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Editor’s Note: Please welcome to the blog Caitlin Corsello, an avid Disney fan and “twenty-something.”  She will be sharing her experiences, insights, and advice about being a Walt Disney World fan in their twenties–how to save money, have fun, and experience the magic of your childhood all over again!  Please join me in welcoming Caitlin to the WDW Radio blog family.

Hello everyone! My name is Caitlin and I’m a twenty-something New Yorker and self-proclaimed Disney geek. My love for Disney started very early on. In fact, my first visit was before I was even born! Before I was due, my mom dutifully trekked through Disneyland with my family giving me my first taste of Disney. But it was when my family visited Walt Disney World two years later that the Disney magic really won my family over. I had come down with the chicken pox our second day there. While you might think this would ruin our entire vacation, it ended up being quite the opposite. Despite being quarantined in the resort room with my mom, we still had a magical time. This was all thanks to wonderful Cast Members and “Mickey’s Doctor” who helped us to have a special time at the resort despite it all. (And maybe a little help from the small Disney toys my mom would bribe me with everyday!) They were able to make a vacation spent almost entirely in a resort room just as special for a little girl and her mom.

Since then, I have visited Disney nearly every year with my family and boyfriend in the summer, fall, and even Christmas week. Nothing will ever beat the special memories of waking up at 4:30am to leave New York and start our drive or flight to Disney! While I have most frequently visited Walt Disney World, I have also been to Disneyland multiple times and even Disneyland Paris. As both of my parents were teachers, they had every summer off. Thus for the most part, we visited the parks in the heat of summer. But in the recent years since I have graduated from college, we have been taking our trips in the fall months. This has allowed me to enjoy the different pace, cooler temperature (definitely the cooler temperature!), and various holiday festivities. Especially in these more recent trips, I have made it a priority to experience as many new resorts, dining options, and experiences in the parks as possible resulting in a more developed view of Walt Disney World.

Through all of these visits, my love for Disney has continued to grow. In recent years, I began researching the parks and have come to develop a deep appreciation for the fun, exciting, and ever progressing experiences they offer. And as the parks have evolved, so have I. I’ve gone from a little girl growing up with the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, to a child who would disembark Peter Pan’s Flight just to turn around and get right back in line. Ultimately, all of my Disney experiences have led up to the person I am now. As a recent graduate with my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling, I am now a twenty-something, continuing to watch my love for Disney grow as I experience and learn new things.

In this blog, I want to share with you my viewpoint as a twenty-something fan of Disney. Looking at everything from the most thrilling rides to the best drinks on property, I hope to share my fun perspective. While I do have my degree, I am currently unemployed and having difficulty finding a job. This applies to a majority of my twenty-something friends, given the current economy. So I aim to always share with you ways to save while experiencing the parks. Most of all, I hope to share with you a unique perspective of planning a vacation and enjoying the attractions, dining options, experiences, and details that will spark your own love for Disney.

While this is titled “Disney From A Twenty-Something”, the topics discussed are for any Disney fan looking to save a little, experience new things, learn about the parks, and overall just have fun! Whether you are young, old, a first time visitor, or a Disney veteran- join me in exploring Disney World through the unique perspective of a twenty-something! And most of all enjoy!

Also, if you have any feedback on topics you would like to see discussed by me in the future, please leave a comment below! I would love to hear from you!




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  1. Rich T says:

    Caitlin, I can’t wait to read your articles! Welcome!

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    Good job Caitlin. Keep up the good work! Go Jaspers!! 😉

  3. Welcome to the blog Caitlin 🙂

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    Caitlin, as another twenty something writer for the blog to another, welcome to the crew here. I am interested and look forward to reading your articles. Us twenty somethings are taking over. Bahahahahah!!!

  5. Donna says:

    Looking forward to reading more from your unique perspective. I love that you are a lifelong fan, as am I. Great photos!

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    Welcome, Caitlin! Looking forward to your articles, too : ) Fran

  7. Caitlin says:

    Thank you everyone for the kind words! I’m so glad you enjoyed this first entry and I can’t wait to share more with all of you!

  8. Baconator says:

    There is nothing I enjoy more than a good first entry!

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    Great job Caitlin! I also grew up loving Disney (still do) and look forward to reading your blog. Much luck to you!

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    Great Job Caitlin, I enjoyed reading
    your blog, keep up the good work !!!

  11. I’m a twenty-something! Can’t wait to