/ Monday, July 23rd, 2012

by Candra Spirtoff and Megan Voisard

Did You Know?

–        July 22, 1994 – The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror opens in Walt Disney World’s, MGM Studios

–        The guests do not ‘free-fall’ on the Tower of Tower, but rather they are pulled down by machines that are faster than the pull of gravity

–        The top speed reached is 39 miles an hour

Other Notable Disney Dates:

July 23, 2003 – Reports circle that for the first time Walt Disney World will launch national TV ads to promote a single, new attraction opening in EPCOT next month – Mission: Space

July 24, 1966 – New Orleans Square opens in Disneyland, California

July 24, 1989 – The Town Square Café re-opens as Tony’s Town Square Café in Walt Disney World

July 24, 1991 – The 100th Disney Store opens in Daytona Beach, Florida

July 25, 1959 – Engine No. 4, the Ernest S. Marsh locomotive,  makes its inaugural run around Disneyland at the hands of Walt Disney himself

July 26, 1955 – Walt Disney appears on the cover of Look magazine with actor Fess Parker

July 27, 2010 – In Disneyland, Members of D23 ride Star Tours for the last time at 1:00 a.m. before the popular attraction is closed for the next year as it refurbished into 3-D

July 28, 1995 – The 400th Disney Store opens in Rochester, New York

Question of the Week:                 

How many stories is the drop on the Tower of Terror?  Post your answer in the comments below!


Candra Spirtoff and Megan Voisard are identical twins, born and raised in Cincinnati,  Ohio. They both graduated from the University of Cincinnati, Candra with a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Assisting and Megan with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.  They currently work as a paralegals for a local law firm.  Their passion is anything and everything Disney, and they have visited WDW almost every year since 1988, at the age of four.



4 thoughts on “THIS WEEK IN DISNEY HISTORY…. Plus a ToT Trivia Question!”

  1. Marcel Troost says:

    In the ride’s story, the elevator drops 13 stories. The full drop is actually 155 feet (about the height of 15 stories)

  2. Shandale says:

    13 stories!

  3. Luke says:

    13 stories I believe. And the view from the top before you drop is spectacular; especially during sunset.

  4. Sarah says:

    I believe it is 11 stories, even though the story says 13.