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CarsLand and Buena Vista Street Recap and Review LIVE from Disney California Adventure Park

Hello and welcome to The WDW Radio Show – Your Walt Disney World Information Station. I am your host, Lou Mongello, and this is show #279 for the week of June 17, 2012.

This week, I’m coming to you live from the cutest little town in Carburetor County – Radiator Springs, as the town from Disney-Pixar’s Cars has literally been brought to life at CarsLand at Disney California Adventure Park. I had a chance to visit CarsLand and Buena Vista Street for a special sneak preview of the lands that opened on June 15, and will bring you a full review, recorded live from CarsLand. We’ll discuss the two lands, their history (both literal and according to Disney backstory), details, attractions, shops, restaurants and so much more. We have a lot to cover from an experience that had me happier than a tornado in a trailer park!

I’ll then have the answer and winner for last week’s Walt Disney World Trivia Question of the Week, and pose a new Cars-themed question for your chance to win a special CarsLand prize package!

Be sure and stay for the announcements, including information about the next WDW Radio Meet of the Month in Walt Disney World, as well as some of your voicemails at the end of the show. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode of the WDW Radio Show.

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Question for YOU: What part of CarsLand or Buena Vista Street are you looking forward to seeing (eating?) most?? Leave your answer in the comments section below

Stay tuned for more videos, interviews, photos and more from CarsLand and Buena Vista Street coming SOON!

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Listen to the Episode Below (01:48:48)
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11 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #279 – June 17, 2012”

  1. Michael says:

    Lou, at about 7:00, the entire thing replays onto of itself and you have two tracks going at the same time.

  2. Laura W says:

    I saw Carsland on preview weekend. I was looking forward to the details of the land and Racers. Can’t believe how much of the movie is sitting right there! As for Buena Vista St, the same. It’s everything I had hoped and more. All I could say was WOW, and still can’t believe what I saw. So much fun!

  3. Lou Mongello says:

    Fixed the audio hiccup. Sorry about that! (I’m having Cozy Cone withdrawal!) 🙂

  4. Rich T says:

    Fantastic podcast, Lou!

    I’m most looking forward to RS Racers, Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree and (after listening to your show) Cozy Cones! As a big fan of the films, I really can’t wait to just walk around and soak it all in. 🙂

  5. Michael says:

    OMG, bacon cheddar popcorn?! The food sounds amazing. Seriously though, I always though DCA was kinda ‘eh.’ California Screamin’ and Soarin’ were the highlights of the park. However now I can’t wait to go back there with my kids so they can experience Carsland. Great show Lou, keep up the great work.

  6. My first trip ever to Disneyland is next week. I was SO SO excited that it lined up with the opening of Buena Vista St. and Carsland. Though I have to admit, I had to skip over some of the podcast to keep some of the details on Radiator Springs Racers a surprise!

  7. Elmos Empire says:

    What I’m most looking forward to eat in
    Cars land is Cone 1 with the churro bites in it :
    And in buena vista street would be to get something from Trolley treats 😀

  8. Danielle D. says:

    I am most looking forward to taking my picture with the new “Storytellers” statue of Walt and Mickey at Buena Vista. oh and also eating at the Cozy Cone 🙂

  9. Blake says:

    Great show! Excited about all the great detail and immersiveness of the new areas.

    Re: the Cars Land audio–it thankfully is available! It’s on a CD called Music of Cars Land and has the Junkyard Jamboree songs, Radiator Springs Racers ride-through, and some BGM.

  10. Rich C. says:

    We have a trip booked for January 2013. We are new DVC members, and we will be staying for 6 nights at the Grand Californian. I have never been to California before, so I am really excited to see the state. We would’ve booked this trip anyway, we just went to WDW last year, and plan to return for the half marathon next year, but Carsland is a definite huge draw. We have 2 young girls, so not so huge for them, but I am a big Cars fan, and our nephew is obsessed like many young boys. I’m sure he will get a kick out of our pics with Lightning. The podcast got me even more pumped! Keep up the good work Lou!

  11. Chuck Zitta says:

    The Walt merchandise on Buena Vista Street really caught my ear. I have a Giclée of Walt right next to my computer station at home. I have to say, although CarsLand will be cool to see and experience; seeing the new Buena Vista Street (based on how you describe it in this episode), and the specific areas that pay tribute to Walt, really sound exciting to me – being my interests fall more into the category of nostalgic Disney. But, make no mistake, I do love to see/experience all that is new as well when it comes to Disney; whether it be in the parks, movies, restaurants, etc. Sounds like you guys had a great time riding the new CarsLand attractions! And RS Racers sounds like an amazing attraction! Looking forward to the experience (more than once, from the sound of it).

    Thanks again for another spectacular show, Lou, Beci and Jeremy!!!