/ Friday, July 6th, 2012

There’s honestly nothing more magical in my mind than the holiday season shared with family in Walt Disney World. The magic of the parks combined with the spirit of the season heighten an already wonderful experience.

I was fortunate to be able to spend a weekend in Disney last December and did all I could to absorb the decor and atmosphere ofthe Disney parks during my short time.  While I dashed through Downtown Disney (after the obligatory stop in the World of Disney), I happened upon the tree pictured here.  I don’t ever recall having seen it before, and I was struck by its simplicity and elegance.  It seemed, in my mind, to be a tribute to Cinderella and her magical carriage that brought her to her destiny.  The tree made a statement, yet it was made of only one typeof object: a sphere.  I thought its beauty was remarkable.

So, in the spirit of the WDW Radio Christmas in July celebration, I am asking my fellow wanna-be Imagineers this question: if you could create a Disney Christmas tree made solely of ONE symbol of Disney, what symbol/object would you choose?  Where within the Disney resort would you have it on display?  What would you want people to think when they saw it?

I look forward to reading your creative thoughts!  Stay cool out there, my friends!!




2 thoughts on “Wanna-be Imagineers: Let’s Reimagine a Disney Tree!”

  1. Fran C. says:

    If I “could create a Disney Christmas tree made solely of ONE symbol of Disney”, it would have to be fashioned of open and layered books. (Like the books with colorful spines from the library that the Beast gave Belle). While books are certainly not the first icon image one may think of, books and storytelling play perhaps the most prominent role in everything Disney~from the films to the Parks. What makes the “Show” is the “Story”. All the original Disney Princess movies start with an ornate storybook, which opens to scene. And all of our favorite classic Disney live action films were the first classics we read, too.

    There are so many places a book tree can go. Perhaps its best fit is in the Magic Kingdom, near the Fantasyland/New Fantasyland Expansion princess section. (But could we even see an American History book tree in Liberty Square and Frontierland or perhaps a stack of eReaders or iPads depicting Jules Verne stories in Tomorrowland?)

    Looking at a book tree, I would want people to think of Walt’s legacy and his incredible gift of storytelling. Books are the reason why we can see, touch and experience Disney. We get to step inside of these stories while at the Parks or while watching Disney film…We also take a piece of Disney’s vision with us, and that becomes part of our own story.

  2. Lizzie says:

    This is a hard question…as I would like to say a tree based on Spaceship Earth, but that seems a little too easy.

    And so, I’ve come up with another option. I’d base it on a film strip. Each “frame” would have a different picture representing Disney at Christmas time, and each would be from a different year, and it would spiral up to a cone shape, similar to that of a Christmas tree.

    It would be placed at Downtown Disney, although I don’t have a specific location in mind beyond that. And hopefully, when people see it, it will bring back memories of a Christmas that they may have spent at Disney, or even of a Christmas back home.