/ Friday, June 8th, 2012

Welcome back, everyone!

Recently I was in New York City and had the thrilling chance to see the Space Shuttle Enterprise being placed atop the USS Intrepid. I stood among hundreds of awestruck onlookers as this symbol of American ingenuity was lowered onto a symbol of American strength.  I was proud to see how many people stopped from the busy-ness of Manhattan to watch this moment in time.

As I rode the ferry back to beloved New Jersey, my thoughts–typically–turned to Disney.  With all the shuttles being relocated, I started to imagine what Disney would have done with a retired space shuttle.  I mean, sure, it will be amazing to tour the shuttle, but my gut instinct is that if a shuttle were located next to, say Mission: Space (the obvious choice), Disney would have found some very innovative, though honorable, ways to make use of this piece of American history.

So, my fellow Wanna-be Imagineers:  What do you think?  If you were a Disney Imagineer, and NASA called you to ask what you would do with a shuttle if it were given to Disney, what would you dream up?  Post your ideas in the comments below!




6 thoughts on “Wanna Be Disney Imagineers: We Are Out of this World!”

  1. Makena W. says:

    I would probably incorporate it into Mission:SPace either by turning it into an interactive area like there is now but turn the space shuttle into a astonaut simulator type thing OR a playground. Maybe even a muesuem!

  2. Makena W. says:


  3. Fran C. says:

    Christy, there are two of my favorite things of all time~Disney and the Space Shuttle! Time to resurrect 1980’s Mickey in his 1980’s space suit.

    Space has always had a strong presence in the Disney Parks. With the Kennedy Space Center pretty much down the road from Walt Disney World, Disney-NASA branded possibilities are endless. (Memories of the former Disney-MGM brand).

    Among aspects in Future World and Tomorrowland, John Glenn’s flight gear, Gus Grissom’s Lunar rock sample and other NASA items are on display in the National Treasures exhibit inside The American Adventure.

    So, Epcot is the best fit. Placing the Shuttle in back of the fountain on Future World Side, nose facing World Showcase, would be a great spot. Not only will the Shuttle be in direct eye line as soon as you walk out of Mission: SPACE, the nose facing the countries can symbolize how all nations have come together for the International Space Station. It also ties in with Walt’s vision for his “Prototype Community of Tomorrow”.

  4. Fran C. says:

    Christy, how wonderful you got to see Enterprise being placed in her new home! I watched her approach on the barge via Intrepid’s Webcam. I saw the Enterprise a few years ago at the Udvar-Hazy, and now, the Intrepid could not be a better location for her if they tried.

  5. Roseangela says:

    Would want it right next to Mission Space. This way people all over the world will get to see it. What an awesome site that would be. Roe ºOº

  6. Dusten says:

    I would like to see it become partly enclosed in part of the mission space building and tours $10 children and $12 adults.