by Jonah H.

Now that you all have (hopefully) been able to finish Kingdom Keepers V, I thought it would be fun for us to discuss the book.  Here are some questions for us to consider.  Please post your answers in the comments below!

Finn – In one part of the book, Finn saw that he was running around a factory with Willa. Soon after, Willa discovered they were behind a stage at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Later while on the Dream, Finn sees what he thought was a factory, and the thought struck him – did he dream the future? Is he a Fairlie?? What do you think.

Willa – Always looking into the face of danger. Does she have any fears? And if so, what are they? How will she avoid them? What will she do next!?!

Maybeck – While at Castaway Cay, Maybeck saw that the mosquito repellent tubes all around the island were going berserk. How did he figure out what the mosquito problem? What other talents does he have?

Charlene – Although she is athletic, does she have any weaknesses? And if so, what are they? How would she deal with them?

Philby – Philber, the PhilbMeister. Is there anything he can’t do? Yes, he is skilled at computers but what else is he good at? What are his weaknesses? Tell me, because I suspect there’s something he can’t do.


Jonah lives in Virginia, and considers himself the biggest Disney “maniac” in his family.  He has been going to Walt Disney World since he was 8 months old, and he still loves it to this day.  He is 11 years old and in 5th grade.



1 thought on “WDW Radio Kids & Teens Day: Let’s Talk Kingdom Keepers V!!”

  1. Marisa Lozano says:

    So I literally just got finished with Kingdom Keepers V and this post peaked my interest. I hope it’s not too late to respond, but I guess here is my take on your questions (which honestly, I never thought of some of these. Nice questions!)
    Finn- All signs point to him being a Fairlie, but I’m going to play devil’s advocate. I don’t think Finn is a Fairlie. Finn did dream the future, but he does not contain any special powers or gifts. At the end of the book, there is a very perplexing scene where Finn inhabits super human strength. In my mind, super human strength is not an attribute of a Fairlie. A Fairlie has powers that defy nature. Strength isn’t necessarily completely physics bending. As to dreaming the future, we all have those dreams where they contain a slight déjà vu moment later on. I think there was a jump in 2.0 and Finn was smart enough to recognize where he was.
    Willa- I think Willa has many fears, but she has learned to mask them. In book four, Willa is the one Keeper caught in SBS for the longest. Willa has learned to really control herself in most situations, except when the topic turns to Philby. While Finn is having a power struggle with Philby, Willa is facing an internal struggle. She really likes Philby, but Philby is changing. When Finn and Willa are talking before they battle the doughboys, Willa sounds defeated and defensive. I think that’s what made her shriek when the dough boy sliced the knife through her DHI. 2.0 allowed for all clear to be easier, but she still was scared when the dough boy came after her.
    Maybeck- Maybeck figured the Overtakers were behind the messed up levels in Castaway Cay. He figured that if anyone was going to cause trouble, it would be the Overtakers. Maybeck really shines in this book because it shows the soft and artistic side of Maybeck. Maybeck is still a developing character, but I really would love to see more of his humor and sarcasm shine in future books.
    Charlene- Charlene is going to explode in one book. She is a master at keeping a façade. With all of her feelings for Finn and now Maybeck, she is going to explode and really show her true colors. I think the tensest part of this book was when Charlene and Willa were lost on Castaway Cay and they have a disagreement. It’s not a disagreement; it’s more of a face-off between the two. There is more to Charlene than just a pretty face and athleticism and she will really come out in future books.
    Philby- Philby can’t so a lot of things and socially interact with the other Keepers is the first. Despite Philby’s incredible intelligence, Philby lacks teamwork. Wayne put the Kingdom Keepers together to work as a team and save the parks. Philby doesn’t really like the team aspect of the Kingdom Keepers at the moment. Hopefully he will come around.