/ Friday, June 29th, 2012

According to a June 22 press release from Disney, a group of engineers, scientists , and astrophysicists were recent guests of the Walt Disney Resort for a presentation entitled “Science Behind the Magic,” led by Manager of Simulation and Analysis of Engineering division, Michael Tschanz.

A part of NASA’s 25th annual International Space University Special Space Studies Program, the event was held at the Contemporary Resort and was directed at preparing “post-graduate science and engineering students for careers in aeronautics.”  As Disney explained,  “The nine-week program, sponsored by NASA, exposes professionals in aerospace, aeronautical, and other related fields to an intensive, unique educational experience.”

The 175 participants of the one-day workshop learned about the  “complex mathematical and physical models of ride systems, transportation systems, Audio-Animatronics and other technological innovations at the company.”

The news of this presentation made the teacher in me curious, and made the Wanna-be Imagineer in me daydream…  If I could design an in-depth, educational program at Disney–to be presented to guests–what would I want to teach about?  More importantly, what would guests want to LEARN about in the Walt Disney resort?  History of the American Revolution through an analysis of Liberty Square?  A review of international architectural history with an EPCOT backdrop?  Habitats and ecology at the Animal Kingdom?  Can you imagine the education that younger guests could receive?

So, wanna-be Imagineers, join me in an educational moment: What do YOU wish you could learn about while AT Walt Disney World?  Tell us your ideas and how you think it should be taught!



5 thoughts on “Wanna-be Imagineers: What do YOU Want to Learn about Disney?”

  1. Fran C. says:

    Hi Everyone! I love this week’s exercise. If I could design a program for Disney or learn about a particular Disney program, it would be about the same topic: Best practices in customer (guest) services. Like a cross between the practical of the Tours and Experiences at Walt Disney World Resort and the philosophical of The Disney Institute.

    So, from purely a guest experience standpoint, I would want to develop and/or attend a morning or afternoon demo of why the Imagineering feats are created and how they apply to the “Show”. I’ll never forget a course I took a few years ago in Public Administration. We had a speaker come in who was heavily influenced by Disney’s Utilidor system and AVAC sanitation services. He explained that there was no other place he had ever heard of who went to the lengths Disney had, in order for its customers to NOT see what went on behind the scenes. I also became interested in that level of service for whoever my clients were at the time, and whoever they would be in the future.

    Disney “Think” is a phenomenon that needs to be studied time and again for its consistent strive for excellence…and then how it exceeds that, once achieving the raised bar it continues to set.

  2. Chris D. (grimghost999) says:

    Personally, I love learning about how things work, especially the rides and the effects.
    What I would love for Disney to do is have a tour customers to you so you can pick, say, 3 attractions to have an in depth look at that usually isn’t shown on like the Keys to the Kingdom tour.

  3. I would like to see the Keys To The Kingdom info covered in more detail. I would love to learn more about how WDW operates as a business; managing it’s thousands of staff and guests!

  4. Colin says:

    I would love to help make buildings or roller coasters to go along with great classic disney movies..

  5. Colin says:

    Also to learn how some ideas started and what the final point is now…