massive wall of Cuckoo clocks, which he can no longer craft, and begins work on a modern glass time piece, this hour glass is his finest example of that period of work.

    2. What is the hourglass counting down to? What happens when the sand runs out?
    With Pinocchio gone, time stands still and the seconds, minutes and hours never seem to advance as they once did. After disabling all of his Cuckoo clocks so as to not remind him hourly of the joy once had in his tiny wood workers shack, he instead sets his hourglass next to his work table so that he can watch as each hour slowly passes and the next can start again.

    3. Where in the Disney parks would you find this on display?
    There is a bank of hourglasses of this design located behind the Quick Service counter of the Pinocchio Village Haus in Fantasyland. After ordering your meal an hourglass is knocked over to begin counting and your receipt number appears above it. As the meal gets closer to being ready, the sand quickens its pace passing through the hourglass. Once the top hourglass is completely empty your meal is ready for pick up.

  8. Monique says:

    I would have to agree with majority who have said Jafar for the diamond like shape but lets go a step further.

    Why not Dr. Faciliar from The Princess and the Frog. The count down could be used for a themed Princess and the Frog character meet and great area in Adventureland. It could also serve (if Disney would have) as the timer for the Mardi Gras parade/event throughout Mainstreet for Fat Tuesday (or that week in March) where they would toss out beads for park guests almost in the same fashion they would start the Riverboat show during the time when the PATF characters would perform in Frontierland.

  9. Chris Viola says:

    What an intricate work of art this is! Looks like it may have been crafted and made by hand so it’d need a really good spot to go. I could see it going in a type of Villain shop like the one near Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios. Obviously it’d need a glass case of sorts, but it’d catch a lot of attention to the public. I could see a classic Disney villain owning this hourglass like Jafar (as others have been saying) or maybe even the Queen of Hearts! I could definitely see her having this hourglass “of diamond” to count down when Alice needs to be at her court hearing. Either way, this piece of art would need to go somewhere where it could be truly appreciated.

  10. Josh Parks says:

    It belongs to the witch who cast a spell on the Beast, and it’s counting down to the moment when the last petal falls off the rose.

    Unfortunately, when the spell was broken, the hourglass shattered.

    So it would be tucked in the foyer of the new Be Our Guest restuarant, perhaps as part of some sort of displaying giving the background of the story.

  11. Brian Sieve says:

    In this exquisite Imagi-glass the dream crystals flow upward and when the top is full, of dreams from all the guests in EPCOT Center for the day, it unfolds – releasing them into the air for the new “Re-Imagining the World” lazer, sound and pyrotechnic spactacular in the World Showcase Lagoon! Of course this Imagi-glass belongs to Dreamfinder and was a gift from Timekeeper! Figment narrates and makes an appearance in the show.