/ Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

by Candra Spirtoff and Megan Voisard

Did you Know?

May 1, 1940 – Walt Disney received a United States patent for the “art of animation” camera – a multiplane camera that uses up to 7 layers of animated artwork to show depth and more realistic 3D images.

Other Notable Disney Dates:

April 29, 2009 – Imagineers Rolly Crump and Don Edgren are honored with Main Street Windows at Disneyland.

April 30, 2011 – The band, British Invasion, gives their last performance in Epcot.

May 1, 1954 – the Anaheim Bulletin reports that Disney purchased land in Anaheim, California for an amusement park (the future home of Disneyland)

May 2, 1982 – This was the first day of site tours through EPCOT for cast members and their families (EPCOT was set to open in October 1982).

May 3, 1969 – The official groundbreaking took place in Valenica, California for the California Institute of the Arts, commonly referred to as CalArts. This school was founded by Walt Disney when the Los Angeles Conservatory and the Choudinard School of Music merged in the early 1960s.

May 4, 1977 – One of Disney’s most popular attractions, Space Mountain, opens in Disneyland.

May 5, 1990 – Tale Spin airs on The Disney Channel.

May 5, 2005 – Disneyland begins an 18 month celebration of its 50th birthday; the film, Disneyland: The First 50 Magical Years is released at the Opera House on Main Street.

Question of the Week

What are the first and last full length animated films to use the multiplane camera? Can you name any others?

Candra Spirtoff and Megan Voisard are identical twins, born and raised in Cincinnati,  Ohio. They both graduated from the University of Cincinnati, Candra with a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Assisting and Megan with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.  They currently work as a paralegals for a local law firm.  Their passion is anything and everything Disney, and they have visited WDW almost every year since 1988, at the age of four.



2 thoughts on “This Week in Disney History: Week of April 30”

  1. Ivan72 says:

    Snow White was the first and Little Mermaid was the last.

  2. Candra says: