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Happy “unofficial” start to summer, everyone!  To celebrate the warmth, sun, and freedom of summer, we have a new blog format for you: the unofficial “quiz.”  We will have different quizzes each month, and we look forward to hearing your results and reaction!

Our first quiz was developed by blog writer Richard Bernato and helps us all to identify which of  Walt Disney World’s forms of summer recreation is best for YOU!  Take the quiz and post your results in the comments.  If YOU have an idea for a future Disney quiz, drop me an email at Christy@WDWRadio.com

And now…. for our first quiz!!


by Richard Bernato

Did you ever wonder which theme park Walt Disney’s characters might enjoy most? What attractions would they choose?

For that matter, would they visit the theme parks at all? They work pretty hard! Maybe they would prefer to the many opportunities for recreation in Walt Disney World. While we can’t ask them about their recreational preferences we can ask you about yours and perhaps match these with what very well might be the choices of some of your most favorite Disney characters.

Answer the quiz below to see how your own preferences might match Mickey’s, Donald’s, Minnie’s, and Goofy’s.

1. When I am at Walt Disney World I’d rather…

a) Rent a water sprite

b) Play tennis

c) Go fishing

d) Get a massage

2. When I am at Walt Disney World I’d rather…

a) Sunbathe

b) Have a Richard Petty driving experience

c) Take a golf lesson

d) Canoe

3. When I am at Walt Disney World I’d rather…

a) Rent a bike

b) Get a facial

c) Go to Blizzard Beach

d) Exercise in a resort fitness center

4. When I am at Walt Disney World I’d rather…

a) Run a marathon

b) Go horseback riding

c) Water ski

d) Relax in a hot tub

5. When I am in Walt Disney world I’d rather…

a) Go to Typhoon Lagoon

b) Play eighteen at the Magnolia golf course

c) Parasail

d) Get a pedicure


Had enough? Now let’s score your answers: Give yourself the points below according to the choices you made:

  • For number one, if you chose a) 1 point; b) two points; c) three points; d) four points.
  • For number two, if you chose a) 4 points; b) three points; c) two points; d) one point.
  • For number three, if you chose a) three points; b) four points; c) one point; d) two points.
  • For number four, if chose a)two points; b) three points; c) one point; d) four points.
  • For number five, if chose a) one point; b) two points; c) three points; d) four points.

Now, break out your abacus and add your score.

  • If you scored between five and nine, you’re a Donald Duck.
  • If you scored between ten and fourteen, you’re a Goofy.
  • If you scored between fifteen and nineteen, you’re a Mickey Mouse
  • If you scored twenty or above, you’re a Minnie Mouse.


What does it all mean??

Donald Duck: Now Donald after all IS a duck and since ducks typically live in the water, your score indicates that you, like him, prefer recreational activities that are wet, wet, wet.  Resort pools, water parks, even the dancing fountains at Downtown Disney have your name all over them!

Goofy: Do you remember the many cartoons about Goofy’s hilarious efforts to master many athletic activities? Your score, like his, indicates that you are the athletic sort who likes recreational / competitive activities that get the heart pumping and the muscles working.  Bet you are secretly hoping to be a Richard Petty driver….  Or that you have tried a parasailing adventure over the Seven Seas lagoon.

Minnie Mouse: On the other hand if you scored most closely to Minnie Mouse, you are of a different mind, (or is it soul?) who prefers recreation activities that cater to your ideas of relaxation and pampering.  Can we say Saratoga Springs Spa?  Or how about a tea at the Grand Floridian with a young Disney fan.

Mickey Mouse: What if you’re the big guy himself? Mickey. Well Mickey as Everyman, can also be associated with the eclectic, with broader, perhaps more thrill-seeking choices that are at hand at Walt Disney World.  From the adventures in the parks to the nightlife at the West Side, you are the connoissuer of all things Disney!

What were your results?  What do you think?  Would you add anything to our questions?  Post your thoughts in the comments below!! 



15 thoughts on “Which Walt Disney World Summer Recreation is for You? Take Our QUIZ!!”

  1. Tony E says:

    I scored 11. I’m Goofy

  2. disneymatt says:

    I’m goofy too. I love this quiz, what a great idea!!

  3. Sarah C. says:

    I got Mickey but i personally think I am more like a Minnie!

  4. Zac B says:

    I got 11. I unintentionally get Goofy in every Disney quiz I take. lol

  5. Tim/disneyfan506 says:

    I scored 13 points. I’m Goofy 🙂

  6. Nathan Mauldin says:

    I am a Donald Duck with 8 points

  7. DisneyGeekJenn says:

    I’m a Minnie all the way. I’m so glad Saratoga Springs Resort is my DVC home resort.

  8. Angie C says:

    I got Mickey, though I like to think I’m more of a Minnie girl!!


  9. Ana Kurland says:

    18. I’m Goofy (my AP has Goofy, so I guess it’s correct!)

  10. I guess I’m a duck — though there’s more golf and running than water in my choices.

  11. Tara D says:

    I had 12 points. I am Goofy.

  12. Sherry T. says:

    I got Goofy. One more point to Mickey

  13. T-Nina Hermann says:

    I scored a whopping 7 points. That quacks me up.

  14. Mely Mouse says:

    I scored 7. I’m Donald Duck

  15. Kelly says:

    9… I am a wet water person from Miami! Me and The Donald are alike!