Hello, fellow Keepers!  I am extremely sorry for the delay, but here are the first discussion questions of Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game!  Special thanks for Liz Driscoll, who is the anchor in the development of these discussion questions!

Please remember this is designed to prepare us for the LIVE Ridley Pearson chat with Lou on Monday April 23 at www.wdwradiolive.com  Please come join us for what will undoubtedly be a lively and fun discussion!

And now… for the first questions!  Please feel free to post your thoughts and add questions as well!!

1.If you could have access to an Imagineering building, what attraction’s plans would you love to be able to examine?

2.Finn and Wayne take an interesting ride on the Walt Disney railroad.  How often do YOU ride the railroad–is it a tradition for you?

3. Finn mentions his “upgrade” for 2.0 often in the first chapters.  Which Disney attraction do you wish would receive an “upgrade”?

4. What is your favorite scene in Fantasia?

5. Do you think Maybeck and Charlene make good partners?  How would you “buddy up” the Kingdom Keepers?


We will have a new set of questions for chapters 6-10 posted TOMORROW.  Please be sure to check back here on the blog and keep the discussion going!




7 thoughts on “WDW Radio Disney Book Club: KK 5 Chapters 1-5 Discussion Questions”

  1. Tony E says:

    1. I’d want to see the plans for Space Mountain. If you’ve ever seen it with the lights on you can’t believe how much is actually inside that dome.

    2. I love the Railroad! I don’t ride it every time I go to Disney, but I ride it a majority of the time. I love taking the Grand Circle Tour. Makes me feel close to Walt.

    3. Can’t think of a ride I’d upgrade, but I do know one that needs a downgrade. Journey Into Imagination needs to go back to the days of Dreamfinder and Figment.

    4. It’s been ages since I’ve seen Fantasia. The only scene I remember is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

    5. Maybeck and Charlene seem to work well together. I like the pairings Ridley came up with, so I wouldn’t mess with it

  2. 1. The Haunted Mansion

    2. little to none

    3. Rock n’ RollerCoaster

    4. Sorcerers Mickey

    5. Yes, Finn and Amanda

  3. Kory says:

    1. I would love to see the plans for Haunted Mansion and how the whole ride track goes and everything inside!

    2. After reading about this Train ride, I kinda fear riding it at night now. I have risen it at night a few times before but now I think I will only during the day haha. BUt I ride it at least once every trip or try to!

    3. Peter Pan’s Flight just updating the queue but Journey in Imagination definately has a lot of people wanting it to change.

    4. I like the Nutcracker Suite music scene because it has a lot of meaning for me!

    5. I think they work good together. I know I would put Willa with Finn and Philby can be with who ever needs a partner, he tends to like to work alone or so does Finn because he is the leader.

  4. Blake says:

    1. It’d be neat to see plans for the (existing) Fantasyland buildings. For instance, since PhilharMagic and Peter Pan are in the same building, do the attractions’ blueprints interspect at all?

    2. We enjoy the railroad. The funniest was when the announcer used to say, “Listen closely and you might hear Pocahontas whispering” or something like that. We strained our ears, only for Colors of the Wind to be blasted on the speakers outrageously loud. That was a funny memory.

    3. Upgrade Magic of Disney Animation! There is so much history there that many Guests have no idea about.

    4. Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Hate to say it, but the rest of the movie sort of bores me. I prefer Fantasia 2000.

    5. I guess so, I just hope the romance doesn’t overshadow the story too much if it develops!

  5. braylon says:

    1. Rock n’ RollerCoaster
    2. little to none
    3. Mission: Space
    4. Sorcerers Mickey
    5. Maybeck and Charlene seem to work well together. I like the pairings Ridley came up with, so I wouldn’t mess with it

  6. Carter says:

    1. It’s a Small World
    2. I’ve only ridden it once – my first time there.
    3. I don’t know of any. It’s all good to me!
    4. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it and I only remember the part with sorcerer Mickey and the brooms.
    5. Yes. I would put together Maybeck and Charlene and Philby, and then Finn and Willa.

  7. erin says:

    Kingdom Keepers V Book Club Questions:

    1. I would be interested in reviewing the plans for Splash Mountain. I’ve seen the backstage area where the water is purified and flushed through the ride but it would be very interesting to see the actual blue prints of the process. It would also be interesting to see what the additional, off stage areas are used for in the attraction building.

    2. Riding the Walt Disney Railroad is a tradition for me when I am at Walt Disney World. I enjoy riding the railroad multiple times during my trip. Not only is it nostalgic but it is a great way to see the Kingdom and people watch.

    3. I wish Hollywood Studios would receive an upgrade!! There is so much potential within that park for new and exciting attractions/experiences. It would be nice to see Disney utilize the space.

    4. Ever since I was younger my favorite scenes in Fantasia have been the Pastoral Symphony and Sorcerer’s Apprentice. To this day the same is true. I love the mythological characters and Sorcerer Mickey is my favorite.

    5. I feel that the Keepers are paired fairly well. They all seem to play well off of each other. Finn seems to do very well with everyone since he is able to bite his tongue when necessary. He doesn’t realize that is a strong leadership trait.