This will help get you ready (& excited) for Star Wars Weekends (and is awesome anytime). The Jedi Training Academy teaches kids ages 4 to 12 to learn the ways of the Force. Mastering their training lightsaber, and accompanied by inspiring music and awesome lightsaber duels (you never know who may show up…), it’s a fun, free activity at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Approximately 15 Padawan participants can register for the show, don a Jedi robe and pledge the sacred Jedi Oath. Then they will grab a lightsaber and hone their  battle skills under the supervision of a real Jedi Master. However… there seems to be a great disturbance in the Force… Stormtroopers have been seen in the area, and it is rumored that Darth Vader himself could make an appearance.

It’s available multiple times daily, so be sure to consult the daily Entertainment Times Guide at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park for performance times. Here’s a peek at what you may expect… and may the Force be with you!