/ Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

It’s really coming soon…. the cruise, that is…  the planning, the Palo reservations, the packing (well, maybe not that yet…..)

To help build the anticipation for an amazing four days at sea, we are now coordinating a fish extender exchange while we are on the ship.

What IS a fish extender exchange??  Remember in elementary school when you gave out Valentine’s to all your classmates and left them in handmade mailboxes?  Think of a fish extender exchange as a kind of Valentine’s Day card  exchange with a Disney Cruise twist!

This is how it works:  when you are on the cruise, you hang a small mailbox outside your stateroom door.  There is a hook shaped like a fish outside your door where you hang the mailbox—hence the term “fish extender.” Other members of the WDW Radio family who have also signed up for the exchange will come by your mailbox during the cruise and leave small gifts, tokens, mementos in your mailbox—just like you did with those Valentine’s back in elementary school.   In return, you also will bring small gifts to leave in the mailboxes of other registered participants.   That’s it!!  It’s great fun and an entertaining way to get to know one another and share some of your love for Disney with the other members of the cruise.

Please note: participation in the exchange is completely voluntary but loads of fun.  You MUST register in advance to participate in our exchange…  More information about registration can be found on the blog later this week and also will be announced in next week’s show.

Watch the blog each day this week, where you can learn much more about the exchange, including how to create your own mailbox, what kinds of gifts are typically used, and how to register for OUR exchange.

**IMPORTANT NOTE:  As Lou explained in the show, all members of the WDW Radio group WILL be provided with a fish extender courtesy of MEI/Mouse Fan Travel, and must be hung on your fish in order to receive important updates, notes, and notifications about the group events, etc.  The blog post on creating your own fish extender is ONLY for those who would like to flex their creative muscles and create one of their own.  You do NOT have to create your own extender to participate in the exchange.  Please stay tuned for more information in future blogs.

We hope you consider joining us for this additional source of Disney magic while on the cruise!  If you have any questions about the fish extenders, please feel free to email me at Christy@WDWRadio.com