/ Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Travel with Lou around to Walt Disney World as he shares his Top 5 Snacks in the Magic Kingdom Under $5!

From sweet to savory, refreshing and sharable, you may discover a few tasty treats which are also some of Walt Disney World’s best values.

What’s YOUR favorite snack in the Magic Kingdom? Leave yours in the Comments below!



227 thoughts on “Video: 5 Snacks Under $5 at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom”

  1. Lou Mongello says:

    Video: 5 Snacks Under $5 at Walt Disney Worldโ€™s Magic Kingdom

  2. 1DawnMarie1 says:

    This made my stomach growl!! I can’t wait for my next WDW vacation…

  3. jkwana says:

    Dole Whip Floats and Ice Coffee Floats!!!

  4. Mark Vitek says:

    I’d substitute the Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel at the Lunching Pad and a Dole Whip for the baked potato and the sundae. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Tinkerchelli says:

    Hi Lou, this is bad for you but when I go to Disney I have to get both of them.
    Pop Corn & also Cotton Candy…YUMMY!!!!!
    Lv Lucille

  6. Freya Livsey says:

    Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich Lou!! How could this NOT make the honorable mentions list?!

  7. maddmaxx636 says:

    My right ear is crying lol!

  8. crazedlink00 says:


  9. drumrocker365 says:

    can you use you dining plan for these?

  10. Tisad87 says:

    I would consider it a snack (I believe it was $3.99?) but I love on Main Street walking into the bakery and getting a HUUUUUGE bag of Mickey Pretzels :), take them home and enjoy them for weeks!

  11. ChocChips123 says:

    The cookies in the Main Street Bakery

  12. fu0gus1 says:

    I feel bad for whoever was filming for Lou, I would have been starving watching him eat!

  13. TTG669 says:

    audio on this video is only on the left channel, no right channel audio

  14. amiedetherese says:

    Funnel cake with strawberries and whipped cream!

  15. Darienbeagle says:

    yum! baked potatoes! I’m vegan so that would be perfect for me. WDW has something for everyone. Love you, Lou!

  16. laurapearsonsmith says:

    Love waffles at Magic Kingdom!

  17. Cheryl @ Kids On A Plane says:

    No question, our family’s go to snack under $5 – Dole Whip! Usually big enough for two people to share.

  18. Brian says:

    I rarely visit WDW without getting a Mickey Premium Bar – good AND good for you!

    I wish Sleepy Hollow would bring back their freshly made caramel popcorn. The Germany pavilion in Epcot does a fine job but, as I recall, Sleepy Hollow was a little bit better.

  19. thetony458 says:

    Main Street Bakery Cinnamon Roll

  20. Thomas McCarthy says:

    Couple of questions what exactly is in the orange swirl and two why no dole whip or dole whip float.

  21. Rfbutler2009 says:

    No. 1 should be dole whip hands down. It’s not even up for debate.

  22. The only thing we found under $5 was the ice cream and drinks, may have to go just one more time to hunt out these snacks!

  23. Caitlin Corsello says:

    Mickey Premium Bars are definitely my favorite snack! I have at least one a day when I’m in WDW!

  24. Iced Coffee Floats you say!? I didn’t know those existed! I think I’ll need to pick one of those up next time I visit! In the meantime I’m going to have to say a popcorn from the beginning of Main Street USA followed by a Tofutti Ice cream root beer float to quench my thirst at the end at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor!! It MUST be on Main Street USA..

  25. Yaelle says:

    We just return from the world on Saturday and haven’t had any of the ones on the list. We did have a Dole Whip which was very popular with my family.

  26. Yaelle says:

    Oh and the amazing cookies from the Bakery on Main Street.

  27. Back when I worked at the Enchanted Tiki Room in 2007, there was a glazed nuts stand right nearby. SOO good. Forgot how much they cost, but I bought them the last week I worked there and they were worth it!!

    Since then, I’ve visited and I think the cart was moved…

  28. bubbabouyi says:

    Egg role, near the tree house, or a orbit burger

  29. rajah1993 says:

    How about the cinammon roll at the main street bakery.

  30. Mike says:

    I love the ice cream cookie sandwich at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments. It’s only $4.19 and it’s huge! You can find the iced coffee float here too for the same price. If you can spring the extra 99 cents, the Nutella and fresh fruit waffle sandwich is worth every penny of the $5.99 you pay.

  31. Linda says:

    have had all of these at least once except for the corn dogs,,have to give them a try,,,,thank you and YUM

  32. Brad says:

    The waffles at Sleepy Hallow…

  33. TonyWDWCP says:

    My favorite is the waffle bowl sundae from the ice cream parlor

  34. Lou Mongello says:

    Ack!! Just realized the issue with the audio. SO sorry about that (I reviewed it in a single earpiece) – It won’t happen again, I promise! Thanks for your patience

    And sorry for any resulting hunger as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Chelsea May says:

    Sweet and Spicy Waffle Sandwich @ Sleepy Hallow.

  36. Callie says:

    LOL Lou…That was probably one of the best days ever at MK.

  37. dude249 says:

    Anything from the Main Street Bakery

  38. douglas westphal says:

    Are the Mickey shaped soft pretzels in Disneyland too?

  39. Fran Cassano says:


    That was such a delicious tour of treats!

    My favorite snack seems to change with each trip to WDW. But, MK should find some way to bring back the Donald Duck Orange Juice Ice Pop. That is honestly still my favorite MK snack of all time.

  40. mark says:

    have to say the one snack that i always look forward to on our return visits from the U K is Dole Whip, wow fantastic stuff.

  41. jjvaca says:

    mmmm!!! mmm! Corn Dogs and Water!! LOL ew!

  42. TxRedRoseyLady says:

    The Dole Whip of course

  43. Sue says:

    What about the venerable churro?! No trip to WDW would be complete without buying a churro and having it stolen by a dive-bombing bird. We also love to share a bag of cinnamon-glazed almonds, although I don’t remember how much they cost–but who cares? A Dole whip is an absolute must as well!

  44. Sheila says:

    There are 5 of us, so here are our picks…..
    1. Choclate chip cookies with ice cream in center ( age 44)
    2.carrot cake cookie,at H.S., Lou’s suggestion (age 47)
    3.roasted nuts ( age 18)
    4.churros (age 15)
    5.egg roll at AK (age 12)

  45. aleb110 says:

    Keep the coming! I love these types of videos, leaving in 23 days too the world!

  46. fsyeah says:

    Oh I love these videos!

  47. detriotballerz says:

    Pineapple Dole Whip!!

  48. djsamusicman34 says:

    The Carrot Cake Cookies!!! MMMMMM!!!

  49. Snapcrakle37 says:

    The soft serve ice cream and slushie at Liberty square!

  50. gmckinney2002 says:

    Skool bread in Norway, umm!

  51. disneygirl403 says:

    Awesome video, Lou! Would love to see more like these!!!

  52. thegoz85 says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. What kind of list is this without a Dole Whip! Let’s nix the corn dogs and put the best snack at WDW on this list! ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Heather says:

    The cream cheese pretzel from Lunching Pad is my favorite.

  54. John Jones says:

    One thing tht crossed my mond with tht big chick in background. In a Swartengger voice(thought it was funny). “I am going to devour that Castle and then I will East the Golfball at Epcot next”. just sayn.

  55. John Jones says:

    The baked potato was great, but they charged extra for extra butter and sour cream.

  56. John Jones says:

    yeah. I am huge fame of the Dole Whip aside from the restored orange Bird Citrus Swirl, And I know it’s above $5, but you gota get vid buying and eating a Tukey Leg and a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bar. thx! And Yes the popcorn is great!

  57. John Jones says:

    yeah I know you are grat guide. but on personal note. that Bug chick in the background all I could think,heard in my head was, in Aronlod voice, ” I am going to devour that castle, then for dinner I am going to eat the golf ball at EPCOT” lol

  58. Alexletchford86 says:

    Wasn’t funny the first time you said it. Still isn’t funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. legobdr says:

    Corn dog I love those

  60. bluesun2662 says:

    I know that I should try the ever popular Dole Whip, however, the Citris Swirl has always been my absolute favorite, and always wins out. Thanks alot Lou for making me drool!! Gotta get back soon…

  61. Celestial Skies says:

    How about 5 snacks that all add up to $5

  62. Celestial Skies says:

    Best is the chocolate covered frozen banana

  63. iMusely says:

    Never had the dole whip I really want to try it because I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

  64. edwardcullen62019011 says:

    Im not sure if it’s above $5 but the ice cream sandwiches at the main street bakery delicious!!!!!!

  65. Emily Darling says:

    There’s not much at Disney you could get for $1. Haha

  66. bronxbearbud says:

    $5.00 for a baked potato?

  67. biggerjacket says:

    i want to go to disney world so badly!! wish i could go!

  68. Celestial Skies says:

    haha sad but true


    My left speaker got jealous

  70. GoAskNora says:

    I believe it is. I was there this summer and it was pretty cheap, and totally worth it. 2 scoops of ice cream and 2 big cookies.

  71. Taco6360 says:

    Dont know if its under $5 but the dole whip near the swiss family robinson tree house is really good

  72. Victoria Carver says:

    I totaly agree with you thats my favorite snack to get. I think its under $5.00.

  73. Ariel Czernia says:

    can you buy any of these snacks with the dining plan

  74. Ariel Czernia says:

    i like corn nuggets

  75. littlelottiedreams says:

    love how he lets us know its big enough to share but he is not going to

  76. abi kawaiix says:

    You can buy all of these snacks with snack points yes xx

  77. Kaylesmith4414 says:

    Big enough to share….not that im going to…

  78. phantomgirl88 says:

    when we were there i asked my sister for a bite of her sundae she nearly took my fingers off

  79. CookiessNeedMilk says:

    I ope these snacks come with the annual season pass discount. I could get them even cheaper ๐Ÿ˜›

  80. devils436 says:

    Get me a Mickey Pretzel

  81. NoBlood4Draculaura says:

    I always go to Disney World thin, but I leave having gained 5 pounds. Totally worth it though.

  82. hairgel5 says:

    Going back in October cant wait!, i love the Micky waffles at sleepy hollow. Also last time i went i dropped my ice-cream on the floor at Main Street Ice Cream Parlor, they man who worked there was kind enough to make me another one free of charge ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. mindyobiznuz says:

    not healthy mate ok for kids

  84. Georgeyboy20 says:

    I do agree that attractions do just occupy the time between eating!

  85. sn1p3r501 says:

    did a pretzal really beat funnel cake

  86. Clapboardstudio says:

    “Big enough to share.. Not that I’m going to.”

    Haha poor camera man.

  87. Shihtzumom74 says:

    My husband and I are baseball fans and love Casey’s. That’s our traditional dinner at MK. I love the baked potato thing. I might try that for lunch next time. And, if I got the strawberry shortcake sundae, I wouldn’t share, either. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  88. vcrcooking says:

    Almost everyone in the backgroud is incredibly fat. Plus the snacks are horrible for you. I guess when you have food like that, you get fat!

  89. mousepros says:

    this guy is a bloody tool, Stop SHOUTING

  90. Jess D. says:

    my favorite snack was the giant ice cream cookie sandwich at main street bakery, but i heard they got rid of it :'(

  91. malkaqueen says:

    am i the only one that cant hear him only the music

  92. Teri lyn says:

    i had that problem earlier and i guess they made it in a way that you have to have both headphones on. Let me know if it works ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. Amberley Brickell says:

    They are mammoth in size…no wonder the world has an obesity problem…

  94. kimberley45am says:

    Dear lord live a little, if you eat it just on holiday so what 2 weeks of the year i dont think its going to kill you, or make you obese. I eat lots of very nice bad food for me when i go to Disneyworld but i dont do it any other time of the year, and im not overweight!

  95. xfallenxangelx7 says:

    the main street bakery is being converted to a starbucks, however they said that many of the goodies served there will still be available there and elsewhere in the park

  96. xfallenxangelx7 says:

    go to walmart, then you’ll know what incredibly fat really is. Like kimberley45am said, it’s not like you’re eating these snacks every day of your life. I always splurge a little while I’m at Disney but you know what, I never come back weighing more because I burn off all those calories walking around the park from open to close.

  97. gmcgirltx says:

    Your comment was good, but you def could have left out the comment of Walmart…..That’s why you didn’t get a thumbs up from me

  98. gmcgirltx says:

    they arrived at WDW fat….don’t blame the snacks

  99. Jess D. says:

    yeah!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ i heard about the starbucks part but not they were keeping the stuff

  100. appinventor9000 says:

    Mm mm… tasty!!

  101. JordonC123 says:

    Haha ๐Ÿ˜€ ‘not that im going to’ love it!

  102. 2008ChargerSXT says:

    The sound is only coming out of the left speaker. In post production, you should have made it in stereo!

  103. OperatorBehaviour says:

    next do 5 places to take a shit. cause thats alot of food.

  104. Gary V says:

    a baked tater for a snack ? thats half of dinner, the Best Snack is the Dole Whip @ Aloha Paradise

  105. marcosvalenca says:

    It’s a shame to change a classic Disney World eatery like The Main Street Bakery into a chain coffee shop like Starbucks.

  106. ReviewtheWorld says:

    i thought you would have done the egg rolls or empanadas

  107. ghastlyhollow45 says:

    Any one else see the kid with the beard at 3:50 ?

  108. Samantha Revelo says:

    tasty!!!im almost going to walt disney world in the summer my favorite one is the sunday

  109. Pizzas12312312 says:


  110. Catherine Kirk says:

    Did not expect to see a baked potato. Ha ha.

  111. Catherine Kirk says:

    You can get cups of ice water for free anywhere in the park. The best deal, by far, in my opinion. Don’t know why anyone would ever buy bottled water when you have that.

  112. Matthew Moo Moore says:

    Anyone else see the freakishly tall lady at 4:10? Pretty sure she was a giant from Narnia

  113. 2w4nt3d says:

    she’s rlly not that tall.

  114. Isabella Pullaro says:

    pineapple ice-cream in adventure land.

  115. playboymaxim says:

    Actually, she’s pretty tall

  116. iSponch Mario says:

    The glazed almonds are the best at magic kingdom!!!!

  117. MidwesternDiva says:

    Citrus Swirl tastes like medicine, Lou! Go around the corner for Dole Whip!!

  118. MidwesternDiva says:

    How did you completely skip Main Street Bakery?!!

  119. lgcmusic says:

    My left ear enjoyed this.

  120. WillHurricane says:

    Hagrid’s dream girl in the background wearing a pink shirt from 0:20 – 0:43.

  121. WillHurricane says:

    Nope – the dude in the video is just realy short.

    A lot of the women and most of the asians are all looking down on him for crying out loud!


    Good video though.

  122. Sophie Connolly says:

    In america a baked potato is a snack,where im from its a whole meal.

  123. Disney708 says:

    ya in america its not a snack I think he was going 4 more lunch snack if u get me!

  124. Clapboardstudio says:

    Best job ever.
    Eating food in Disney World. Lol

  125. Carole Behrends says:

    August 2012! Mmmmm!!!!

  126. TheDrMeowMix says:


  127. Margot Bourque says:


  128. WDWKIDSVIEW says:

    I am from Disney Planning from a Kids Point of View and this topic is a great one for kids. Finding snacks that kids and parents enjoy for a low dollar sounds like Disney magic. Thanks for the research on this. I am hungry for a citrus swirl!

  129. Various Hiccups says:

    Oh glob. A lot of people there were kinda over weight.

  130. mjw555 says:

    I’m so hungry now…

  131. Hamdog154 says:

    The huge turkey leg

  132. nandakumarj says:

    Guys for what to do in Disneyland and all the rides watch my

    “Summer 2012 – Disneyland” Playlist!

    This shows you all the fun things you can do!

  133. Jfamolare123 says:

    Dole whip is clearly the best snack in magic kingdom

  134. laserfreak12345 says:

    Brownies from the baseball place

  135. stefahan jeson says:

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  136. Playstationgamer999 says:

    Dole Whip is the BEST!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. stefahan jeson says:

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  138. thebigfatpanda says:

    “Attractions are things you do in between eating” LOL

  139. Toria Noelle says:

    I live in the USA and for me it would be a whole meal too! Unless its a mini one (: But its great that its under $5, because I could get a really inexpensive and good lunch, because a baked potato is one of my favorite foods.

  140. Toria Noelle says:

    I agree. I think its nice that Disney has a baked potato for $5. It would make a really good and inexpensive lunch.

  141. ParrotHeadsVlog says:

    Hey guys are these snacks included in the meal plan?

  142. Disney708 says:

    Ya I wen 2 Disney land the last day I was at my aunts in Nov. And I got snack foods as my lunch n I always do. I took snacks n h2o n pop drom home (her place) n a lunchable the chips n dip one n a PB&J. N I just got some cheep snack food like 2 things 4 lunch! I doing this on my next trip! I get the Potato also

  143. Disney708 says:

    PINEAPPLE spear n mickey choc covered pretzel!

  144. dbeec128 says:


  145. jerradsuarez says:

    GREAT TIPS! I went to Disney World today and found the items in this video. It was kind of like a fun little challenge. Baked potato was the steal of a deal for the day!

  146. vicki291 says:

    i know what you mean! im going in a few months and totally intend to find all of these snacks! ๐Ÿ™‚ chanllenge accepted!!!

  147. vicki291 says:

    i really want a mickey pretzel!!!!!

  148. drugssexandtrumpets says:

    The best food I had there after the rainforest cafe was the citrus swirl. It was in the heat wave that was before the hurricanes that hit Florida two years ago. At 101-110 degrees, this seriously cools you off.

  149. websuspect says:

    For $5 in disney world you can get a 12 ounce soda full to the top with ice and tap water.

  150. bladerstormybob says:

    OMG I LOVE the sundaes at Storybook Treats!!

  151. JumpStartClaire says:

    Casey’s Corner represent! Best place to eat in Disney, hands down.

  152. Sasha Dupont says:

    “Good enough to share”….*looks around.. “Not that I’m going to.” *nom nom nom*

  153. Jolene Wilson says:

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  154. Jolene Wilson says:

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  155. aupian94 says:

    Yeah storybook treats always get our ice cream sundae there.

  156. theatregirl1018 says:


  157. Maya D says:

    I love the hot dogs at caseys corner!

  158. TheMegaMBTECH says:

    adam the woo!

  159. YanaBabe04 says:

    Dole whip!!!! And funnel cakes from sleepy hollow! *drools*

  160. Greg Oden says:

    Until 4:36

  161. MsTravelvideos says:

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  162. TheCootoss says:

    Baked potatoes

  163. prestonsgirl90 says:

    Churro cart in Hollywood studios!!!

  164. Dallas Henry says:

    Mini doughnuts At blizzard beach <3

  165. wowman623 says:

    Dis guy

  166. Alyssa Meli says:


  167. Alyssa Meli says:

    You can share it ,not that I’m going to.

  168. Alyssa Meli says:

    I thought my headphones broke…

  169. 107scully says:

    Maybe its my Britishness talking, but they don’t look like snacks- the portion sizes are massive! Each would be enough for lunch. Would love to try them all though…

  170. Abbey Turnbaugh says:

    Does the citrus swirl taste like a dreamsicle?

  171. Joshua Greenblatt says:

    The classic Mickey pop.

  172. ryanpaley1763 says:

    1:06 Look at the kids face in the bottom right corner lol

  173. Kodachrome40 says:

    Dole Whip Float.

  174. honeyshot905 says:

    This man has no soul.

  175. Max Magerkurth says:

    I think you’re forgetting the staple churro??? My go-to snack my whole life haha

  176. Aud - Ball says:

    the dole pineapple float is the best

  177. XBOXFREAK295 says:

    Wouldnt call it a snack but le’fous brew is great!

  178. drumrocker365 says:

    Dole whip is AWESOME – when I went to WDW I BUGGED my parents until they finally bought me one!

  179. kidsthree3nixx27 says:

    Are these included on the Disney dining plan?

  180. Mspicakes says:

    You have to keep snacking as it’s the only dry park ๐Ÿ™

  181. Jane Doe says:

    anything under $5 is available on the dining plan

  182. Emma Torevell says:

    Hey, can I please ask that you do one of these videos for the other parks please? we are going in May 2014 and these are really helpful, especially with 3 fussy kids! Thank you.

  183. Stephanie Adamson says:

    That cow behind you in the pink shirt in the beginning can afford to skip a few thousand snacks…LOL

  184. SRGots says:

    They used to sell the baked potatoes on a cart when that area was the HOP queue! I’ll never forget in 1990, a guy named Richard sold them. He was awesome. I wonder what he’s up to.

  185. Thatviolinchick says:

    Goodness!! That corn nugget snack could practically be a meal for me! ๐Ÿ˜€

  186. DisneyDayByDay says:

    Love the Citrus Swirl, glad to see it made the list.

  187. Dinsey Girl says:

    Thabks 4 your tips I going to Disney n Nov and getting free dinning yet I like your snack tips! I not big on sweets yet i like the pleas you said!

  188. DisneySisters2012 says:

    That sundae looks sooo good!

  189. MariahDisneySparkles says:

    I love these videos! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Would you guys mind checking out my top 5 video? If it goes well I’ll be putting more up. My production is way worse then this but it would mean a lot to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  190. TheDisneylover71 says:

    Is the ice-cream just a dole whip? Idk bc I never had a dole whip yet :(… Hi Disney sisters -3333

  191. Dan - Tasmic! says:

    Did you spend $25? 5 items Times $5 or less = $25. ๐Ÿ™‚

  192. TrinsterMC says:

    What about Dole Whip? :O

  193. Doug Mangum says:

    I had a hot dog at Casey’s Corners. I tossed a duck a crumb and it caught it on the fly.

  194. marten linnan says:

    All the people r like what the fuck is that dude doing

  195. The Bonz says:

    So,did my left ear. Haha. Excellent.

  196. deyanira garcia says:

    youre very handsome((:

  197. cassidy glam girl says:

    caseys corner is amazing im going to Disney world in February as I did last
    year and I cant wait Disney is my favorite place to me

  198. markymarc6661 says:

    disneylands dole pineapple wip is 100000time better than the orange thing

  199. Richard Wilson says:

    we were there just last week for 11 days……they are not under $5
    anymore! Sorry.

  200. Andrea Caserta says:

    where can i faind the pretzel?

  201. Noa IsLame says:

    i want his job

  202. Sharekh Jabbar says:

    sorry but icecream is not a snack….its a dessert!

  203. Max Wray says:

    What about a Dole Whip!!!!!!

  204. madelenealvarez says:

    Mickey ear! Takes me back to my childhood ๐Ÿ™‚

  205. Torrey Morgan says:

    Lou, you can tell how much you have lost over the years.

  206. pvp64 says:

    The last thing Half the people in the background of the video need is more

  207. sunshine jules says:

    I didn’t look at him once I keep looking at the people …

  208. AMR. THOMAS FAN says:

    No dole whip

  209. noplacespecial says:

    Can’t believe you went to sleepy hollow and didn’t mention the NUTELLA
    waffle!! I don’t remember the price, but it’s one of my hands-down my faves
    in any of the parks.

  210. Galaxy Clifford says:

    Ive never had dole whip. Can someone like tell me were to find it in WDW

  211. Nico Gabriel says:

    Does Lou know how I feel about him?

  212. Caitlyn Buckley says:

    Also at Casey’s corner in the morning if up get there early enough you can
    get free crackerjacks

  213. Robert Ambrose says:

    can’t wait to try the doughnut fried snicker bar.

  214. Renigadecrew says:

    WHat No Huge Cinamon Roll

  215. Reverend Hogwash says:

    You can buy an entire bag of potatoes for under $5 … come on man!

  216. Jodie Fox says:

    I actually prefer the pretzels in Germany in EPCOT over the mickey pretzel

  217. JaniceJean13 says:

    Best places to nap at Magic Kingdom and Carousal of Progress and
    People-mover ๐Ÿ™‚

  218. Josh Sams says:


  219. EristrikeStudios says:

    One thing.


  220. CrzDisneybros says:

    I love the popcorn

  221. rocntwists says:

    the dole whip is definitely a must have treat. price aside (i’m sure it’s
    under $5) it’s so delicious, especially on a warm day.

  222. 654Bearcub says:

    Dude you forgot the sweet potato nuggets in frontier land, also a favorite
    is the amazing cinnamon pecans! Pop corn is good too

  223. Ethan Purnell says:

    Your cool I really want a pretzel

  224. The little blog of vegan says:

    wheres the healthy food?

  225. Alexandra Maria says:

    Omg no Mickey ice cream bar on a stick?!

  226. Rebecca Proffitt says:

    not sure about america but a chocolate Sunday is no where near savoury in Britain x

  227. Rach227204 says:

    That giant potato for a snack??? That’d be my lunch sorted! XD