Welcome back, friends!!

Yesterday marked a milestone in Walt Disney World history, as one of the original rides, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, greeted guests for the final time.

As we know after the closure of other rides, Disney Imagineers often pay homage to attractions gone by.  Whether it be placing a small memorial in the Haunted Mansion cemetery (Long Live Mr. Toad!) or hang props in other parts of the park (a la Dream Finder’s flying machine), these nods to our Disney memories help to keep the story alive in our minds, even if the attraction has long since closed its doors.

This week, our Imagineering challenge will not be driven by a picture but rather by this tradition of honoring attractions.  If YOU were a Disney Imagineer, how would you honor Snow White’s Scary Adventure?  Would you hide an apple in the new Princess Fairytale Hall?  How about painting a “hidden Dopey” in Beast’s castle?  Would you place a ride vehicle somewhere?

Tell us your ideas in the comments below.  Who knows?  Maybe one of us will inspire the REAL Imagineers in honoring this sentimental attraction.




5 thoughts on “Wanna Be Imagineers: Let’s Honor Snow White’s Scary Adventures!”

  1. LeeAnn says:

    I think it would be fun to try to find the little birds or mice scattered around Magic Kingdom. They could drop them into all kinds of different scenes and attractions. My first thought was a bird somewhere around Sunshine Tree Terrace!

  2. Fran C. says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Snow White’s Scary Adventures has always been a favorite in my family. In fact, when I had a special visit to WDW with my sister last year, we rode the ride together for the final time.

    I would honor Snow White’s Scary Adventures by spreading certain items from the attraction around. I’d love to see the dipped apple scene replace it’s tribute in the window of the Beverly Sunset shop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Snow White can make an appearance at Candy Cauldron on Downtown Disney West Side. There also needs to be some aspect of the Dwarfs from SWSA to be merged into the upcoming Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, as if it’s a Hidden Mickey.

    Or, with the success of ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time’, perhaps they can do a product tie-in and file more of the ride into other random shop windows of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, too, not just Beverly Sunset.

    Thanks, Christy. These posts are so much fun to read and take part in.

  3. Chelsea says:

    I would love to have Dopey waving at the end of the coaster! That always seemed like a perfect ending to the ride and so many have memories of waving goodbye to him.

  4. I have to agree with Chelsea’s idea. Have Dopey waiving at the end of the new mine coaster. Perhaps take the well from the original attraction and place it the new forest area outside the mine coaster. The tough part is so much of this attraction consisted of flat panels.

    Take the old witch pushing the rock and put that in a key area of the mine coaster… might add some story elements.

  5. Megan says:

    I would love it if hey had Dopey waving goodbye at the end. I wish they would also have the original dwarves doing the silly song at the end too, since that scene looks like it will be in there. I just wish we could have the entire old ride back, but these seem to fit in with the new ride. I want more snow white to be in it too, not just the dwarves.