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Hidden Treasures of Epcot’s Future World and Disney Trivia Contest

Hello and welcome to The WDW Radio Show – Your Walt Disney World Information Station. I am your host, Lou Mongello, and this is show #288 for the week of August 19, 2012.

This week, we’re going to explore Epcot and uncover some of the Hidden Treasures of Future World. From overlooked experiences, to story, details, trivia, opportunities and more, we peel back some of the layers of the onion to help enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of the park.

Answer the Walt Disney World Trivia Question of the Week for your chance to win a Disney prize package and be sure to stay for other announcements, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode of the WDW Radio Show.

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Question for YOU: What is YOUR favorite “hidden treasure” or overlooked experience in Epcot’s Future World? Leave your answer in the comments section below

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14 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #288 – Hidden Treasures of Epcot’s Future World”

  1. Dan Mizner says:

    Great Topic!

    My wife and I love Epcot and all that it has to offer. I think my favorite Hidden Treasure in Future World is riding the Monorail through Future World. I love getting a birds eye view of how everything comes together and especially the amazing landscaping designs.

    Love the show Lou!!


  2. Sara Colwell says:

    I really think that the tea garden is very much overlooked.
    England has some of the most beautiful flowers and trees in the world showcase, not to mention that the isolation from loud noises and shade can really make this a relaxing and overlooked area.

  3. Heather says:

    I think one of my favorite over looked Future World attractions is the new Green House walk through in Innoventions. It’s super interesting and gave me lots of great design ideas.

  4. Sammie_Kay says:

    OPS. gave away the answer! So i am going to redo my comment.
    I am not a huge fan of Epcot but after listening to this episode, it made me want to go to Epcot! I love learning all about the hidden treasures. I defiantly need to download this one and write down the ones that were talked about. Does anyone know where I can find some more Epcot treasures? Oh Lou,I feel like this can be a future book for you! lol

  5. MandyTG says:

    I love watching my boys try to catch the water at the leaping fountains at the Imagination Pavilion. We also head over there after Illuminations to wait out the crowds.
    I also love the mosaics at the entrance to the Land Pavilion. Gorgeous!

  6. Jeff says:

    Our favorite “hidden treasure” is the Fountain View cafe, back when it was the Fountain View Espresso & Bakery. My wife and I loved to sit outside of the cafe with our coffee and something from the bakery and watch the fountain and people. We can still do this of course, but to me it’s not the same without the coffee and bakery.

    Great episode! We will be in Disney World in October, and will have to look for some of these treasures!

  7. Marc says:

    My favorite overlooked attraction at EPCOT is to watch for the big earth globe to make it’s way into the lake in early afternoon. It is really huge and a cool!

  8. Sean MacAulay says:


    I’m going to have to use a “go with me here” and say that Future World at night is one of my favorite hidden treasures. Many people are in a rush to either get a spot for Illuminations (can’t blame them), or trying to run in to Mouse Gear to get that last souvenir of the day (again, no blame here) that they don’t pay attention to the beautiful lighting effects all over Future World.

    I believe Ryan brought up the fiber optics in the ground, but even the neon lighting on top of the buildings, or the exterior lighting on Spaceship Earth, itself. Like you, or Ryan, mentioned about the background music, I think that the exterior night time lighting is just so obvious that guests (for one reason or another) don’t pay that much attention to it.

    You can get incredible night time shots of Future World if you bypass Illuminations and just go picture hunting. There is rarely anyone in your shot, as well.

  9. Sheila says:

    Sean couldn’t have said it better. Our kids stil (12, 14, 18 ) can’t wait to see the twinkle lights in the cement.

  10. Fred A. says:

    This was a great podcast. EPCOT has so many facets to really enjoy….lights, music, food, drink, rides, food…oh wait I said that. But as I joke with my kids, even the benches are great. I think it is best enjoyed as everyone hear posted in the day. But I was told that if you get into the World Showcase you can enjoy fresh baked goods as they are prepared and brought out in the mid morning. We plan on trying this on our next visit during the Food and Wine festival.

  11. Elaine says:

    This may sound silly, but the first time we saw the large rocks of the Canada pavilion near the water rise and transform into the speakers for illuminations was another “only in Disney World” moment for us.

    We always check to see if the little fish on the boat docked at Italian pavilion is still there.

    There is a favorite spot of our to rest. It faces the waterfall behind the store in Canada. The sound of the water is so relaxing and refreshing and allows us a little break from all the stimulation of Epcot.

    I love your Hidden Treasures segments! These treasures are what entice us to keep coming back again and again to WDW!

  12. Samantha says:

    I’m commenting on this one a bit late, but it made me think of some of my favorite Hidden Treasures in Epcot that I just had to share! 🙂

    One experience that I enjoyed a few years ago at Innoventions (and I question if it’s still there) was a “hurricane simulator” of sorts that showcased ways to weather-proof a home in dangerous weather conditions. It was 3D show with an interactive element, allowing you to design a house that would withstand a bad storm. After decisions were made, we experienced said storm to learn how our house held up. My brother and I went on it when we visited during Spring Break and were simply looking to get away from the crowds for a bit, but we ended up truly enjoying it!

    Sean MacAulay’s post reminded me of my own “go with me here” – he mentions World Showcase at night during the park’s normal operating hours. This made me think of the times that I’ve spent in World Showcase during Extra Magic Hours. Normally when we’re in Epcot during EMH, it’s to try to get in one last ride on Soarin’ or Test Track. However, one night my family thought it might be fun to just wander in the countries after IllumiNations. It was a wonderful experience! There were very few people around and it was so easy to take in all the beautiful details that are not easy to observe while the fireworks crowds are around. It was an incredibly calming way to end the night.

    These hidden treasures shows are some of my absolute favorites – I always look forward to finding them on my next trip to WDW!

  13. Chuck Zitta says:

    As a collector, one of my favorite hidden treasures at Epcot would have to be the Art of Disney store just to the right of Spaceship Earth as you’re walking into the park. It’s never very crowded and I can spend a good amount of time in there just looking at the artwork; and sometime making a purchase to add to my one of my walls at home! One other hidden treasure I would like to mention, it right there in plain sight, for all to see. That would be the experience of riding the Monorail through the park as you arrive from the Magic Kingdom. It gives you a different perspective of Epcot’s Future World. Great little tid bit.

    Thanks again for another fabulous show, Lou and Ryan!!!

  14. Wendi says:

    My favorite is the Undiscovered Future World tour given by guide Robert.