/ Thursday, July 19th, 2012


Topics in this week’s Disney news include:

– Free Dining in Walt Disney World
– Encore Cast Member concert – EncoreCentral.org
– Disney Contest – Help design a new logo!
– And more!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK – Does free dining in Walt Disney World change how or when you visit?

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19 thoughts on “WDW Radio LIVE – Disney News July 18, 2012 – Free Dining in Walt Disney World & more!”

  1. Cinda1st says:

    Hi Lou, I recently moved to Kissimmee and immediately bought the Disney resident’s premium annual pass. Question: Should I join a club to add to my premium benefits (like D23) or is the premium pass all I need? I enjoy your YouTube podcasts; great job – Thank you!

  2. 1DawnMarie1 says:

    Before my daughter was in school, we did actually change our travel dates in order to take advantage of the free dining. Our next trip out is for Christmas, which we knew would not have any other travel incentives other than being somewhere so magical for the holiday. It just depends on the intent of the visit, wait for free dining or not.

  3. Lou Mongello says:
  4. WickstarRunner says:

    ever since Disney took the appetizer out of the Standard dining plan, the “Free” dining offer does not make up for having to pay full rack rate for the room. I’d rather pay for a reduced room and compensate for the dining plan with a light breakfast of granola and cereal bars brought from home. Plus I HATE that the dining plan is booked for length of stay when there is a good chance we’re not going to be at Disney every single day of the trip.

  5. prplhaze701 says:

    “As well, too.”

  6. Chris D says:

    I wait for this. I travel a lot in the fall now because of free dining. I usually stay at Pop and upgrade to regular disney dining plan. The food is a big part of why we love WDW. Definitely worth it!

  7. Roy VanAtta says:

    Unfortunately, as a DVC member, it doesn’t come into play for me. Otherwise, I would probably plan around it.

  8. howie in the GWN. says:

    Hi Lou. The dining plan was not a big incentive for our family. This year, we gave the family a choice of going to DL or WDW for our vacation. Both parks had new things that were appealing to everyone. WDW won out and after some research, we choose to stay on site and try the new AoA resort for our family of 5. We booked the trip in early May and one of the packages @ AoA included the Quick Dining package. Previous visits were off site stays. We’ll be there the last week of August in a Nemo suite. Hope WDWRadio has something happening in the parks that week!

    your podcasts are always entertaining and informative. I try to watch on Wed. whenever I can.

  9. CutesyBubblez says:


  10. Matthew Wallace says:

    We are a family of 5 and the dining offer plays heavy in my decision for the time to visit. With our family size, it works well. We like the have the break in our park days and also the ability to try restaurants we would skip if we paid out of pocket.

  11. WDW Radio Running Team "Coach" Happy says:

    Sadly, since I am a DVC Member and always use my points, the “Free Dining” option just feels like a cruel taunt.

    Yes, I am going to spend thousands of dollars during my DVC stay at WDW, but that doesn’t seem to be appreciated…it almost feels like I don’t count.

    Oh well…time to go for a training run!


  12. Jesse kunz says:

    Yes! I just booked(through Mouse Fan) because of that. We’ve been promising our kids and have been saving for 7 years. I contacted Mouse Fan because of the podcast to check cost. Much to our surprise we were told our possible dates fell in the free meal window. I booked the vacation and we are spending the last week of November in Disney World. Thank you Lou for the wonderful and informative podcast. See ya!

  13. Ginamarie says:

    For us, free dining was a good deal. We generally do at least one sit down meal per day, and have four people staying in a moderate resort room in Sept. We would easily spend $100+ per day on food at WDW, so even paying rack rate, this is a deal for us, at least for this fall!

  14. jcacres1995 says:

    Lou – Great Show. We have visit Walt Disney World in 2008 and 2009 usually from Dec 10 – Dec 20 – My wife and I and our three kids (2 are teenagers – and all are big eaters). Port Orleans and the Dining Plan is a must for us. We plan on returning this year during the same time period. Love your show!

  15. Allison says:

    It doesn’t make me change my dates but I do find it annoying. For example – massive queue in a quick service because the family at the front of the line “we don’t want this if it’s not a snack, okay put it back and get me that….”
    Also the lack of restaurant reservations because someone made four then thought they’d see what they were “in the mood for”.
    All very irksome for people not on the DDP….

  16. spiderpig846da2nd says:

    yes definitely ever since we started teh dining plan like 7 years ago, we havent gone to disney without the dining plan. especially when its free!

  17. alorindanya says:

    Thank you for promoting Encore! I am so excited to be a member of that group and knowing how much our group is supported! So sad we only had 6 nights of performances and it was completely sold out on Thursday night for all performances! All the more reason to get tickets early for next year!

  18. madaboutmmouse says:

    Love Ya Lou! Another awesome, inspiring newscast. Thanks for your continued work and excellent ability to keep us all connected to WDW and all things Disney. Download the newscast on iTunes, but love to view on “LouTube” as well. 🙂

  19. Snapcrakle37 says:

    My family and I do a dinning plan, quick service because we never go hungry and it is ‘quick’ when at the parks. Although when we went, there wasn’t a free dinning plan, but they did offer reductions in prices for rooms. The free dining is difficult though for it starts after summer vacation ends, September 30th.