I know, I know…  Few people enjoy Back to School shopping (though I do laugh every time I see that Staples commercial with the dad dancing to “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” as he shops for his morose kids’ school supplies….)  As a teacher and a mom, I relish my summer days and long for more time with the family.

If we are going to face reality, though, and get those back to school supplies, we might as well incorporate some Disney magic into the shopping.  I find a Mickey here and there puts a smile on my face when I am elbow-deep in unit tests!

My children and I have been on a Disney-school supply scavenger hunt, and hoped this would help our WDW Radio family members who also want a Disney-inspired school year. Below find the stores in our general vicinity and pictures of some of the Disney-branded school materials you can find.


Without a doubt, Target was our Disney supply headquarters this year.  From binders and notebooks to pencil cases and folders, Target had Disney covered!

My nine-year-old daughter (read aspiring adolescent) made an observation I thought was worth sharing: she said, “I like that it’s not all baby-ish Disney.  It’s like cool Disney.”  In parent-speak, I think she was trying to say (and I concur) that many of the Disney products here were not limited to Cars and Princesses (which I am horrified to discover all of my children are growing out of.)    The products do indeed make these beloved characters “current” and apparently, stylish enough to get the thumbs-up from my ‘tweens.

















(And if you want to go back to school dressed in Disney style, don’t forget their new Disney Artist Collection shirts for boys, girls, and us big kids, too!)

The Disney Store

The logical place to check for Disney products would be the Disney Store.  They definitely have a wide variety of characters who emblazon their school materials, including the Marvel line.  I’ve included some pictures below.  While the number of  Disney characters represented was broad, the types of products offered at the Disney Store seemed to be limited to backpacks, lunch boxes, and pencil cases.







Toys R Us

For the most part, the Toys R Us and Disney connection was limited to backpacks and lunch boxes.  They did have some nifty Disney thermos styles, as well as some ways to chill sandwiches.












Wal Mart

Again, more of the backpack and lunch box zone, though there were some different styles from those we saw elsewhere.







Overall, Disney can obviously be found in your school-supply shopping, although it is more challenging than I would expect if you don’t have a Target nearby and if your kids don’t want Disney princess or Cars on all their materials.

For the record, we also checked Staples, Walgreens, Michaels, AC Moore, and Kmart for Disney back-to-school materials but failed to find anything notable, aside from a Disney pen or crayons here or there.

Tell us: do YOU like to have Disney school supplies?  Where did you find YOUR favorite Disney materials? Please share your thoughts below.   And watch in the next few weeks as we continue with “Back to School”-themed blogs, including a great craft with Fran Cassano, a Disney book quiz by Rich Bernato, suggestions for Disney-related book report books, and Disney book reviews!



3 thoughts on “Back to School Supplies, with a Disney Flair”

  1. Ahh! So excited about the Disney Artist collection shirts at Target! Just checked out the site and I want the dumbo shirt sooooooo bad! Might have to buy it for the cruise!

  2. Rich T says:

    Your article has inspired me to check out Target for some notepads for myself! 🙂

    My family experienced a similar turn-of-tastes as yours: the teens move from movie-specific items to those featuring a bold graphic take on classic retro images of Mickey and crew!

    Note to Disney: Back-to-school Kingdom Hearts and Epic Mickey merchandise would sell through the roof!

  3. Christy Viszoki says:

    I agree, Rich!! My son is loving the retro Mickey–and they ALL love the Oswald merchandise! Thanks for the feedback–glad to know I am not the only one whose kids Disney tastes have “evolved.”